Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

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The eBay fee calculator provides the cost and profit of selling eBay Fixed Price (GTC) USA listings in several ways. The eBay calculator allows you to set your own price, search and eBay Item ID, or get a suggested eBay selling price based on the profit and cost of the item you want. For accuracy, this eBay fee calculator considers various options related to a specific eBay business, including insertion fees, final value fees, eBay promotion fees, eBay Managed Payment Fees, and more. All calculations are accurate estimates with the latest information up to August 2021. The results provided by this eBay calculator are not selling advice or instructions. It is the seller’s responsibility to set the price and manage the fees they receive from eBay.

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

EBay’s primary fee is a percentage of the total sale price, called the “Final Value Fee,” or FVF. Other fees may be added for custom listing details and FVF may be cheaper for eBay Store customers.

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The total average percentage that eBay will charge is 12.35% (10% FVF + 2.35% eBay Managed Payments fee). Final Value Fees may change based on listing category, and if you are an eBay Store customer.

You can lower your eBay fees by becoming a Basic eBay Store customer, not listing more items than your monthly free limit. Note that eBay’s Managed Payments fee will also increase the total cost of eBay.

For most transactions, PayPal’s fee is 2.9% of the transaction price, plus a flat fee of $0.30, where eBay’s Managed Payments fee is 2.35% plus $0.30.

If the monthly insertion fee is more than the store subscription, it is worth it. On top of the free monthly insertion fee, you’ll also have lower Final Value Fees if you subscribe to at least the Basic Store.

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EBay seller fees are calculated with many variables, such as item cost, eBay store subscription, listing type, upgrades, etc. eBay selling fees vary based on the category your item is listed in. (EBay category fees include listing fees and fees for selling items.)

Additionally, your seller status can also have an impact on your cost price. For example, Top Rated Sellers with Top Rated Seller Plus listings will receive 10% of their Final Value Fee. Underperforming sellers, however, have an additional 4% added to the final selling fee.

You can also include listing upgrades to market eBay listings and stand out in search results. Updated listings include subtitles, bold text, image galleries and more. This upgrade fee increases in cost when your item costs more than $150. eBay sellers have additional optional listing items in the second category for separate insertion and final value fees.

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Not to mention, you can also use eBay Promotions to advertise your listing as an eBay search result as ‘sponsored.’ It also promotes your item elsewhere on the eBay ad network.

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There are many hidden costs to selling on eBay. If you do not know about them, you can lose money on items that you thought would turn a profit.

We provide a quick explanation of fees in “Selling on eBay for Beginners: 5 Steps to Success.” This is a great place to learn how to calculate costs. However, this article is for those who want to go deeper.

EBay’s final value fees are often the single largest cost for sellers. They are taken as a percentage of the amount charged to the customer. That includes the price of the goods, shipping costs,

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The percentage depends first on whether you use managed payments. This is the default for new sellers, and all other sellers will be required to switch to managed payments by the end of 2021. You can find the final fees for managed payment sellers here and for unmanaged payments here.

Next, it depends on the category you sell in and whether you have an eBay Store. Here’s a quick overview of what you should pay per sale. If you know what you want to sell, make a note of it – we’ll calculate your total cost later.

Note that in managed payments, most categories have a tiered pricing structure. For example, if you sell an item worth more than $7,500, the fee often drops to 2.55%. In unmanaged payments, there is usually a fee limit, generally $750 is the maximum fee.

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Final value fee discounts can make the Shop quite attractive, and often will save you money. Make sure you know exactly when your eBay Store is worth it before spending your hard-earned money.

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If you’re selling a car on eBay, remember that vehicles have their own special fees rather than final value fees. Some other types of listings, such as real estate, also have unique fee structures.

If you offer a great customer experience, you can become a Top Seller and get a 10% discount off the final value fee. (For example, if you normally pay 12.55%, you will pay 11.295%.)

But eBay knows people are only motivated so far with carrots. They also have a stick: if you fall below the seller’s performance standards, you’ll get an additional 5% on top of the final value fee (whether you use managed payments or not). They will also give you an additional 5% in the category where the “Item not as described” claim rate reaches “Very High,” even if you are a standard seller above.

Thankfully, these extra costs don’t stack. You do not have to pay the extra 10% if both conditions apply. However, the results are still bad.

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If you have one of these penalties, it means that if you normally pay 12.55%, you will pay 17.55%.

Worse, this extra fee ignores the cap and fee limit! That makes them bad regardless of whether you use managed payments or sell high- or low-value items. Here’s how it can be played:

Those are some high stakes! Take eBay customer service seriously, be honest, and deliver on time to keep the final cost affordable.

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Short version: If you list many items, you may have to pay an additional $0.35 or so for some.

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Every eBay seller gets to list a few items each month without paying any listing fees. For most categories, this is as follows:

Now, you might be wondering why you got free auctions. Don’t sweat it. If your auction is successful and the item sells, eBay will refund your listing fee (as long as it’s not in an excluded category).

For some categories (especially big picture ones like real estate and vehicles), there are no free listings. You will always have to pay an insertion fee. This fee can be more than $100, and the same if you use managed payments or have a Store.

You can choose to upgrade the list (manage / not manage) forset-in-stone price or Promoted Listings for a percentage of the sale. This can more than double what you paid for, so use it wisely!

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Short version: Determine how much you will charge for shipping, as this fee is considered a final value fee.

Now you know what eBay will charge you…kind of. eBay will also charge you a final value fee for the shipping costs you charge. Therefore, you need to know the shipping and handling costs so that you can understand the costs that you have to pay.

For those of you who offer free shipping, knowing the cost is even more important because you need to consider every price.

Does It Cost To Sell Something On Ebay

Either way, you can’t really understand the cost of selling on eBay until you understand shipping and handling. See our guide to shipping and handling charges to determine how much you’ll be charged.

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The short version: Whether your payment processor is eBay, PayPal, or a credit card company, you can expect to earn a fixed fee and a percentage of each transaction.

PayPal and other payments

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