Germany Study Visa

Germany is an attractive destination for international students due to its world-class education system, vibrant culture and job opportunities. A Germany Study Visa will give you the opportunity to study in the country with some of the best educational institutions in the world. With a German Study visa, you will be able to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage, gain insight into the German way of life, and learn the language. With a valid visa, you can also work while you study and gain valuable work experience. The German Study Visa will provide you with the opportunity to make the most of your time in Germany and can open up a world of possibilities.

Germany is a place for opportunities, world-class education infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities To study or work in the country, students require a German Student Visa. With the aim of offering free education in Germany through award-winning faculty, many German universities have etched their name on the list like that of QS, Times Higher Education, etc. Further, you can also explore the DAAD scholarship to study in a country that is counted amongst the best education system in the world. But, to pursue courses in the nation of scholars, having a German student visa is necessary. So, If you are planning to study in Germany then here is a blog that will elucidate the process of obtaining a German study visa.

Latest Update

Germany has opened slots for student visa appointment from 1st November. Read more.

Why Study In Germany?

Study in Germany for Free

Germany Study Visa: Types & Requirements

Be it enrolling in a language program or for pursuing master’s courses in Germany, it is important to have a study visa. Majorly, there are 2 types of visas: NATIONAL and SCHENGEN [duration – 3 months to 1 year]. While the former is for long term programs, the latter is for those who wish to study short term courses like a language program. Tabulated below are the subcategories of the National visa:

German Study Visa Type Duration
Language Course Visa 3 months-1 year
Student Applicant Visa 3-6 months

For those who haven’t received a formal admission letter/have to appear for a university entrance exam.

Student Visa Only those students can apply for this visa who have received their admission letter

German Student Visa Document Checklist

To prove that you meet the eligibility criteria to acquire the Germany study visa, you will be required to furnish a list of documents that verify you on various grounds to ensure that you get the hassle-free entry into Germany. Glance through the following list to understand it better:

Visa Application Documents 1. Properly Filled Visa Application Form
2. Valid Passport
3. Birth Certificate
4. Previous Visa and German Residence Permit (if applicable)
5. Proof of German-language Proficiency (if studying in German)
Proof of Financial Resources 1. Minimum of €10,236 or 815000 INR in your Bank account.
2. Letter of commitment or record of your parent’s income and financial assets.
3. Scholarship certificate with the breakdown of costs it covers.
4. In case a German resident sponsors your education, you need to provide the letter of commitment from the resident.
Proof of University Admission 1. Acceptance Letter from the concerned university.
2. Letter from “Uni-Assist”
3 Proof of having paid for the language course (for at least 3 months).
Previous Education Proof 1. Original School Leaving Certificate
2. Degree Certificate

Germany Student Visa Checklist

Application Process

As soon as you receive the acceptance letter from the university, you should begin the process of applying for a German Study Visa. Here is a step by step application process you need to follow to get a visa issued:

Step 1: Visit the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country, submit the applications, and book an appointment.

Step 2: Once your appointment is fixed, the embassy will directly call you for an interview. You need to carry the required documents and will be required to prove your financial stability, academic record, nationality, etc to meet the eligibility for the student visa.

Step 3: The final stage of the process is to appear for an interview. It is important to note that the processing time for the visa is around 25 days and can take a little longer based on various parameters.

Germany Visa Fees

Type of Visa Duration Cost
National Visa  90 days and more 75 EUR [6,200 INR]
Schengen Visa Up to 90 days 80 EUR [7088 INR]

When to Apply?

Wondering about the right time to apply for the student visa? As soon as applicants have received the offer letter from the university they can apply for a German student visa. Your study visa can be extended after some time based on your requirements. You have to provide proof of financial resources and scholarships. The processing time depends upon the embassy you have applied at. The German visa application takes up to 25 days to 3 months in processing.

German Student Visa Success Rate

When students are planning to study in Germany or any other country, it is important to know that the Visa application process is not easy. Authorities also declined the study visa of various applicants. There are many reasons a visa application is declined, it can be incomplete documents, academic background such as low scores, or not able to clear the student visa personal interview round. The success rate of German student visas is better as compared to the USA, UK. Almost 92% of students are able to get a German study visa. The experts at Leverage Edu can help you get a hassle-free German visa. From the application process to help in selecting the best courses. 

How to Book a Visa Appointment at German Embassy New Delhi?

Applicants can visit the official website to book a visa appointment at the German Embassy in New Delhi. All student-visa applicants are required to fill up a particular application form for their visa applications. Applicants can apply for the visa, fill out a form and book the visa appointment slot and you can check the status of your application through the online portal. Similarly, there are German consultants in different states such as Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai. 

German Student Visa Processing Time

The German visa processing time for a German student visa is 25 days. The processing time depends on the country and the Embassy. German Embassy can take up to 6-12 weeks, with the longest processing time being 3 months. Due to increased demand, there are lesser slots available for visa applicants which can be another cause for delay.

IELTS Requirement for Germany Student Visa

The minimum IELTS requirement for Germany Student Visa is 6.5 band score. If your university admission has not been confirmed then the applicants must submit proof of language skills. Applicants must submit proof for proficiency in language of instruction for the study course or the preparatory course (without a preparatory language course as a rule at least B2-level in the language of instructions). 

Bank Balance required for Studying in Germany

You will have to open a blocked account soon after you get your university admission letter. This is necessary because you should be able to prove that you are capable of being financially independent financially, at least during the first year of your studies in Germany. The approximate amount needed in your blocked bank account before you apply for a German student visa is €10,332 (INR 8.27 Lakhs). You can open this bank account from your home country too.

COVID Requirements for Studying in Germany

All tranvellers above the age of 12 are required to submit to any of the following tests and requirements:

  • a negative COVID-19 test result;
  • proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination;
  • proof of recovery from an infection

People traveling from high-risk countries are required to quarantine for 10 days and more. India is not marked as a high-risk country in Germany and travelers can visit the country without a period of quarantine. Additionally, If you were vaccinated with Covidshield, please note that your vaccination certificate must contain your passport number or date of birth. Reference to the Aadhaar number is not sufficient.

People vaccinated with Covaxin or any other vaccine not recognized by the Paul Ehrlich Institute have to carry a negative PCR test report which is not older than 72 hours on entry in Germany.

Working in Germany With Student Visa

One of the benefits of a German Study Visa is that you can work while you study. A German Student visa allows students to work for upto 20 hours a week. Calculating 20 hours in a week equals 120 full days or 240 half days each year. Students that are working in german universities as research assistants don’t have a time limitation.

German Student Visa for Dependents

Spouses and children of the German students may be permitted to reside in the country while they study. However, this is conditional. The conditions include having enough financing and living space. The German embassy decides on these cases on an individual basis. A special consideration may be given to your case only if you are able to effectively explain your situation to the Consulate.

Top 10 German Universities

German Universities offer courses at no to every minimal cost to their students. You can be a part of a world-class institution without burning a hole in your pockets. Here are the top 10 universities if you are planning to study in Germany:

Name of the University Global Rank Country Rank
Technical University of Munich 55 1
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 63 2
Heidelberg University 66 3
Humboldt University of Berlin =120 4
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 124 5
The Free University of Berlin =130 6
RWTH Aachen University 138 7
Technical University of Berlin 147 8
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen =169 =9
University of Freiburg =169 =9

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