5 Affordable Accommodation in Singapore for International Students

The Lion City, Singapore, is one of the best options to study abroad at a reasonable cost. Being named amongst the four ‘Asian Tiger’ economies, it also counts to be a nation having one of the best education systems in the world. It is popular for numerous programs ranging from STEM to literary arts fields. While planing to study in Singapore, you might come across the question- Which type of accommodation will you prefer?  Owing to the massive incoming of international students, Singapore avails various accommodation options ranging from private stays to home stays with families. Let’s go through this blog and get to know some exciting options for accommodation in Singapore will ease out your journey of finding your home-away-from home. 

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Housing Development Board

The housing development board in Singapore offers government-subsidised flats and properties that are available for public housing and are located all across the country. Being known as one of the cheapest accommodations in Singapore, the average monthly expense of renting an HDB is around SG$ 1,000- 1,500 (INR 53,000- 80,000). The HDBs are more of a self-contained zone which includes supermarkets, medical clinics, gyms and even metro stations of their own. Majorly,  international students opt for this type of accommodation as it is pocket friendly as well as a secured option for completing a stay in Singapore. But do not forget to collect your Student Pass without which you will not be able to legally rent HDB properties. To split up the cost, you can also share it with 3- 5 members. 

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University Hostels, Rooms and Student Halls 

Source: www.sutd.edu.sg/Campus-Life/Housing

Most of us desire to seek on campus accommodation whilst applying to study abroad. The opportunity to experience campus life 24/7 holds one of the most memorable experiences of one’s educational journey. Generally, universities offer on campus accommodation through hostels, private rooms and student halls. Although the universities have ample residential facilities, but, with a rapid increase in the number of international students in Singapore, the competition to get on-campus accommodation is growing each day. The average monthly rent of a single type ‘A’ room including various facilities, in a hostel or any other private room is around SG$ 3200 (INR 1,70,000). On the other hand, student halls are a comparatively cheaper option of on-campus accommodation. The rental cost for the student halls is around SG$ 210- 320 (INR 11,000- 17,000) which include various facilities like Sanitation, reading halls, living areas, television rooms and sometimes kitchens. 

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Private Housing

Another common type of accommodation in Singapore that international students choose is renting an apartment privately. Private housings are similar to HDB but they are generally more expensive as they are equipped with various luxurious facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, barbeque pits, jacuzzi, etc. The estimated cost of private apartments in Singapore is around SG $ 1,100 – 3,300 (INR 60,000- 1,80,000). This cost can also fluctuate depending upon the number of bedrooms you go for. The universities in Singapore have special International Student Service Centres which can help you with the contact details of housing agents so that you can easily find your desired type of housing. To break the common myth that private housing is generally opted by the students who have higher budgets, you can share your apartment with friends to make it a pocket-friendly option. 

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Private Hostels 

Many independent agencies and even some academic institutions avail the option of private hostels. Private hostels are independently run by the separate authorities which offer renting spaces on daily, weekly as well as monthly basis. Unlike the on campus hostels, you can rent private hostels if you intend to stay for a shorter period in Singapore. It is commonly believed that on-campus accommodations are originally provided to degree course applicants, thus, if you plan to pursue a diploma or any short term course in Singapore, the most convenient option would be renting a room in a private hostel. You may be asked to deposit some security and registration amount while booking it. You will have to spend around SG$ 1,000- 1,500 (INR 53,000- 80,000) for this type of accommodation in Singapore.

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Home Stay or Housing Families 

Many welcoming families in Singapore have opened their doors for international students as they offer an economical option for staying in the country. Homestays are way cheaper than any other form of accommodation in Singapore and include all the necessary amenities like sanitation, kitchen, living area, parking, etc. The option of a homestay wouldn’t be tough on your wallet as it will cost around SG$ 500-1000 (INR 26,000- 53,000). Also, many families under student exchange programs offer affordable accommodation to international students. But make sure that you opt for families that are registered under the Singapore Government. 

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Top Universities in Singapore

1 National University Of Singapore
2 Nanyang Technological University
3 Singapore Management University
4 Singapore University of Technology and Design
5 INSEAD – Singapore
6 James Cook University – Singapore 
7 PSB Academy
8 ESSEC Business School – Singapore
9 Nanyang Polytechnic
10 Yale-NUS College

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Hopefully, you now have an idea to choose the perfect accommodation in Singapore. Do you want to study in Singapore but aren’t able to find a suitable university? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu as they will guide you in making the best choices in university and courses depending upon your interests and career goals.