Eric Bluemink Scholarship 2023

The Eric Bluemink Scholarship 2023 is a prestigious opportunity for high school students with an outstanding academic record and demonstrated leadership abilities. The scholarship is awarded to a select few of the most promising students who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and intellectual curiosity. It is a highly competitive award, with successful candidates receiving a generous financial award that can be used toward tuition, housing, and other educational expenses. This scholarship provides recipients with the opportunity to pursue their education and create a lasting impact in their chosen field.

The University of Groningen is a leading public research university in the city of Groningen, Netherlands. This university provides a lot of scholarship and funding opportunities to talented international students from developing countries. One such scholarship program is the Eric Bluemink scholarship which is a fully-funded scholarship financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. International students who are planning to pursue postgraduate courses from Netherlands are eligible for this scholarship. Let’s explore everything you need to know about Eric Bluemink scholarship with the application process, eligibility criteria and more!


Name of the Scholarship Eric Bluemink Scholarship
Offered by  University of Groningen 
Applicable on Master’s degree (1 to 2 years)
Language  English 
Countries  All developing countries 
Number of Awards Limited
Selection  Nomination
Nominations Announced  February 2023

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About the Eric Bluemink Scholarship 

The Eric Bluemink scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship offered to the students who have been accepted to the 1-year or 2-years master’s programs at the University of Groningen. It is offered by the University of Groningen to support international students who do not have any other sources of financing their study abroad dream.  Students from the below list of countries can apply for the Eric Bluemink scholarship:-

Afghanistan Guinea-Bissau Sao Tome and Principe Ghana
Angola Haiti Senegal Honduras
Bangladesh Kiribati Sierra Leone India
Benin Laos Solomon Islands Indonesia
Bhutan Lesotho Somalia Kosovo
Faso Liberia Sudan Korea (Dem Rep)
Burundi Madagascar Congo (Dem Rep) Kyrgyzstan
Cambodia Malawi South Sudan Moldova
Chad Mali Central African Republic Mongolia
Comoros Mauritania Zambia Morocco
Djibouti Mozambique Armenia Nigeria
Equatorial Guinea Myanmar Bolivia Vietnam
Eritrea Nepal Cape Verde Uzbekistan
Ethiopia Niger Congo (Rep) Ukraine
Gambia Rwanda El Salvador

Note: Eric Bluemink Scholarship is available for all master’s programs at the University of Groningen like MSc, MA, LLM, etc.

Grant Details of Eric Bluemink Scholarship

The value of this scholarship offered to each student can be different depending upon their course. The number of awards announced under this scholarship is undecided yet limited. Under the Eric Bluemink scholarship, you will be awarded a fully-funded scholarship that will cover the following expenses for you:

  • Tuition fee
  • Cost of International travel
  • Subsistence (minimum cost of living)
  • Books
  • Health insurance 


Wondering if you are eligible for this scholarship? Here are all the eligibility requirements to be fulfilled by applicants:

  • Have been offered a provisional or unconditional offer letter by the University of Groningen.
  • Are enrolled in the coming semester for a master’s program (1-2 years) at the University of Groningen.
  • Obtained high grades in your bachelor’s degree. 
  • Good score in IELTS/TOEFL
  • Will attend the entire master’s program.  
  • Have no other means of financing your study.

Application Process for Eric Bluemink Scholarship

There is no application process for the student when it comes to this scholarship. You have to ensure that you submit your application for the master’s program by the 1st of December. The admission committee will review your application and send you an offer letter if your profile fits the university’ expectations. The university itself nominates the candidates for the this scholarship instead of the student applying for it. If you are being nominated for the same, the University will let you know by February.  

Key Dates 

  • You must submit your application for a full-time master’s program at the University of Groningen by the 1st of December to be eligible to be nominated for the Eric Bluemink scholarship
  • In the February of 2023, the University of Groningen will announce which future international students have the nominated for the Eric Blumink Scholarship

Terms and Conditions

The rules for the Eric Bluemink scholarship are simple and easy to follow. The University of Groningen believes that scholarships should release the student from financial stress and not add to it.

  • You have to be enrolled in a 1-year or 2-year master’s program full-time.
  • You must be available for the entire program and attend all lectures.
  • You cannot use the fund for anything other than the expenses mentioned above like tuition fees, international travel, books, etc.
  • You have to maintain good grades throughout your master’s program.

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