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Study Abroad Made Easy with the Leverage App 

Studying abroad is the dream of millions of Indians. Every year thousands of Indian students fly to multiple destinations to pursue higher education. This number is destined to surge as the world is reopening and universities in top countries like the UK, USA, and Canada are actively making student-friendly policies for international travel. That’s where we come in, our mission is to elevate and simplify the study abroad journey for Indian students. The Leverage App is a one-stop solution for all your study abroad needs; from identifying the right fit university, talking to an expert, and checking your application status, a single app can do all. 

What’s in Store for You? 

You can discover the latest courses offered by top universities, talk to mentors, check other students’ reviews, and apply to global universities with one click! The awesome part is that you can track your application in the app and apply for more than one course! Leverage App is more than just an average admissions portal; it is a community of like-minded students who wish to become global citizens and take unconventional career paths. Our services include end-to-end study abroad assistance, test preparation classes, virtual study abroad fairs, loans, scholarships, ebooks, blogs, and international money transfer services. 

FREE Study Abroad Assistance

Connect with Leverage Edu experts with one click from the comfort of your home and find out the perfect course and university for yourself. And the best part is, all of this is FREE of cost! The ‘Talk to an Expert’ button on the app will help you get in touch with our study abroad coaches. According to your academic profile, they understand your requirements and narrow down the courses, universities, intakes, and destinations.  

You can submit all your application essentials like SOP, LOR, essay, transcripts, test scores, etc., via the Leverage App. Scan and upload the documents and your application will be submitted in a few seconds! Once your application is ready, you can track your progress through your dashboard anytime and from anywhere. 

Discover Latest Courses at Top Universities 

The Discover tab on the Leverage App lets you explore the most trending courses according to your favourite field. Not only this, but you can also find all the essential information around top universities along with the latest webinars on expert study abroad tips, student reviews and more! 

Welcome to the Leverage Community

Confused about your future career choices or need some advice from your peers? Then feel free to ask us anything on the Leverage Community. Our community moderators not only help you achieve your goals and glimpse into the life of international students but also provide daily study abroad opportunities, updates, and bust some myths that deter you from launching your careers to new heights.

Leverage App Community

Find Right Fit Courses with Our Exclusive AI Course Finder

The exclusive feature of finding the right fit course for your academic profile is available on the Leverage App. To help you get one step closer to your dream university, our AI Course Finder shortlists the universities into three categories – Safe, Reach and Dream Universities to help you plan your journey. Safe Universities are categorised as the easiest universities to get into, Reach Universities are the ones where you can get admission by working a little more on your application, while Dream Universities are the best ones for your profile! These universities are shortlisted based on the plethora of information provided by you regarding your academic scores, level of education, and dream destination.

Get Test Ready with Leverage Live

Studying abroad is not just limited to selecting universities; it also requires you to prepare for multiple exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc. These exams are mandatory and a great way to leverage your application to get closer to your dream university. Leverage Live helps enable this by providing preparatory classes for popular competitive exams, interactive online classes with industry experts, one-on-one personalised sessions and a wealth of preparatory tools and resources to help you crack your exams.

Let us Take Care of Your Finances!

Once you have your acceptance letter, it’s time to think about flying abroad to your university and those dreaded exchange rates, multiple bank visits and whopping hidden costs. To save you from high rates and menial bank visits, Leverage Finance offers the best exchange rates in the market, complete transparency and instant payments without the tedious paperwork. All you have to do is log in on Leverage Finance, create an account, add your recipient and transfer money anywhere in the world using popular payment gateways like UPI, Netbanking and Debit Cards.

Other Valuable Resources

One of the biggest challenges an Indian student faces while planning their educational journey abroad is not the lack of financial means rather it’s the lack of knowledge and systematic information. Our mission is to burst all misconceptions and myths about studying abroad. We do so by providing you unhindered access to free guides on different countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA, video repositories on trending educational topics, 8000+ blogs on countries, careers, courses, universities, and how-to guides in different languages. 

What are you waiting for? Download the Leverage App and kickstart your journey to your dream university with just a smartphone!