All about NYU School of Professional Studies Admissions

The NYU School of Professional Studies offers a variety of degree programs and courses to help students achieve their academic goals. With its diverse student body, the School of Professional Studies provides a unique learning experience for students from all walks of life. The School of Professional Studies admissions team is dedicated to helping students succeed in their educational endeavors. By providing personalized attention and guidance, the admissions team is committed to helping students find the right program for them and assisting them through the application and enrollment process.

The New York University School of Professional Studies, located in the middle of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, has Instructors that are leading experts in their fields. They are hence able to connect their students with key industry sectors and provide a plethora of local, national, and international connections. NYU School of Professional Studies provides education in diverse fields from the arts to business to global affairs and much more. Whether the aspirant wants to earn an undergraduate degree, pursue a master’s degree, enrol in a career advancement course or apply for enrollment in a diploma program, their learning experience will get enriched by the School’s location and its commitment to providing an all-round education. Let’s check out all about admissions at NYU School of Professional Studies in this blog.

School Name NYU School of Professional Studies 
University Name New York University
Course Fees Undergraduate: $28,250 (₹22,03,500); Graduate: $23,584 (₹18,39,552)
Eligibility Criteria Application Form, Official Transcripts, English Proficiency Test, Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose 
Deadlines March, April, August
Careers 94.0% of students employed within six months of graduation

Why Get Admission at NYU School of Professional Studies?

The NYU School of Professional Studies is intrinsically tied to the workforce and career development in New York City as well as around the world. The unique brand of NYU education will empower the aspirants to reach their goals now and also in the future. The NYU School of Professional Studies has been a deeply respected institution of higher education for more than 87 years and is deeply grounded in applied learning.

NYU School of Professional Studies – Qualifications

Masters Degree: 

The NYU School of Professional Studies has 21 master’s degrees which provide immediately applicable skills, unmatched networking opportunities, and an invaluable global perspective.

Undergraduate Degree: 

The NYU School of Professional Studies bachelor’s degree is designed to complement credits already that may be already earned and enable students to acquire the knowledge to launch a new career or further academic pursuit, or even advance in a current professional path. 

NYU School of Professional Studies Admissions – Courses Offered 

The school offers three paths for aspirants to either pursue a new course or complete their existing course:

Traditional Student

  • Students applying for admission directly out of high school 
  • Students are interested in one of three specialized areas of study—hotel and tourism management, real estate, or sports management
  • A student is interested in pursuing a full-time course of study
  • A student wants a traditional college experience

Degree Completion Student

Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS)

  • Students applying for admission have already earned 24 or more transferable college credits (in case the aspirant has earned LESS THAN 24 credits, they can check associate degrees)
  • Student prefers a type of full- or part-time study
  • A student is interested in completing a degree in humanities, social sciences or one of five professionally focused areas of study
  • Require flexible course schedules in order to accommodate work or family obligations

The NYU School of Professional Studies also offers professional studies such as:

Continuing Education

NYU School of Professional Studies offers professional educational options to students that meet their needs. They provide single courses and content in flexible formats, and certificate programs that give the opportunity to go deep into comprehensive content related to the emerging and growing fields. These courses and certificate programmes can provide unmatched value to students who want to learn, become proficiencies, and prepare for the future.

Executive Education

NYU School of Professional Studies Executive Education not only provides programs for individuals but also custom programs for organizations seeking educational solutions for current challenges. The school provides an array of educational offerings that permeate across operational functions.

Real World

The school aims to prepare the students for jobs that have yet to be invented or entire industries that don’t yet exist. They claim to do this by putting their students in the real world where they and their academic colleagues work in multidisciplinary student teams. These teams work in fluid communication and consultation with the School of Professional Studies faculty and A-list organization executives on real-world problems that the organization faces. The students have to prepare, research, and present their solutions on the last day of class while one of the selected ideas is also implemented into real-world business practice.

NYU School of Professional Studies Admissions – Admission Requirements

To get NYU School of Professional Studies admissions are based on several factors including, official transcripts and scores from previous educational organisations, English proficiency test scores, statement of purpose etc. 


  • Official transcripts from an accreted educational institution
  • Students must have an above-average score 
  • Students must have a minimum score on the English proficiency tests

Application Process

  • The application process requires the aspirants to fill up an application form
  • While the application fees for the undergraduate course is free, $150 (₹11,700) is applied
  • The aspirants will be required to submit their previous transcripts
  • The aspirants will have to submit resumes or curriculum vitae 
  • The aspirants  will also have to write and submit a Statement of Purpose
  • The aspirants will have to submit a minimum score on English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL
  • Aspirants are requested to check their respective course websites for specific minimum requirements

Documents Required

  1. Application form
  2. Official transcripts
  3. English proficiency test 
  4. Statement of purpose

NYU School of Professional Studies Admissions – Important Dates and Deadline

For NYU School of Professional Studies admissions, the aspirants will have to take note of important dates and deadlines. It is imperative to not miss these application deadlines.  NYU School of Professional Studies admissions have three intakes: Fall, Summer and Spring

Semester intake Graduate Deadline Undergraduate Deadline
Summer March 1
Fall April 1 April 15
Spring August 1

NYU School of Professional Studies – Fees

Following are the fees for NYU School of Professional studies admissions. They are divided respectively between graduate and undergraduate courses.

Course Fees
Undergraduate  $28,250 (₹22,03,500)
Graduate $23,584 (₹18,39,552)

Funding and Scholarships 

  • The school provides a lot of internal (schools own), as well as external (through other institutions) scholarships 
  • The aspirants are requested to check the website for the exact name of scholarships and how to apply
  • The school also provides arrangements for loans, for those aspirants that are not able to acquire a scholarship
  • The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit as well as necessity.

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