Australia: A perfect combination of Sports and Education!

Australia is a unique country that offers the perfect combination of sports and education. With its diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cities, Australia has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to hit the waves, explore the great outdoors, or get stuck into some serious study. From its world-famous universities, to its top-class sports facilities, and some of the world’s best beaches, Australia has it all. With its vibrant and diverse population, Australia is the perfect place to pursue your passions and find your place in the world.

Australia is all set to play the game of football in this ongoing FIFA World Cup, preparing itself to excel in another sport. If you thought sports is the only area Australia excels in, think again?! Australia is one of the leading study-abroad destinations. It’s known for its top-ranking universities, as well as the academic environment of the country which helps students land well-off jobs. And the marriage of sports and education helps Australia to offer several sport-related courses to students. Focusing on sport coaching courses this time, as the demand for well-informed and qualified coaches has been increasing, we have prepared the following blog. Scroll down to know more about the universities in Australia offering Sport Coaching courses. 

Sports Coaching Universities in Australia

Before we expand on the list of top universities, let’s compile them in a tabulated form for you below. 

Name of University  QS Ranking 2023
The University of Sydney 41
Western Sydney University 501-510
Deakin University 266
Griffith University 300
La Trobe University 316
The University of Queensland 50

The University of Sydney

Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is one of the best universities in Australia. With more than 70k students enrolled in the university, there is a range of courses offered by the university to international students. Furthermore, with 126 undergraduate programs and 260 postgraduate programs, the average tuition fee is supported by several scholarships. Below we have mentioned the sports coaching course offered at the university.

Course  Master of Education (Sports Coaching)
Tuition Fees  A$47,500 (INR 26 lakh) per year
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Western Sydney University

A higher educational institution in Penrith, Australia, Western Sydney University holds world-class courses in their classrooms, providing students with a variety of courses, including that of sports coaching. They have several campuses as well, and provide students with knowledge of each domain, rather than having a specific concentration. With undergraduate and postgraduate studies available at the university, Western Sydney International Scholarships and Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships are also provided to support the needs of international students. Below we have mentioned the sports coaching course offered at the university.

Course  Bachelor of Business – Sports Management
Tuition Fees  A$28,960 (INR 16 lakh) per year
Western Sydney University
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Deakin University

The university has one of the highest student satisfaction, providing immense and interactive classroom experiences. It also constitutes sports coaching courses that help students make a career in the domain, including that of football. The total enrollment stands at more than 50k students with more than 100 courses, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Further, the average tuition fee is AUD 30,000 (INR 16.5 lakh).  Below we have mentioned the sports coaching course offered at the university.

Course  Master of Business (Sport Management)
Tuition Fees  A$30,600 (INR 17 lakh)
Deakin University
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Griffith University

The course provided for sports coaching in this university involves sports management, as for many universities, for the course includes the preparation of a career that focuses on the business and administration aspect of the sport, that is further instituted under the facet of sports coaching. With hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, students need an English Language Proficiency Score, such as of IELTS, of more than 6 band. Below we have mentioned the sports coaching course offered at the university.

Course  Master of Business in Sport Management
Tuition Fees  A$33,500 (INR 18.5 lakh)
Griffith University
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La Trobe University

Founded in 1967, the university invites international students from all around the world. It offers almost 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, amongst which are sports coaching courses. At the point of getting admitted, this university also demands an IELTS score of 6+. When it comes to international students, their average tuition fee stands at 31,400 AUD (INR 17 lakh). Below we have mentioned the sports coaching courses offered at the university.

Course  Tuition Fees 
Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) A$35,800 (INR 20 lakh) per year 
Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Development A$37,400 (INR 19.5 lakh) per year 
La Trobe University
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The University of Queensland

Under the faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences, comes the course of sport coaching at this university. It provides a compilation of knowledge and skills by world-leading researchers, expert academics, and elite professional coaches. At the University of Queensland, with hundreds of courses, the curriculum of sports coaching involves the provision of enhancing and developing the quality of practicing coaches. Below we have mentioned the sports coaching courses offered at the university.

Course  Master of Sports Coaching (MSportCoach)
Tuition Fees  A$54,500 (INR 30 lakh)
University of Queensland
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Coaches make the sports team complete. The aforementioned were some of the universities in Australia that offer sports coaching courses for you to become that missing piece of the sport you aim to coach. To know more about the admissions process to these universities, you can always avail the guidance of Leverage Edu experts. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.