Best Countries for Engineering Courses

Earning a globally-recognized degree in Engineering will not only guide you towards actualizing your dream career but will also equip you with the best practical knowledge and skills you need to bring innovation and revolutionary ideas in your field. With scores of branches on offer, Engineering programs are amongst the choicest courses after 12th science. If you also aspire to pursue a degree in this field, you might be asking yourself: Which country is best to study engineering? Every country has its own set of perks on offer as some may avail of comprehensive programs while others provide research-oriented courses. If you are going through the conundrum of finding the right study destination, here is a blog that brings you to the best countries for engineering courses


United States of America (USA)

Home to many leading technical universities and institutes like MIT and Harvard University, the USA is renowned for its STEM courses and is the academic epicenter to pursue the best technical specializations. The quintessential factors which make it one of the best countries for engineering courses are the research exposure as well as remarkable career opportunities the country has on offer! Hence, the majority of Indian students are eager to pursue a degree at the esteemed universities in the USA. The popular engineering branches you must explore there include Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc. Moreover, in the USA, the bachelor-level engineering programs range for almost 4 years whereas the master’s degree courses can be completed in 2-2.5 years. Here are the world-renowned universities in the USA for Engineering programs:

University QS Rankings 2022
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston #1
Stanford University, San Francisco #3
California Institute of Technology, Caltech, Los Angeles #6
Princeton University #20
University of California, Los Angeles #40

United Kingdom (UK) 

Home to the oldest academic institutions in the world, the UK has been a hotspot of international students aiming to pursue quality higher education abroad. When it comes to engineering courses, the research universities in the UK offer much-needed industrial exposure to budding innovators and the country also offers higher employability to engineering graduates. Generally, the institutions in the UK offer Bachelor’s in Engineering (BE) or a Bachelor’s in Technology (BTech) at the undergraduate level, and similar variants are available at the master’s level. As one of the preferred destinations and best countries for Engineering courses, there are a plethora of specializations on offer like Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc. Take a look at the prestigious and top-ranked universities in the UK for Engineering courses:

University QS Rankings 2022
Leeds Beckett University #1001-1200
University of Hull #651-700
University of Strathclyde #302
University of East Anglia #307
University of Plymouth #601-650
Aston University – Kaplan Pathways #485
University of Essex #439
University of Bath #166
Brunel University #351
Cranfield University – Kaplan Pathways


Referred to as the Lands Down Under, Australia is internationally acclaimed for its unique education system which predominantly focuses on experiential learning. When it comes to the best countries for Engineering courses, Australia deserves a prominent mention for its research-oriented Engineering programs offered at economical costs. It is also home to many globally renowned universities like The University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, etc, and some of the major specializations you must consider include, Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering,  Petroleum Engineering, etc. Here are the top universities in Australia for Engineering courses:

University QS Rankings 2022
Australian National University    #27
Monash University  #58
The University of Melbourne  #37
McGill University  #27
Griffith College
University of New South Wales #43


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An international hub of many Automotive giants as well as prominent IT companies, Germany is another popular choice for Engineering programs abroad. Pursuing a technical degree in the Land of Poets and Thinkers, you can discover colossal industrial opportunities by working with global names like SAP, BMW, Siemens, etc. Having nurtured some of the greatest scientists and inventors, Germany is one of the best countries for Engineering courses. The top German universities offer a wide range of engineering programs with extensive research opportunities to delve deeper into your chosen field of study. Another appealing factor is that you can avail of free education in Germany by opting for courses offered by public universities. Moreover, the most sought-after specializations here include, Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, etc and the leading universities offering top Engineering courses in Germany are:

University QS Rankings 2022
Technical University of Munich     #50
RWTH Aachen University #165
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  #136
Technical University of Berlin #159
Technische Universität Dresden #194

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New Zealand

Emerging as a leading study destination, New Zealand has been recently declared safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Engineering courses in New Zealand are designed with a quintessential focus on practical apprenticeship and encourage students to think innovatively and critically while solving contemporary problems. From diplomas to postgraduate degrees, the top universities in New Zealand like the University of Auckland and Massey University provide specialized and trending Engineering courses in Architectural Engineering, Marine Engineering, Software Engineering, and much more. Amongst the best countries for Engineering courses, here are top universities you must explore in New Zealand for technical specializations:

University QS Rankings 2022
AUT University  #451
University of Canterbury  #258
Victoria University of Wellington #236
University of Otago  #194
University of Waikato  #373

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

Masters in New Zealand


University QS Rankings 2022
Tsinghua University, Beijing #17
Peking University, Beijing #18
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai #50
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou #45
Fudan University, Shanghai #31


University QS Rankings 2022
The University of Tokyo #23
Kyoto University #33
Osaka University #75
Tokyo Institute of Technology #56
Tohoku University #82


University QS Rankings 2022
Politecnico di Milano #142
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
Scoula Superiore Sant’ Anna Pisa #175
Universita di Bologna #180
Sapienza – Universita di Roma #217

While exploring the best countries for engineering courses across the world, you must also consider various other factors such as cost of living, research exposure, admission intakes, the application process, visa, safety, etc. Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in finding the best study destination as well as a suitable course and university with the help of our AI Course Finder, which will align with your preferences and equips you with the best knowledge and skills to embark on your professional journey! Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!