GREAT Scholarships 2022-23

Are you ready to take the next step in your academic career? The GREAT Scholarships 2022-23 offers students a unique opportunity to achieve their academic goals and make a lasting impact on their future. The scholarship provides financial assistance and support to students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential, allowing them to achieve their full potential and reach their dreams. From tuition assistance to research grants, the GREAT Scholarships 2022-23 provides a range of resources to help students realize their goals. With this scholarship, students have the chance to make a difference in their lives and the world around them.

Do you aspire to study in UK and want to pursue your higher education or post-graduation from the prestigious and honoured universities in the land of English? Welcome to the clan of thousands of students who each day wish for fulfilling this dream and we aim to help them in fulfilling their dreams. Finding the right scholarship for the same can be a difficult task but we are here to help you explore the best scholarships for Indian students to study in UK! This blog brings you a comprehensive guide on GREAT Scholarships by the British Council for Indian students, their applications in 2022-23, dates and notifications and more!


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About GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarships are jointly funded by the Great Britain Campaign of the British Government and the British Council with participating British higher education institutions. According to the British Council, students from the following countries can apply for this Scholarship:

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Turkey


Scholarship Name GREAT Scholarship
Authority British Council of India
Scholarship Amount £10,000(INR 8.16 lacs)

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GREAT Scholarships Deadlines

Here are the application deadlines for the GREAT Scholarships India 2022-23:

University Name Application Deadline
Keele University May 31, 2022
Bishop Grosseteste University March 31, 2022
Cranfield University May 1, 2022
Edinburgh Napier University May 27, 2022
Falmouth University June 1, 2022
Goldsmith, University of London May 16, 2022
Queen’s University Belfast May 31, 2022
Royal Agricultural University June 12, 2022
University of East Anglia May 31, 2022
University of Edinburgh March 31, 2022
University of Kent April 30, 2022
The University of Manchester June 1, 2022
University of Plymouth May 31, 2022
University of St. Andrews May 28, 2022
University of Southampton May 31, 2022
Glasgow Caledonian University May 1, 2022
Newcastle University May 25, 2022
University of Reading May 6, 2022
Sheffield Hallam University May 31, 2022


GREAT Scholarships offers 20 postgraduate grants from UK universities, across a variety of subjects for students from India. Each scholarship is worth a minimum of £10,000 i.e. INR 9.59 lacs towards tuition fees for a 1-year postgraduate course at a participating university.


For the 2022-2023 academic year, GREAT scholarships for postgraduate courses are being offered at the following universities in UK:

  1. Bishop Grosseteste University 
  2. Cranfield University  
  3. Edinburgh Napier University 
  4. Falmouth University 
  5. Goldsmiths, University of London 
  6. Queen’s University Belfast 
  7. Royal Agricultural University  
  8. Trinity Laban Conservatoire Music and Dance 
  9. University of East Anglia 
  10. University of Edinburgh 
  11. University of Kent  
  12. University of Manchester 
  13. University of Plymouth 
  14. University of St. Andrew’s 
  15. University of Southampton
  16. Glasgow Caledonian University  
  17. Keele University 
  18. Newcastle University  
  19. University of Reading  
  20. University of Sussex  
  21. Sheffield Hallam University

GREAT Scholarship: Participating UK Universities for Justice and Law Scholarships

Glasgow Caledonian University Keele University
Newcastle University University of Manchester
University of Reading University of Sussex
Sheffield Hallam University


In order to be eligible for the GREAT Scholarship, candidates must:

  • Be an Indian citizen.  
  • Have an undergraduate degree which will allow you to enter a postgraduate (teaching) program at a university in the UK.
  • Aiming to pursue a postgraduate degree at a UK university
  • Active on the ground with proven work experience or interest in the field.
  • Meet the English language requirement (IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE etc.) of the UK university where getting enrolled. 

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How to Apply?

Here is the complete application process you need to follow for GREAT Scholarship:

  1. Filter the Universities from the above-given list where you want to pursue your postgraduation.
  2. Know the detailed information about the grantson offer in these universities. 
  3. Apply for individual scholarships by following the instructions on each university’s grants webpage.
  4. The deadline for submitting a grant varies by university. 
  5. Each university will notify the successful and eligible scholar of the results.
  6. Scholarships will be awarded to scholars that are being selected by universities after registration. 

Selection Process

Now that you are aware of the application process for the grant, the next step is the selection process. For the applicants that have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, only those applications are moved forward to be reviewed by the  British Council grant panel or the respective university. The selected applicants are informed via mail or letter. The funding is only processed after applicants have registered in the institution for higher education.

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Applicants have to perform three responsibilities after getting a grant. Here is the list :

  1. Scholars have to perform well in both academic and extracurricular activities. Attend lectures, and tutorials regularly.
  2. Share valuable experience and promote UK higher education. Scholars have to act as an ambassador for UK higher education.
  3. Students have to attend various events such as networking events along with scholars and express views and opinions about studying in the UK so that the official authority can capture the perceptions of studying in the UK. 

On this note, we conclude our blog on GREAT Scholarships. We hope that you have all the essential information you need to apply for this grant by the British Council. If you want to pursue higher studies in the UK, our Leverage Edu experts are here to provide you with the best guidance on courses, universities, grants and further admission process. Sign up for a free session with us today!