Best Sports Universities for Athletes and Sports Lovers

Ever wondered where famous athletes like Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, or Usain Bolt studied? Or which university has produced the largest number of professional athletes or has the maximum number of Olympic medals to its honor? Schools, colleges, and academies play an extremely important role in an athlete’s life by providing them with excellent facilities, good education, and an ability to develop diverse skills. That is why in this blog, we will cover the best universities for athletes, popular sports scholarships, and more!

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Best Universities for Athletes in the World

If you are a budding sportsperson, like a great footballer, basketballer, or cricketer, then it is important to opt for a university with a strong sports program. A good university that can provide students with facilities and good networking opportunities to excel in their sporting careers and develop an international career. Here are some of the best universities in the world that encourage athletes-

  1. Stanford University, USA
  2. University of Michigan, USA
  3. Duke University
  4. University of Florida
  5. University of Connecticut
  6. University of Notre Dame
  7. Ohio State University
  8. UCLA, USA
  9. University of Texas at Austin

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University of Michigan

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The University of Michigan is a real sporting powerhouse. The university has produced Olympic-level athletes and has over 24 alumni members in the last four US Olympic teams as well as 54 conference championships in the last 10 years, The university is famous for sport varsity facilities and has an impressive 80% graduation rate among its student-athletes. 

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University of Florida

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Popularly known for its feats in sports like football and basketball across the USA, the University of Florida is also a great university for athletes. Florida is also the joint eighth best university in the world for sports-related subjects, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, sharing the position with Pennsylvania State University. The University of Florida’s Athletic Association manages a number of sports like track, golf, swimming, volleyball and much more! 

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University of Connecticut

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The University of Connecticut is another excellent university of sportspersons and athletes. It’s known for its basketball champions and has won two men’s national titles in the last decade, but it’s the women’s basketball team that are the real stars at UConn, with a recent winning streak of over 100 consecutive games. From soccer to golf to swimming, this university is a paradise for budding sports stars and lovers.

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Ohio State University

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With more than 2,500 students playing for a university sports team, Ohio State is a university full of sporting activity. Ohio State University is famous for providing excellent education as well as opportunities to its athletes. They have amazing facilities like the 738,500 square feet of indoor recreation space, and fantastic school spirit, there are few places better for both athletes and fans. 

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University of Notre Dame

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Few universities manage to be competitive in such a vast array of sports as Notre Dame. From soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey to fencing teams, the University of Notre Dame has produced some of the best sportspersons in the world. With excellent facilities, incredible variety in education courses and recreation facilities across the campus, Notre Dame is one of the best universities for athletes. 

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Duke University

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Duke is one of the best choices for a sports enthusiast. Duke University is excellent for sportspersons who wish to excel in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more. The university has amazing teams for a variety of sports and a number of titles in its belt! This year over 15 athletes from Duke University participated in the famous Tokyo Olympics!

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University of California, Los Angeles

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Student-athletes at UCLA get the finest facilities in the US. The university is famous for producing some of the finest athletes in the world. With over 100 NCAA team championships to their name, UCLA has an illustrious sporting history. From the Lakers, Rams, and Clippers to the Kings and the Dodgers, all professional teams scout this university campus for champions. 

Top Colleges in India for Sports Athletes

  1. Jamia Millia Islamia
  2. Manipur University
  3. DY Patil University
  4. IIM Rohtak
  5. Adamas University
  7. Amity University
  8. University of Calcutta
  9. University of Mysore
  10. College of Physical Education, Pune
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