Best Business Schools in Finland

You must have heard of the Northern Lights, which is one of the most touristy spots in Europe. Well, Finland is exactly where you can spot them. But it isn’t the only good thing about Finland. It offers a lot of good Business courses in its Business Schools. The skills you learn in a business program can be very easily transferred and adapted to just about any future career or job position that you can imagine. Business programs place a huge focus on teaching students the ability to think critically, problem solve in innovative ways, and manage their time logically. This blog is your source of information to the best business schools in Finland!

No. of Registered Business Schools in Finland 12
Average Cost of Study 3,34,475 INR to 16,72,377 INR per year
Average Cost of Living 58,000 INR to 83,000 INR per month

Why Study in Finland?

Did you know that Finland is considered the second happiest nation on earth? This fact will surely make you think of considering doing your business degree in Finland! Finland is known to be home to great universities, beautiful natural sights, and great entertainment for all international students. International students in Finland generally have an exceptional educational experience and have the opportunity to explore life in a beautiful foreign nation. If you are someone who loves the outdoors, Finland will feel right at home. There are a number of exciting activities for you to try including skiing, golfing, fishing, lake activities like water skiing boating, and kayaking. The cuisine of Finland is quite delicious and you will get to taste plenty of great fares. Students who enjoy sports will have a gala time in Finland, as winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey are very popular in the country.

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Top Business Schools in Finland 

Business School World Ranking (2021)
Aalto University School of Business 71(QS)
Hanken School Of Economics 1277
Turku School of Economics TSE – University of Turku 287(QS)
University of Vaasa School of the Management 401
University of Oulu – Oulu Business School 251(QS)
Åbo Akademi University 795(CWUR)
Faculty of Management- University of Tampere 395(QS)
Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics- University of Eastern Finland 49(THE)
Faculty of Social Sciences- University of Lapland 2647
School of Business and Economics- University of Jyväskylä 67(THE)
Tampere University of Technology 414(QS)
University of Helsinki 104(QS)

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Top Courses in the Business Schools in Finland

Some of the top courses offered in the Business Schools of Finland include:

  • Bachelors’s program in Business Administration
  • International Business Management, MSc.
  • Master’s program in International Design Business Management
  • Bachelor’s in International Business
  • Master’s Program in International Business Law
  • Master’s Program in Economics and Business Administration
  • Business and Management
  • Master’s Program in Strategic Business Management
  • Master’s Program in Business Analytics
  • Financial Analysis and Business Development
  • MSc. in Marketing
  • Master’s Program in Sales Management
  • Bachelor’s program in Economics
  • Degree in Intellectual Property Law

Eligibility Criteria

 If you want to go through the application process in order to study at one of the top Business Schools in Finland, these are the points to be check listed for applicants from outside the EU/Nordic countries/Switzerland/Liechtenstein:

  • Must obtain a residence permit from the Finnish embassy in your country of residence or online before entering Finland, for which you will need a letter of acceptance from a university. This must be renewed annually. 
  • Must have at least €6,720 per year (approximately 5,61,819 INR) to cover living expenses for the year. A bank statement, a certificate showing you have a grant, or a guarantee of sponsorship must be shown as proof.
  • Must have health insurance.
  • You will be permitted to work for a maximum of 25 hours a week during term-time, and there are no limits on the hours you can work in the Summer/Christmas holidays
  • It usually takes around a month to process applications. You are advised to apply as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance.

Application Process

The specifications might vary from one University to the other, students must checklist the following common steps to apply to a Business School in Finland:

Step 1: Shortlist a University

When planning to apply to a foreign university for a Business School in Finland, the first step is to select a suitable University, depending on the specializations offered and the availability of supervisors in the proposed research area. Also, students must ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements set by the University that they are applying to. 

Step 2: Gather the Documents Required.

Once you have shortlisted a University, the next step is to compile all the documents. This will include test scores, SOP, Letters of Recommendation, and more. 

Step 3: Get Started with Your Online Application

After compiling the necessary documents, students can begin their online applications by filling in the required details including Personal, Academic, and Professional background. 

Finland Student Visa

Documents Required

  • Academic Transcripts/Mark Sheets and Proof of Existing Qualifications
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV or Resume
  • Required test scores
  • Evidence of Financial Sources
  • Visa
  • Passport

Average Cost of Studying

Although the minimum tuition fees to be paid by non-EU/EEA students for a Business School course taught in English is around INR 1,30,000 per year, the actual average annual tuition fees that you may be required to pay will be between INR 3,34,475 to 16,72,377 INR per year, depending on the course, level and university of study.

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Cost of Living

Talking about the cost of living, how much money you spend majorly depends on the place where you study in Finland, your lifestyle choice, and how much you spend on your routine activities. Your average cost of living can vary between

Average Salary

A Business School graduate in Finland tends to earn a good sum of money also depending upon the years of experience and expertise. It ranges from around 20,50,000 INR to 48,33,00 INR per year.

Hoping that this blog was helpful in familiarizing you with the Business Schools in Finland. Want to pursue your education at a top university in the country? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who can help you in choosing the perfect course and university as per your requirements and interests. Sign up for a free session today!