Buddy System for International Students

The Buddy System for International Students is an invaluable resource for international students who are new to the country. It is an opportunity for international students to find support and friendship from someone who is familiar with the culture, language and the customs of the country. This system creates a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for international students that can help them adjust to their new home in a much smoother and easier manner. Not only can the Buddy System provide a social and cultural support system, but it can also provide a helpful guide to the various services and activities available to international students.

Buddy System is a concept designed to pair international students with local students as buddies based on their similar interests. Such programs are facilitated through an online platform. These local students or buddies act as mentors for international students and help them get acquainted with the new environment. The Buddy system for international students is designed to provide international students with a personalized environment to get accustomed to the new culture, country, and education system and prepare them for their new uni-life.

Objectives of Buddy System

The Buddy system is designed with the following objectives:

  • To improve the understanding of international students of the academic curriculum in the specific university and country. 
  • To facilitate global networking between international students and local students and create global diversity.
  • Students with different mindsets interact with each other and add value to their existing knowledge which strengthens the partnership between both local and international students.
  • Such programs cater to networking and long-lasting partnerships which are necessary in this rapidly growing world with closely intertwined professional fields.

Importance of Buddy System

Moving abroad for higher studies is definitely not easy but it surely is a thrilling adventure. And when you have programs like Buddy system which makes this experience even more interesting. The Buddy system for international students is important in the following ways:

  • The process of the buddy system generally begins before the start of the semester so it gives enough time to international students to connect with their respective local buddies.
  • It helps students in building networks with others having similar interests or courses but may belong to different cultural backgrounds.
  • The matched buddies spend a few weeks together where the local students help international students with the initial process such as registering for classes, library access, etc.
  • Local buddies also help international students get familiarized with local amenities services and connectivity with the transportation systems and other local services of the region.
  • To make it easier for the students, the buddy system is generally accessed from the social media pages of the university.

Buddy System in Different Countries

The process and functioning of the buddy system may vary depending on the country. Every country has its own working way of buddy system.


In Canada, the buddy system is designed and customised as per the interest level of the international students to help them through the smooth cultural transition. The programs are as follows:

International Student Study Buddy – It is designed for peer-to-peer specific for upper-year international science students and home students and other representatives of the university who help international students get academic support from existing and students with similar courses grouped together.

Global Buddy Program – It is the social network of the local students of a university. They invite the new and the exchange students to be a part of the university and assist them with the university process, and services and invite them to networking events and other fests to make them feel comfortable and create a sense of belongingness.


In USA the program is mainly focused to encourage peer support. In many universities, a local student or local buddy is paired with an international system to help them get comfortable in the new environment and the cultural change in the initial weeks of their semester. The details of the buddies are shared prior to the session so that they can connect and share a bond and become friends. The local student also helps the international student with the linguistics challenges and lifestyle of the country. 


In Australian universities, the buddy system usually runs for a month with the aim to offer social mentoring to international students and exchange students. During this period students interact with each other and local students guide the international students about the academics, lifestyle, culture, and various events of the university. As settling down could be pretty rough, via this program international students get familiarized and comfortable with the new environment


The buddy system in the UK aims to provide immediate support and assistance to international students upon their arrival. The home students share their experiences and life hacks with the new students and help them understand the lifestyle, social scenario, and culture of Britain.   

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