Discover the Popular Courses at University of Essex

Located in the oldest recorded town of the UK, University of Essex is one of the top 30 universities in the UK (Complete University Guide 2022). The university offers quality education with extensive research opportunities that make an Essex education like no other. With a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (2017), it is known for its ground-breaking programs, pedagogy methods, learning environment, and outcomes. Situated just outside the historic town of Colchester, the university offers popular courses across various fields like Psychology, Data Analytics, Business Management, Finance, Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Read through the blog and get to know about the popular courses offered by University of Essex

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Faculty at University of Essex 

Known as the ‘Home for the Brave and Bold’, University of Essex allows students to explore distinct areas of study or specialize in various fields. The three faculties listed below oversee teaching, educational development, and research in the multiple departments and schools of study. 

Faculties  Departments and Schools 
Faculty of Humanities East 15 Acting SchoolEssex Pathways DepartmentDepartment of HistoryDepartment of Literature, Film, and Theatre StudiesSchool of LawSchool of Philosophy and Art History
Faculty of Science and Health School of Life SciencesDepartment of Mathematical SciencesDepartment of PsychologySchool of Computer Science and Electronic EngineeringSchool of Health and Social CareSchool of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic StudiesDepartment of EconomicsEssex Business SchoolDepartment of GovernmentDepartment of Language and LinguisticsDepartment of Sociology

The courses offered by the University of Essex are available in a plethora of fields. Students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research-based programs under their preferred study area. The subject areas offered by the university are listed below: 

  1. Accounting 
  2. Acting, producing, and stage management
  3. Actuarial Science 
  4. American (US) Studies 
  5. Art History 
  6. Biochemistry 
  7. Biological Science 
  8. Biomedical Sciences 
  9. Business and Management
  10. Childhood studies 
  11. Computational Finance 
  12. Computer science 
  13. Creative writing 
  14. Criminology 
  15. Data analytics 
  16. Drama 
  17. Economics 
  18. Engineering 
  19. English language and literature
  20. English language teaching 
  21. Entrepreneurship
  22. Environment 
  23. European studies 
  24. Film studies 
  25. Finance and banking 
  26. Genetics 
  27. Global studies 
  28. Health and social care 
  29. History 
  30. Hospitality and events management
  31. Human rights 
  32. Journalism 
  33. Latin and American studies 
  34. Law 
  35. Liberal arts 
  36. Linguistics 
  37. Literature 
  38. Marine biology 
  39. Marketing 
  40. Mathematics 
  41. MBA 
  42. Modern languages 
  43. Nursing 
  44. Occupational therapy 
  45. Oral health science 
  46. Philosophy 
  47. Physiotherapy 
  48. Politics and international relations 
  49. Psychology 
  50. Psychology: applied and clinical 
  51. Psychosocial and psychoanalytic studies 
  52. Robotics 
  53. Social work 
  54. Sociology 
  55. Speech and language therapy 
  56. Sports and exercise 
  57. Sports therapy 
  58. Translation and interpreting 

Psychology at University of Essex 

Studying Psychology at University of Essex has an immense career scope with prospects much further than becoming a psychologist, like working in education, Forensic Sciences, Data Analysis, Health, and Marketing. Essex students have unparalleled access to facilities such as EEG, TMS, and eye-tracking. The Essex Research Experience Scheme lets students support academic research projects, enhance research skills, and provide insight into academic research. 

Courtesy: University of Essex

Here are some popular courses offered by the University of Essex in the field of Psychology:

Undergraduate Courses 

  • BA Psychology 
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSC Psychology with Economics
  • BSC Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience
  • BSc Cognitive Science
  • Integrated Masters in Science – Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Integrated Masters in Science –  Psychology with Advanced Research Methods

Postgraduate Courses 

  • MSc Psychology
  • MSc Research Methods in Psychology
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
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Data Analytics at University of Essex

Data Analytics courses at University of Essex open the door to almost any industry, from health to government to publishing. The university’s data analytics students have a close-knit community of scholars leading the way in technological research and development. Essex is home to many of the world’s top data analytics scientists and engineers.

