Hani Zeini Scholarship

The Hani Zeini Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue their academic goals and make a difference in their communities. Established in 2021, the scholarship is designed to recognize and reward the academic excellence and leadership qualities of students from all backgrounds. As a result of this scholarship, students are given the chance to pursue their dreams and achieve success in their academic and professional lives. Furthermore, the scholarship provides financial aid to those who need it and encourages them to become role models in their communities.

According to the Times of India, Indian students have a student debt of almost 85,000 Crores. Courses belonging to Management, Business, Engineering and Medical domains are bound to have a higher cost, especially when you are looking for options to study abroad. Tuition fees at top business schools at top universities have been increasing in the past years. Students depend either on loans or financial aids to study at top universities across the globe. Hani Zeini Scholarship is an exclusive financial aid open for all budding entrepreneurs!

Scholarship Hani Zeini Scholarship
Type Merit-based, need-based
No. of Scholarships 1
Amount $1000 (INR 73k)
Renewability One time

Hani Zeini Scholarship

The scholarship is offered by Hani Zeini who is an accomplished entrepreneur. Zeini sees immense opportunities for businesses to change the world. His scholarship is also provided to students with enterprising and entrepreneurial goals. You can use this scholarship to reduce your tuition fee. By applying to this scholarship, you stand a chance to receive support for your business ideas. Hani Zeini aims to support students with entrepreneurial mind who are unable to finance their ideas due to the increasing cost of college tuition.


There is no specific eligibility criteria for the scholarship. You can apply for the scholarship if you are studying any course at any university around the world. But you must write an 800-word maximum essay that discusses the biggest business challenges of the 21st century and how best to navigate these challenges successfully.


The deadline for the scholarship is yet to be declared. All interested students must submit their applications to [email protected].

Application Process

In order to apply for the scholarship, you must submit certain details to the aforementioned email address. 

  • An 850-word essay that discusses the biggest business challenges of the 21st century and how best to navigate these challenges successfully.
  • On a separate page, you must submit:
    • Your full name, first and last
    • Contact number
    • Mailing address
    • EDU email address
    • High school graduation date
    • Name of the university
    • GPA (attach transcript)

The application must be submitted before the deadline. The recipient of the Hani Zeini Scholarship will be notified on the website. You must note that the recipient has one week to accept the scholarship or the award will automatically be forfeited. 

Selection Process

While the scholarship does not have any specific requirements, candidates will be selected on the basis of their potential to become business leader. Their financial needs will also be taken into consideration. 

  • The scholarship can be given to those who express an interest in starting their own business
  • Those who can make contributions to the society

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