Admission Counselling for Study Abroad

Admission counselling for study abroad is an incredibly important part of the process for any student looking to pursue higher education abroad. It is a specialized form of guidance and advice that helps students to make informed decisions about their study abroad plans. A good counsellor will help you to understand the admissions process, provide you with detailed information about the universities and colleges you are interested in, as well as provide useful tips and strategies to help you get accepted. They will also be able to provide you with valuable advice and support when it comes to the financial side of your studies. With the right admission counselling, you can make sure that you have the best chance of getting accepted into the program of your choice.

For a student aspiring to pursue higher studies abroad, it is often seen that students face difficulties while selecting their courses, colleges and country. While there are various prestigious universities offering quality education, there is a constant confusion in deciding the right one. Choosing a field of study that is not really suited to your interests or skills could prove disastrous. That’s where overseas admission counselling services comes in. So, if you’re planning to study abroad and are confused about which college to get into? This blog will answer your questions regarding admission and career-related guidance.

What is Admission Counselling?

Students have to encounter various obstacles on their journey to study in universities abroad. To ease out the induction process for students, the admission panel offers admission counselling to answer queries related to curriculum, faculty, campus facilities, scholarship, accommodation, other facilities and resources. It is the duty of the admission counsellor to engage in the students’ application process and efficiently work towards enhancing the visibility of the college or department throughout the community in order to attract potential applicants.

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What does Overseas Admission Counselling Services Offer?

Just like career guidance, overseas admission counselling services plays an important role in identifying the right courses for students according to their compatibility with different subjects. Moreover, these advisors build a customized plan for your career by shortlisting different fields through well-researched resources. Let us take a look at the different ways in which counselling helps you.

  • Providing the latest information about the eligibility criteria, admission process, acceptance rate, committee expectations, and merit scale of almost all prominent universities.
  • Identify your aptitude, interests, personality and behaviour and use the evaluation to suggest the best career options.
  • Rendering a healthy mix of inspirational and motivational ways of providing resolutions.
  • Acknowledging a student’s struggle and help develop confidence and overcome future hurdles.
  • Providing insightful anecdotes and words of encouragement that firefights the slow burnout of the waiting process.
  • Crafting an impressive resume and scholarship letters.

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Admission Counselling with Leverage Edu

Students face a lot of dilemma right after getting out of school. There is a lot of confusion that sometimes end up making unsatisfied decisions. Admission counselling can help you overcome these confusions and make a concise choice. Below mentioned are some essential features of admission counselling:

Send Academic Documents – Students are required to prepare different documents like LOR, SOP, essays, resume, etc to the concerned University that allows the admission committee to get a comprehensive insight into your suitable candidature for admission in a particular course. Therefore, admission counsellors help you prepare these documents in order to ensure that you are selected in your dream university.

Profile Evaluation Call – This step involves the screening of your profile. Admission counsellors understand your profile and preferences according to our unique strengths and abilities and then create a step-by-step plan for your career progression. 

University Shortlisting – After screening your profile and understanding your preferences, admission counsellors you with a list of universities that would best fit your career.

Application Submission – At this stage of admission counselling, the mentors will ensure that students have submitted all the major documents according to the university guidelines. In order to ensure that your application stands out amongst the pool of candidates, you need to accomplish all the eligibility requirements specific to your chosen course.

Visa Counseling – Once you’ve received the green signal from the concerned university, you can start to begin your student visa application. Admission advisors can help you identify the right authority from where you can obtain your visa. Moreover, they provide you with guidance to prepare the necessary documents for the visa interview.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you think you are running out of options, you can always seek educational counselling from professionals, as they unleash your interests and energy and come up with diverse choices. Daydreaming about your dream college won’t actually get you there, but Leverage Edu will. So, reach out to our admission counselling experts who can carefully analyze all the aspects of your profile and preference and come up with the best career for you. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.