All About MIM in UK

Triple crowned by accredited business associations like AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS, MIM in the UK stands for Masters in Management. It is amongst the most prestigious and competitive courses in the UK offered by leading business schools like London Business School, LSE, and Warwick Business School. This is because the country is the hub of financial growth and graduates of MIM in the UK can work with global banks, technological firms, and management companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Apple, Google, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group!

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Why Study Masters in Management in the UK?

According to the University College London’s Centre for Global Higher Education, the UK is the second most popular option among international students. 

  • 21 UK universities are among the top 100 in the world for master’s programs in management.
  • According to the Master in Management Compass, employers plan to hire 63% more MIM graduates in the future years.
  • For admission to Masters in Management programs at top UK universities, employment experience is not required.
  • The cost of a MIM program in the United Kingdom is nearly half that of an MBA. For instance the average fees for MIM in UK is £25,200 (INR 25,71,541) while for MBA is £29,000 (INR 29,59,411)

Study Master of Management in London

Eligibility for Masters in Management in UK

Most universities in the United Kingdom have identical admissions requirements for MIM programs. Applicants from any field of study are eligible to apply for a Masters in Management program in the United Kingdom.

  • An undergraduate degree equivalent to the UK first or upper second class honors (2:1) degree is needed for applicants (A 60-70 percent equivalent undergraduate degree is acceptable)
  • For overseas students, the ELP is an important aspect of the admissions process. Applicants must submit their English proficiency test scores along with their admission application.
  • 6.5 to 7.0 on the IELTS
  • 93-100 on the TOEFL
  • The results of standardized exams taken to study in the United Kingdom are also an important part of the application for Masters in Management admission. These include GMAT/GRE scores, which, while not needed by many universities, are always advantageous.

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Admission Process

Applicants for admission to the Master of Management program must meet all of the university’s entrance requirements. A handful of the most critical admission requirements are listed here.

  • Admissions applications for Masters in Management programs at UK universities can be submitted online through the university’s website.
  • Application Charge: All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee. The application price for a Master’s in Management at a couple of the best UK colleges ranges from 60 to 100 GBP (6,000 to 10,000 INR).
  • Application Period: Most of the leading universities in the UK begin accepting applications for Masters in Management programs in September. Admission dates for many colleges fall in June and July.

UK Universities that Accept Direct Application

Documents Required for Admission 

The following are the admission requirements or supporting documents needed for admission to a Masters in Management program:

  • A completed admission application form
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee
  • Academic transcripts from all educational institutions
  • Proof of English language proficiency scores
  • Standardized exams to study in UK- GMAT or GRE
  • Current CV
  • Name and contact details of 1-2 referrals
  • SOP or essays about why you wish to be a part of the program and at the university
  • An interview process

Top Universities For Masters In Management In UK

The top universities in the UK that offer Masters in Management degrees are listed below, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022

QS Top University Subject Rankings 2021 University
3 London Business School
11 London School of Economics and Political Science
24 Warwick School of Business
34 Imperial College Business School
72 University of Bath School of Management
96 Strathclyde Business School
104 University of Edinburgh Business School
121 Durham University Business School
145 Cranfield School of Management
NA Alliance Manchester Business School

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Universities for MIM in UK Without GMAT

It is not difficult to obtain a master’s degree in management in the United Kingdom without having taken the GMAT. Many colleges in the UK accept the  MIM applications without GMAT scores, in addition to several of the top, globally ranked universities. Here are a few examples:

  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Bath
  • Warwick School of Business
  • Alliance Manchester Business School
  • Cranfield School of Management

MBA in UK Without Work Experience

Tuition Fees 

MIM tuition fees in the United Kingdom range from 20,000 to 36,600 GBP(INR 2,012340- 362,221). The London Business School program is the most expensive among the top 10 colleges in the UK offering MIM, with a total tuition charge of 36,600 GBP(INR 362,221) for a 12-month length. If you wish to attend business school for the fourth semester, you must spend 41,100 GBP(INR 412,529). Bath School of Management is the cheapest, with an international student program price of 20,000 GBP(INR 2,012,340). The following are the tuition fees for Indian students wishing to pursue a master’s degree in management in the United Kingdom:

