Australia Awards Scholarship 2023

The Australia Awards Scholarship 2023 is an excellent opportunity for individuals from developing countries to pursue higher education and research in Australia. The scholarship provides financial support and access to world-class education, research and training opportunities to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by their countries. By supporting scholarship recipients to gain the knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to their countries’ development, the Australia Awards Scholarship 2023 is helping to build a better future for all.

Many students who aspire to study abroad may think ‘how can I get scholarship to study in Australia’. We have tried to answer this question in the blog. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) offers Australian grants scholarships to students from developing countries who wish to pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies at participating Australian universities, such as the University of Melbourne and others. In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Australian grant scholarships.

International Students in Australia Allowed to Work More Hours!

Scholarship Type Merit-Based
Offered by Government bodies
Organization Department of Home Affairs
Application Deadline N/A
Amount Variable
Renewability Yes
International Students Eligible Yes

Australia Awards Scholarship

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade administers Australia Scholarships Scholarships, which are long-term awards. They want to help Australia’s partner countries meet their development needs by bilateral and regional agreements. This scholarship can surely answer your question on how can I get scholarship to study in Australia as it allows people from developing nations, particularly those in the Indo-Pacific area, to study full-time at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes. Individuals’ skills and experience are enhanced as a result of Australia Awards Scholarships’ study and research opportunities, allowing them to impact change and contribute to development in their home countries.

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Australia Awards Scholarship Benefits

Scholarships from Australia Awards are awarded for the least amount of time required to finish the academic program indicated by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training. Once you have thought through how you can get scholarship to study in Australia, you can avail many advantages. In general, the following advantages apply:

  • Complete tuition fees 
  • Return air travel–payment of a single round-trip economy class ticket to and from Australia, taking the shortest route.
  • Establishment allowance–a one-time payment to help with living expenses, textbooks, and study materials.
  • Contribution to Living Expenditures (CLE) – a fortnightly payment to cover basic living expenses set by the department.
  • Introductory Academic Program (IAP)–a mandatory program containing information on living and studying in Australia before beginning official academic education.
  • For the length of the award (for award holders only), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is provided to cover the scholar’s basic medical needs (except for pre-existing conditions)
  • Pre-course English (PCE) costs may be offered for students for in-country and/or in-Australia instruction if considered essential.
  • Additional academic assistance may be given to assure a scholar’s academic achievement or to improve their academic experience.
  • For qualifying research students, fieldwork (for research awards and Masters by coursework with a research component where fieldwork is required) may be available for one round trip economy class flight to their country of citizenship or inside Australia.

Australia Awards Scholarship Opening and Closing Dates 2023

Country Opening date Closing date
Bangladesh 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Bhutan 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Brunei 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Cambodia 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Federated States of Micronesia 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Fiji 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Indonesia 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Kiribati 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Laos 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Maldives 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Marshall Islands 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Malaysia 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Mongolia 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Myanmar 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Nauru 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Nepal 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Pakistan 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Palestinian Territories 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Papua New Guinea 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Philippines 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Samoa 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Singapore 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Solomon Islands 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Sri Lanka 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Thailand 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Timor-Leste 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Tonga 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Tuvalu 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Vanuatu 1 February 2022 29 April 2022
Vietnam 1 February 2022 29 April 2022

Terms and Conditions

Applicants who wish to receive an Australia Awards Scholarship must sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia stating that they will adhere to the scholarship’s terms and conditions. After finishing their scholarship, scholars must leave Australia for at least two years. Failure to do so will result in the scholar acquiring debt for the amount of their scholarship that has been accrued.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered for an Australia Awards Scholarship:

  • Citizens and residents of a participating country such as India, Bangladesh (Asia, Pacific, Middle East) and Pakistan (Asia, Pacific, Middle East) (Not permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand)
  • On the start date of the scholarship, February 1st, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • English language proficiency, as evidenced by a current IELTS or TOEFL exam result.
  • Meeting the Department of Home Affairs Australia visa criteria.
  • Candidates cannot have previously received an Australia Award unless they have lived outside Australia for at least twice as long as they have spent in Australia.
PTE 58

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Documents Required

  • Graduation degree certificate
  • Formal academic transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship document’s certified copy 
  • Resume
  • There is a requirement for an academic referee report as well as one other referee report.
  • Copy of English language test

Application Process

Students must complete the following steps to apply for the Australian Awards Scholarship:

  • Step 1: To see if you are eligible for the award, select your home country and award type
  • Step 2: Examine the course eligibility criteria once eligibility has been determined
  • Step 3: Register for Australian Awards and fill out the online application form

Australia Awards Scholarship Participating Countries

Below are the participating countries for Australia Awards Scholarship 2023:

  • Asia
  • Pacific
  • Middle East
  • In-country contacts

Australia Awards Scholarship Selection Process

All applications for the Australia Awards Scholarship are evaluated on merit, with each applicant receiving equal consideration. Program Areas in various nations or areas will be in charge of the scholarship selection process. As a result, the method differs depending on the region or country.

Factors Affecting Australia Awards Scholarships

While asking ‘how can I get scholarship to study in Australia’, you must also be thinking ‘what factors play a role in getting an Australian scholarship’.

  • Academic competence
  • Personal and professional qualities
  • Ability to impact development difficulties in one’s own country

Each participating country creates a shortlist of applicants based on these and other characteristics. The number of students is determined by the availability of Australia Awards Scholarships in the region. Shortlisted students are interviewed, and other activities such as group participation sessions may be used to assess candidates’ potential.

Following that, each participating country compiles a list of candidates based on their top course and institution preferences. Australian universities examine placement requests and make placement offers to students who meet the entrance eligibility criteria based on their merit. This also applies to acquiring an Australian student visa. Scholarship decisions for the Australia Awards are announced/informed by August 1.

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We hope that this blog has given you all of the information you need about the Australia Awards Scholarship. Are you having trouble picking which studies abroad program is right for you? Contact our Leverage Edu consultants for complete support in gaining admission to your desired college. To schedule an appointment, call 1800572000 right now!