8 Funny Things You End Up Doing When Preparing To Go Abroad To Study

Preparing to go abroad to study can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be without its moments of levity. Whether it’s packing your most ridiculous outfits or making sure you have all the necessary supplies, here are 8 funny things you end up doing when preparing to go abroad to study. From making sure you have all the right documents to deciding what snacks to bring, these moments can be the perfect pick-me-up when things start to get overwhelming. So take a breath, take a moment, and have a laugh over the silliness that comes with getting ready to go abroad.

For many young Indian children, attending a prestigious university overseas fulfils a long-held goal. The child learns about life’s truths as they advance from junior high to high school. Dreams alone do not work! To make this study abroad dream come true, one must add academic rigour and substantial financial assistance. Studying abroad has now been made even simpler thanks to numerous scholarships and easy access to student loans from banks. This blog explores some of the funny things you end up doing when preparing to go abroad to study.

Extremely Happy!

When you learn that you have been accepted into the programme and university of your choice, you experience an overwhelming sense of unexplainable excitement that is difficult to describe. You genuinely believe that you are the ruler of the world!

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Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

So who needs a reason for shopping? You will spend a crazy amount of time shopping, and finally, you must realise that there is a baggage allowance and you must only purchase items that are truly necessary. 

Finding a Place to Stay

The majority of American universities mandate that students stay in on-campus housing and provide them with the option of choosing between self-catered or non-catered dorms. If you intend to stay in an apartment, make sure to organise everything before you arrive. It is advantageous if you already have a friend or guardian in the city.

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Stock up on essential utensils and ingredients if you plan to stay in a private apartment or other self-catered lodgings. When purchasing electrical appliances, be especially careful because the power wattage varies. You can buy everything at your new location if you have deep pockets or a generous benefactor. As an alternative, the majority of universities provide handy “Meal Plans” that let students eat wholesome food for a reasonable price.

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What’s Up, Buddy?

Yep, we know you nailed the TOEFL and the IELTS but getting to understand the thick Aussie, Brit or Yankee accent may take some time. You are in for a humorous time ahead when you add in the many sub-accents like Yorkshire and the Southern drawl. Because English is not widely spoken in these nations, students who choose to study in places like the Netherlands or Scandinavia will struggle more.

When you turn in assignments, the more severe repercussions become apparent. We have maintained UK English throughout high school, following the guidelines in our dependable Wren & Martin English Grammar Book. Get acclimated to US English spellings if you plan to enrol in an American university.

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No Injection Please!

Vaccinations against particular infectious diseases are requested in a letter you will receive as part of your admissions kit. During the student orientation event, you will be requested to provide proof of immunizations. Always better to be safe than sorry!

In “Goodbye,” Where is the “Good”?

Then comes the phase where you realise you’ll be spending a lot of time away from your loved ones! Yes, we are aware that it will be sad, and there are also all the farewell treats that you will need to sponsor for your group of pals. However, do you know what? Additionally, you receive a tonne of fantastic gifts from family and friends. Therefore, enjoy yourself, give your pals a hug, say goodbye, and stay in touch with them on Facebook and Skype.

Time To Get On the Plane

You certainly don’t want to turn out as Macaulay Culkin did in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”! Make sure your luggage is correctly packed, that you have all of your vital paperwork and documents in a convenient bag or satchel that you can carry with you, and that you get to the airport in plenty of time without having to rush.

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