Data analytics | Subject area | University of Essex
Courtesy: University of Essex

Here are some popular courses by the University of Essex in the field of Data Analytics:

Undergraduate Courses 

  1. BSc in Data Science and Analytics
  2. Integrated Masters in Science: Mathematics and Data Science 
  3. BSc Statistics
  4. BSc Mathematics with Computing 
  5. BSc Sociology with Data Science 
  6. Integrated Masters in Science –  Actuarial Science and Data Science

Postgraduate Courses 

  1. MSc Applied Data Science
  2. MSc Data Science
  3. MSc Data Science with Professional Placement
  4. MSc Data Science and its Applications
  5. MSc Statistics
  6. MSc Statistics and Operational Research
  7. Postgraduate Diploma Statistics and Operational Research
  8. MSc Algorithmic Trading
  9. MSc Applied Economics and Data Analysis
  10. MSc Big Data and Text Analysis
  11. MSc Business Analytics
  12. MSc Computational Finance
  13. MSc Economics and Econometrics
  14. MSc Finance and Data Analytics
  15. MSc Social Data Science
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Computer Science at University of Essex

Computer Science programmes at University of Essex are rooted in understanding the world of computers and their nuances, from coding to hardware, from developing processors to designing components. Many world’s top scientists and engineers in the field of computer science are from the University of Essex. Their Computer Science courses specialize in areas as diverse as assistive technologies, computer games, artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, big data, and robotics

BSc Computer Science - Computer Science Degree | University of Essex
Courtesy: University of Essex

Here are some popular courses at University of Essex in the field of Computer Science:

Undergraduate Courses 

  1. BSc Computer Science
  2. BSc Computer Games
  3. BEng Computer Networks
  4. BEng Computers with Electronics
  5. BEng Robotic Engineering
  6. BEng Computer Systems Engineering 
  7. BSc Data Science and Analytics
  8. BSc Economics with Computing
  9. BSc Maths with Computing

Postgraduate Courses 

  1. MSc Advanced Computer Science
  2. MSc Computer Network and Security
  3. MSc Computer Games
  4. MSc Computer Engineering
  5. MSc Artificial Intelligence
  6. MSc Artificial Intelligence and its applications
  7. MSc Big Data and Text Analytics
  8. MSc Data Analytics in Healthcare genomics
  9. MSc Financial Technology
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Finance at University of Essex

Finance programmes at the University of Essex are not restricted to the study of trading stocks and managing hedge funds. They focus on imparting students with the key understanding of the financial markets that can help curb hunger, predict civil unrest, and evade conflict. Up to six scholarships are annually offered by the University of Essex to support students wishing to qualify as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). The University also offers courses to students that have studied only a small amount of finance before, as well as specialized programs. Essex academics and practitioners come from the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, and the European Central Bank. 

BSc Finance - Finance Degree | University of Essex
Courtesy: University of Essex

Here are some popular courses offered by the University of Essex in the field of Finance:

Undergraduate Courses

  1. BSc Finance
  2. BSc Accounting and Finance
    1. BSc Banking and Finance 
  3. BSc Finance and Management
  4. BSc Finance and Mathematics
  5. BSc International Business and Finance
  6. Integrated Masters in Accounting: Accounting and Finance
  7. LLB with Finance

Postgraduate Courses

  1. MSc Finance
  2. MRes Finance
  3. MSc Accounting and Finance
  4. MSc Accounting and financial management
  5. MSc Algorithmic Trading
  6. MSc Banking and Finance
  7. MSc Computational Finance
  8. MSc Finance and Data Analytics
  9. MSc Finance in Global Trading
  10. MSc Finance and investment
  11. MSc Finance and Management
  12. MSc Financial Engineering in Risk Management
  13. Mathematics and Finance
  14. Postgraduate diploma: Mathematics and Finance
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Business Management at University of Essex

Business Management courses at University of Essex offer real-world focus and business experience. Ranked in the top 25 in the UK for research excellence (REF 2014), Essex focuses on research-led education and is globally renowned for its business faculty. The courses offer an interdisciplinary approach that includes Sociology, Psychology, History, Politics, Language, Culture, and Communication. Essex staff use research in their teaching to ensure that students are up-to-date with current industry trends. Along with this, a placement or study abroad year is available with the majority of Business Management courses at University of Essex to boost practical learning. 

Business and management | Subject area | University of Essex
Courtesy: University of Essex

Here are some popular courses at University of Essex in the field of Business Management:

Undergraduate Courses

  • BSc in Business Management
  • BBA 
  • BSc International Business and Entrepreneurship
  • BA Business Economics 
  • BA Business Management and Language Studies
  • BA Business Management and Modern Languages
  • BA Global studies with Business Management
  • BA Philosophy with Business Management 
  • BSc Accounting and Management 
  • BSc International Business and Finance
  • BSc Management and Marketing
  • BSc Tourism Management
  • Integrated Masters in Marketing and Management
  • LLB with Business 

Postgraduate Courses 

  • Masters in Business Management
  • MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc Organisational Change Management
  • MA Management and Organizational Dynamics
  • The Essex executive MBA
  • The Essex MBA
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MSc Finance and Management
  • MSc Global Project Management
  • MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Management Advertising and Corporate Communications
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This was a snapshot of some of the popular courses offered by the University of Essex. At University of Essex, students find the right opportunities to explore their interests and pave an ideal career path for themselves. If you’re impatient to change the world and get started with your future career with Essex, then reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and get started with your application for the upcoming October intake!