Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

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If you’re ready to buy your dream home or want to refinance your current home, you probably know that one of the most useful veterans is a VA mortgage loan. With this type of VA loan, there is no down payment or private mortgage insurance. But what if you have bad credit?

Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

You may have concerns about your credit score and wonder how healthy it needs to be to qualify for your VA mortgage. Whatever your score, don’t lose heart: it’s a snapshot of a moment, nothing more. There’s a lot to consider when determining your overall credit score and whether you get your Certificate of Eligibility: We’ll walk you through some of the most common mistakes that lead to lower credit scores, along with the outlook for getting approved for a VA mortgage loan with a lower credit score. Keep reading.

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Knowing your credit score is a great first step towards qualifying for any type of mortgage. If you’ve been rejected for a conventional loan in the past or have reason to believe your credit score is less than stellar, the first thing to do is take stock of the situation. Once you have your credit report in hand, review it carefully for any errors that may lower your score. Once you know what makes your score lower than you want, you can take appropriate steps to raise your score and make yourself a more attractive candidate to a lender for any type of credit, including a VA mortgage loan.

The short answer is that it is possible, but there are many different factors to consider. The first step is to define what you mean when you say “bad credit.” Credit scores exist on a continuum, so while very few credit scores are perfect, there is a wide range of what people might mean by “bad credit.”

In general, the VA loan program does not have specific credit score requirements or a required minimum credit score – it simply specifies that any VA borrower must present a satisfactory loan risk, so this means that a VA loan specialist will look at many factors different when reviewing your loan application, not just your credit score.

However, in the end, the VA is not the entity that actually lends you the money for your mortgage. VA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and while the VA loan program may insure a portion of the loan, the VA-approved mortgage lender is putting up the funds. They will still be in trouble if you default on your loan. That said, the VA loan program recognizes that active duty and retired military personnel may face financial challenges that civilian borrowers do not, so it is prepared to offer loans for lower credit scores.

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Requirement for approval of a mortgage loan. You can certainly have some blemishes on your credit report and still get a score of 660. In some cases, you may even have survived a bankruptcy or foreclosure and still be able to reach this minimum credit score. On average, VA borrowers have slightly lower credit scores than most borrowers for a conventional loan – 709 versus 730-750, respectively.

In addition to your credit score, the lender for a VA mortgage loan will consider several other factors, including your rent and mortgage payment history, the most recent 12 months of monthly payments, and the most recent two years of monthly payments after bankruptcy. or foreclosure. If you have a healthy income, a solid work history, and enough savings to pay a few months of your new mortgage payment, you’re probably in good shape for loan approval.

There are several key factors that credit reporting agencies consider when calculating your credit score. Here are some key mistakes that can cause your credit to plummet:

Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

Late payments are the most common reason someone might have a lower credit score. About 35% of your credit score is determined by your payment history, so every late monthly payment you make can lower your score. If you have a history of late payments, that could have a very powerful influence on your overall score, and if you’ve ever had an account go into collections, that information can stay on your credit report for up to seven years.

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To boost your score, make sure you start paying your bills on time if you aren’t already, and if you are, make sure you keep on-time payments a top priority. The longer your history of on-time payments, the higher your score. If you’re having trouble juggling all the different deadlines, try setting up automatic payments to ensure you never miss a deadline.

The amount of overall debt you carry is another key component of your credit score. Ideally, you want to show that you are only using a small portion of your credit limit. When you use credit cards to the limit, this results in a high debt-to-credit ratio, which can lead to a lower score.

As a general rule, try to keep your overall credit utilization below 30% to get the highest credit score. If you’re over that amount and can afford it, try making a payment on your credit cards twice a month instead of just once. This can help reduce your credit utilization, while also reducing the amount of interest you charge each month. If you have a balance on multiple cards, try paying off the ones closest to their limits, which helps reduce your overall credit utilization rate.

While some parts of the credit score algorithm are really difficult to influence, paying your bills on time and keeping your debt-to-credit ratio as low as possible are two huge steps you can take to improve your lower credit score.

Bad Credit? You Can Still Get A Va Loan

The downside of using too much available credit is not using any credit at all. While it may seem smart to use a debit card or cash for all transactions, not using any credit means there is no record of how you use that credit. To get approved for a home mortgage, you will need some sort of credit history and preferably a good credit history.

Fortunately, this is a simple problem to fix. You can simply apply for a small loan amount – perhaps $500-1000 – and then pay it off quickly. You can also apply for a gas station credit card or a department store card; these are generally easy to obtain and have low credit limits. Just make sure that when you use your new cards, you pay off your balance in full each month to continue building a positive credit history.

While bankruptcy can happen for other reasons, depending on your financial situation, it is generally a bad move when it comes solely to your credit score. In fact, it’s probably one of the worst things you can do. A bankruptcy filing will definitely bring down the score. Many mortgage brokers and auto loan financing companies will automatically reject a credit report with a bankruptcy. If you find yourself in a situation where it seems like bankruptcy is the best solution, you will need to slowly rebuild your credit. There is no quick fix.

Getting A Va Home Loan With Bad Credit

Unfortunately, sooner or later many credit reports will contain an error. A government report showed that up to 26% of consumers have a clerical error on their credit report that makes them appear to be at greater risk in the event of an error. You don’t want to discover an error right when you’re in the middle of getting approved for something as important as a home mortgage.

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Be sure to check the accuracy of your credit report regularly. Keep an eye out for accounts that aren’t yours, inaccurate information about your payment history or amounts owed, inaccurate name or address information, an incorrect Social Security number, or negative information that’s more than seven years old. If you discover an error, the Federal Trade Commission has a clear process for correcting it. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, creditors are obligated to correct any errors.

Once you’ve made improving your lower credit score a priority, checking your credit report regularly will let you know what kind of progress you’re making toward that goal. Seeing your progress regularly is inspiring and can help fuel even greater success. Please note that you are guaranteed one free credit report per year from each of the three reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Applying for one does nothing to hurt your credit score. If you find an error, you can request a change, and this usually provides a pretty quick fix – your score can increase quickly once the errors are changed. About 20% of people who request fixes to their credit reports see their scores increase quickly, usually in 10 to 30 days.

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