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Peking University has been an outstanding school of study for more than a century, acknowledged globally as one of the world’s finest universities, and rated 27th in the world by Times Higher Education (THE) in 2018. PHBS has made a major move toward globalization by establishing a new campus in Oxfordshire, England. Students accepted to the cross-border programs spend their first year of master’s degrees at the PHBS UK Campus and their second year at the PHBS Shenzhen Campus in China, where they will study alongside Chinese peers in a cross-cultural context. In this blog, we will discuss everything about Peking University and Peking University Business School UK


About Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK


Peking University is a university in Beijing, China. Peking University’s HSBC Business School is a graduate-level business school situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, at the university’s only satellite campus. PHBS announced the opening of a campus in Oxford, United Kingdom (UK) in February 2017, making it the first Chinese university and business school to have an autonomous international campus beyond the Mainland China border.

As Peking University’s first abroad campus, the UK Campus serves as a platform for the university to promote international education and research for the development and diffusion of knowledge. The UK Campus, set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, offers current and future Peking University students a unique opportunity to gain a well-rounded and international education while immersed in the multicultural and intellectually stimulating environment of the world-famous university town of Oxford.

The UK Campus, which is led by internationally recognized international and Chinese academics, provides a valuable cross-border study program that aims to cultivate students’ internationalized vision and astute cross-cultural wisdom, which is becoming increasingly important for future leadership roles and professionals in our globalized world.

The HSBC Business School of Peking University (PHBS), which includes the UK Campus, is dedicated to providing an international standard of excellence in education in the areas of Economics, Finance, Management, and Digital Business Studies, with the core value of ‘Global Vision and China Insight’ in all of our study programs. 

The UK Campus, which is accredited by Peking University, one of the world’s most prominent institutions, is a great location for encouraging innovation and connectedness to China, as well as linking our present and prospective students to Peking University’s global alumni network.

Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK Courses Offered 

PHBS now offers two MA cross-border programs in Management and Finance, as well as one MBA cross-border program. Both are full-time, two-year programs with a final thesis and cross-border options. Students accepted to these programs spend their first year of master’s degrees at the PHBS UK Campus and their second year at the PHBS Shenzhen Campus in China, where they will study alongside Chinese peers in a cross-cultural context. All of the faculty members have PhDs from top-ranked universities across the world, and all courses are taught entirely in English. These programs provide students with not just specialized training and cross-disciplinary education, but also international experience and in-depth cross-cultural exposure.

PHBS UK-China Master of Finance

This curriculum offers advanced financial instruction, including current financial theories, applications, and methodology. Finance students can also rest easy knowing that the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program recognizes PHBS Master of Finance courses for preparing candidates for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) tests. The curriculum is heavily quantitative, and students must possess exceptional mathematics abilities. Its goal is for students to get a thorough grasp of financial performance and management. Students who complete the Finance degree are prepared for several positions, including chief financial officers, risk management experts, corporate fund managers, and others. Students can also pursue PhD degrees or conduct research in relevant fields of finance through this program.

PHBS UK-China Master of Management

This program offers specialized management training and includes a cross-disciplinary curriculum such as management theories, economics, and organizational behavior, as well as how to apply these concepts to real-world business problems. Assessing and solving issues combines quantitative and logical reasoning with creative and lateral thinking. Its goal is to instill in students a thorough theoretical understanding of management as well as the ability to conduct research in relevant fields. It also seeks to provide students with cutting-edge corporate management knowledge and the capacity to use managerial theories to solve real-world company problems. It teaches students the hard and soft skills needed to become innovative global management leaders in a variety of industries and vocations.


PHBS offers you the chance to study Peking University’s MBA programs in the PHBS UK Campus while also expanding your professional and personal contacts in China.

The desire for the foreign business world to comprehend Chinese business culture and practices is expanding dramatically as China’s economy grows and Chinese outside investments increase. The MBA program at Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) provides students with tailored courses designed and delivered by faculty who are specifically qualified in teaching MBA programs with a China focus, allowing them to analyze the latest developments in the Chinese economy and markets within a rigorous framework of generic business theory. Students will get the chance to build business networking with renowned China-related experts, academics, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs in addition to studying the curriculum.  Additionally, when you complete the MBA program, PHBS will assist you in obtaining finance in China for company start-ups or professional advancement inside or beyond China.

Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK Entry Requirements

To apply for Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK courses, you must first meet the following mentioned eligibility requirements for international students:

  • The initiative is primarily aimed towards EU/UK residents. Applicants must have a BSc or BA degree or higher from a recognized university or institution, as well as at least one year of relevant professional experience.
  • For application, a valid GMAT or GRE score, or equivalent proof of proficiency, is also necessary.
  • Non-native English speakers must submit proof of English competence in the form of a TOEFL (100 or higher), GRE (1300 or higher), or IELTS score (6.5 or above)

Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK Cost of Studying 

Tuition at Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK is priced differently depending on the program. The table below displays the average tuition fees for various degrees at Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK.

Course Name  Tuition GBP Tuition INR
PHBS UK-China Master of Finance 12,000  12,09,524
PHBS UK-China Master of Management 12,000  12,09,524
PHBS UK-China MBA 46,000  46,36,509

Cost of Living in the UK

Tuition, as well as food, lodging, and other living expenses, are all included in the cost of attending Peking University Business School (PHBS). Some of the expenses that may be encountered while attending Peking University Business School are listed below (PHBS)

Expense Amount
Accommodation GBP 3,828 (INR 3.82,000)
Internet and phone service GBP 324 (INR 32,300)
Transportation GBP 924 (INR 92,200)
Food GBP 2,004 (INR 2,00,000)
Personal Expenses GBP 1,164 (INR 1,16,000)
Miscellaneous Expenses GBP 240 (INR 23,900)

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