University Program Fee (in INR)
London Business School 37.41 lacs
Imperial College Business School 28.55 lacs
London School of Economics and Political Science 31.14 lacs
Warwick School of Business 28.98 lacs
Alliance Manchester Business School 23.22 lacs
Cranfield School of Management 25.16 lacs
University of Edinburgh Business School 24.09 lacs
Durham University Business School 22.74 lacs
University of Bath School of Management 18.35 lacs
Strathclyde Business School 21.33 lacs

Scholarships for Masters in Management in UK

Universities in the United Kingdom provide a variety of scholarships to international students. Scholarships, education loans, and other types of financial aid are also available. 

Scholarships University Scholarship Amount (in GBP)
London Business School Fellowship London Business School 12,000 (2,213,574 INR)
Masters in Management Merit Scholarship London Business School 10,000 (1,006,170 INR)
Imperial Business Scholarship Imperial College Business School 10,000 (1,006,170 INR)
Inlaks Scholarships LSE Many colleges in the UK accept the  cost of attendance
Graduate Support Scheme LSE 5,000-15,000 (503,085-1,509255 INR)
Chevening Scholarships Warwick Business School Variable
Commonwealth Scholarships Warwick Business School Variable
Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships Alliance Manchester Business School Full tuition fee
Cranfield Scholarship Cranfield School of Management Varies
Business School International MSc Scholarships University of Edinburgh Business School 4,000- 10,000 (402,468-1,006,170 INR)
Chevening Scholarships Durham University Business School Variable
School of Management Scholarships University of Bath School of Management 5,000 (503,085 INR)
Great Scholarships University of Bath School of Management Full tuition fee waiver
Strathclyde Business School Masters Scholarship for International Students Strathclyde Business School 7,000 (704,319 INR)
Strathclyde Business School Dean’s Excellence Scholarships Strathclyde Business School 10,000(1,006,170 INR) 

MBA in UK Without GMAT

Career Scope

Graduate students with a Masters in Management in the United Kingdom have a variety of job prospects in a variety of industries. Graduates of UK universities can search for foreign student jobs in the UK or other countries of their choice. According to reports, the majority of graduates go on to work in fields such as:

Popular job roles for MIM graduates Roles and Responsibilities
Business Development Manager Business Development Managers are in charge of increasing the company’s revenue by bringing in new clients. Their analytical and communication abilities come in helpful in their employment and in keeping excellent client relationships.
Project Manager Project Managers are in charge of increasing the company’s revenue by bringing in new clients. Their analytical and communication abilities come in helpful in their employment and in keeping excellent client relationships.
Digital/Social Media Manager Social Media Managers know how to employ various social media platforms to their best potential and have a creative mindset. When it comes to developing a digital media marketing strategy, you’ll need a keen eye. In order to design relevant tactics, you must also have a thorough understanding of various tools such as Google Analytics and other tools.

Graduates of the MiM program have a high reputation among organizations that run various graduate training programs, as well as banks and other financial institutions that are searching for analyst-level employees. This is in contrast to the case of MBA graduates, who are recruited for specific job descriptions by recruiters.

In the United Kingdom, the average annual income package for a Masters in Management graduate is 35,000 GBP(INR 3,521,595). According to reports, overseas students are permitted to work in the UK for two years after graduation, making it easier to apply for numerous employment after graduation and while residing in the country.

Job Profiles & Salary

Job Role Avg Annual Salaries (GBP)
Project Manager 72,900 (7,334,979 INR)
Production Manager 114,000 (11,470,338 INR)
Operations Assistant 81,600(8,210,347 INR)
General Manager 131,000 (13,180,827 INR)
CEO 162,000 (16,299,954 INR)
Assistant Manager 85,000 (8,552,445 INR)
Corporate Officer 74,500 (749,596 INR)
Executive Director 161,000 (16,199,337 INR)
Assistant to CEO 81,900 (8,240,532 INR)
Product Executive 98,100 (9,870,527 INR)

MBA Colleges in UK

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