Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore – Every high school graduate, who wants to enter college or university, must devote a lot of time to their studies. However, it is important not to forget to rest and participate in recreational and sports activities. Participating in extracurriculars is a perfect way to make your leisure time fun and useful.

In this article, our experts have prepared a list of activities that can enhance your college application. In fact, participating in various projects can increase your chances of being accepted into the program or university of your choice. There are also many benefits associated with them, as you will see below.

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

In this section, let’s answer the main question. What role do extracurricular activities play in a student’s personal and academic life?

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There is good evidence that extracurricular activities are important in the college admissions process. Although they are not considered the most critical aspect, admissions officers still look at them.

Extracurricular activities help admissions officers present your application. Your grades show how dedicated you are to your studies. Your after school activities reveal your true passions and values. These activities make your application diverse and prove that you can multitask.

Not only can extracurriculars help you in your college application process, but they have other benefits as well. We just mentioned them in the previous section. Here, you’ll find all the reasons why you might find these activities useful. And if those aren’t enough, you can look at sample essays to see what students have to say about themselves.

We have to be honest: not all extracurriculars are created equal. This means that you must be strategic and methodical to improve your college application. Pottery can be a relaxing and creative pastime. However, your admissions officer, for, say, a law school application, won’t be too impressed.

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That’s why in the following sections of this article, we explain what extracurricular activities you should choose to improve your application.

Without a doubt, you need to find an extracurricular activity that will enhance your application. However, it’s also important to choose one that speaks to your passions. After all, you will spend your precious leisure time here.

Ideally, your extracurriculars should somehow reflect your academic interests. For example, if you’re pursuing a law degree, you might try joining a debate club or volunteering at a shelter. This way, your extracurriculars and your academic interests will match.

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

There is a difference between activities you do to impress others and those you do because you really love them. Passion is necessary if you want to succeed in anything. What can show your true interest? For example, doing the same hobby for several years. Or if you attend several similar extracurriculars at the same time.

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People love to listen to stories. So, try to turn your passions and hobbies into a story of helping others. Ask yourself: how can I help my community? What beneficial qualities can I develop while volunteering?

Your extracurricular activity should contribute to your self-improvement. For example, a team sport can be a leader. At the same time, a chess club can help you improve your creative thinking.

Some of the strongest applicants list 8-10 activities. However, it’s not about the number but about the commitment and dedication you can show. You should show what a multidimensional person you are. However, the last thing you want is to appear that you don’t know what you really want. So, 3-4 extracurricular activities are enough.

Your college application should show consistency and commitment. Some students will try to fit 20 extracurriculars onto their resumes. However, it is better to show the character with only a few extracurriculars. Reveal that you are busy with something for a long time instead of cramming in various short-term hobbies.

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Finally, we can move on to the list of extracurricular activities that will benefit you the most. In this section, we’ll explain what makes your admissions application great.

Students in debate teams are not afraid of public speaking. They will also have a good knowledge of many historical and political topics. These individuals are usually at the top of the class and shine in their critical thinking skills.

Some people believe that internships are only for college students. However, if you can attend and complete high school training, it can improve your application. Internships show that you are active and motivated. Additionally, you can get a letter of recommendation from the place where you completed your training.

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

This is another way to enhance your application, although some people may consider it cliché. Volunteer work is a great way to turn something you love into an extracurricular activity. If you love animals, work for a shelter. If you love art, consider volunteering at a gallery. There are many ways in which you can use your passions and talents while helping your community.

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Being a member of a sport’s team proves that you know how to be a team player. It also shows that you are committed to working hard to achieve your goal. School athletes must follow directions to succeed. So, this is another positive aspect of playing sports for admission officers.

Another great way to strengthen your application is to join the student council. This is an organization associated with your high school. There, you can focus on something relevant for students. Working in such an organization can be beneficial for your leadership and communication skills.

Writing is an important skill that every university needs. Being published offline and online is a significant achievement for anyone. Having developed critical thinking and good writing skills can benefit your application. Moreover, it prepares you for your university days.

Work can keep you busy from other activities and even relax. However, it can create many opportunities to learn important life skills. Your experiences shape who you are. So, having a part-time job can show how mature you are. Believe it or not, most admissions officers will appreciate your efforts to balance full-time school with a job.

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Colleges value diversity and students care about it. Cultural clubs expose you to ideas, people, discussions that promote different perspectives and values. It shows your love for others, ability to promote dialogue, and acceptance of differences. For admissions officers, it also tells a story about you. This is evidence of how strong you are because you are not afraid to stand up for your beliefs.

These extracurricular activities are suitable for everyone regardless of the academic career you want to pursue. However, sometimes you need to emphasize certain qualities and skills that are required for your major and college.

Such skills are needed for careers in business and politics and any other job you can think of. Being a good leader means motivating others. Colleges are looking for these types of individuals. For these skills, try debate teams, team sports, or other activities where you have to be a leader.

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

Creativity is an asset when applying for schools. It proves that you can be active, open-minded, and think outside the box. Admissions officers are looking for students who can add color and creativity to campus life. Students involved in arts and culture clubs have these types of skills and abilities.

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Having extracurriculars that develop such skills means you’ve chosen something challenging and educational. This experience can be helpful if you plan to pursue a career in computer science, programming, electrical engineering, and more. Find tech communities and internships to join.

We are very convinced that many students are trying to figure out the same question when they see their schedule. Extracurricular activities can take up a lot of energy and time that you could spend studying or relaxing. However, it is not hopeless! If you apply our tips, you will have enough time for studying, your extracurriculars, and rest.

Your academic studies should always come first. No matter how much you love a particular club, activity, or sport, your grades shouldn’t suffer. It is important that you attend all your classes, have enough time for your homework and preparation. You should make sure that you get the most out of your studies.

That’s it! Thank you very much for reading till the end. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to get involved in extracurricular activities for your college application. Share this article with your friends and other students who may find it useful. Employers keep telling us that a degree alone does not indicate a good graduate, but the truth is, if you can’t reach the grades ( plus good in English) then you better join the ‘grape’s pickers group (

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Next blame the ‘experts’ in the institute of higher education, because they know everything, with the highest level of academic papers to provide additional development opportunities to complement the academic curriculum. Is this fair?

Many wrote in ‘give them the right tools, because students will thrive in managing their own development’, and again what are the tools provided?

We must not only provide opportunities for students to achieve good academic results but actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum to students.

Balancing Academics And Extracurriculars: A Winning Degree Strategy In Singapore

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