20 Most Ethnically Diverse Universities in the World

According to UNESCO, it is estimated that there are over 6 million internationally mobile students across the world! Every year millions of international students pursue higher education to improve their quality of education, life and to experience diverse cultures. A majority of these students hail from countries like China, India, France, the USA and Nigeria. With millions of international students coming from over 160 countries, many top universities have been internationalised and are melting points for diversity. In this blog, let’s look at some of the Most Ethnically Diverse Universities in the World and where are they!

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Most Ethnically Diverse Universities in the World

Every year, the Times Higher Education ranks universities that are famous for their diversity and have the maximum number of international students enrolled for their undergraduate, postgraduate courses and doctoral programmes. Let’s look at the universities that top the list of most diverse universities in 2021-

International rank 2021 International rank 2020 World university ranking University  Location 
1 2 39 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2 3 14 ETH Zurich Switzerland
3 5 56 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
4 7 1 University of Oxford United Kingdom
5 6 11 Imperial College London United Kingdom
6 7 25 National University of Singapore Singapore
7 9 6 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
8 17 155 Trinity College Dublin Republic of Ireland
9 10 47 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore
10 12 16 UCL United Kingdom
11 13 164 University of Vienna Austria
12 NR 78 Delft University of Technology Netherlands
13 11 35 King’s College London United Kingdom
14 13 147 University of Auckland New Zealand
15 16 59 Australian National University Australia
15 15 27 London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom
17 18 34 University of British Columbia Canada
18 19 30 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
19 20 73 University of Zurich Switzerland
20 23 77 University of Warwick United Kingdom
Credits: Times Higher Education

Let’s look at some of the most diverse universities in the world in detail and find out what makes them perfect for international students:

University of Hong Kong

Named Asia’s global university, the University of Hong Kong has over 30,000 international students from countries like India, China and the USA. Hong Kong has become the go-to destination for studying courses like MBA, International Relations and Diplomacy, Engineering and Computer Science. This is because of the country’s affordability, quality of life, job opportunities and diverse welcoming environment. It is ranked 1st in the most diverse university in the world by THE because 42.1% international students in undergraduate, 40% in postgraduate and 64.4% of its staff are also international!

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University of Oxford

The UK’s oldest university is also amongst the most diverse universities in the world! The University of Oxford is well-known for its low acceptance rate and for admitting the brightest minds from across the globe. Students from over 160 countries and territories are enrolled at the university. Its current student statistics show that over 45% of the student body is made up of international students alone! The University of Oxford is not just the front-runner in terms of accepting international students but also when it comes to hiring professors, researchers and university workers.

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Imperial College London

Next on our list of most diverse universities in the world is the Imperial College London. Located in the heart of London, the university has international students from over 140 countries studying a number of courses from engineering to natural sciences to politics! The university actively encourages international students by offering application waivers, scholarships, financial aid, pre-English programmes and sessions. Currently, the university is home to thousands of internationals out of which 250 are Indians!

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National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is one of the youngest universities and also the most diverse university in the world! With an easy application process, limited entrance requirements and high-quality research, the university is one of the fastest-growing education institutes in Asia in terms of student satisfaction and post-graduation employability rates. It is also incredibly diverse as international students from 100 countries apply and study at the university every year. The university currently houses students from 15+ nationalities and more than 20% of its students, professors and staffers are international!

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Stanford University 

Stanford University is one of the world-renowned universities in the USA. It is also amongst the most diverse universities in the world with students from 50 USA states and 70 countries! Stanford University’ student community is made of students from all walks of life; this inclusive environment is a great place for building global networks, learning about diverse traditions, customs and practices. The high level of diversity allows students to become free-thinking and inclusive global individuals! The University actively encourages international students from across the world to study at the university!

LGBTQ Friendly Universities in the World

These are some of the most diverse universities in the world in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, culture and talent! If you are planning to apply to any of these universities then get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu for a seamless application process!