Heforshe Impact Champion Scholarship by HKU

Among the many scholarships available for students to study in Hongkong, the University of Hongkong is the first university in the world to launch the United Nations’ HeForShe initiative on campus. HeForShe is a global solidarity movement that campaigns for gender equality and was initiated by United Nations women in which actress Emma Watson is the brand ambassador. This initiative is to establish global equality among men and boys for women, to eliminate discrimination against women from society and enable them to pursue education. 

What is the Heforshe Scholarship? 

Heforshe is a global campaign initiated by United Nations women, a global movement that is for gender equality.  To support this campaign, in 2015 HKU (The University of Hong Kong) started the Heforshe campaign on campus by providing the students with scholarships. Further HKU became the first university to establish Heforshe on campus thus setting an example for universities all around the world. The scholarship is for exceptionally talented students who want to pursue world-class education after rising above gender inequality.  HKU provides the greatest platform for students to address obstacles to social mobility that exist in less developed countries. 

About The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

The University of Hongkong is a research university for the public with virtue and wisdom as a motto. HKU offers its students an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with good faculty and infrastructure. Moreover, it also provides students with a broad range of scholarships. These scholarships are merit-based and are to support exceptionally outstanding performances of undergraduate students with one-off payments and also aim at giving a sort of financial assistance for students as tuition and living expenses.

Other Universities Involved in the Heforshe Campaign 

HeForShe Ally Scholarship 

Heforshe ally scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics every year of about $2500 or INR 185,975  to help undergraduate students. The scholarship is available to all students pursuing UG and PG courses irrespective of the programs they choose. 

University of Waterloo heforshe Impact Scholarship

The University of Waterloo is another university that supports the Heforshe campaign and provides a Heforshe scholarship. It provides more than $ 12000 or INR 892,680 each over four years to female students who want to pursue STEM, that is science, technology, engineering or mathematics. 

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To pursue heforshe scholarship at the University of Hong Kong you must understand the eligibility requirements that are:

  • Both male and female students are eligible for the scholarship.
  • You must have outstanding academic performance. 
  • You must demonstrate a commitment to achieve the objectives for heforshe as this is the criteria upon which you got the scholarship.
  • Special preferences are given to the students from less developed countries that are in health, sports, economy, etc. 

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the scholarship program is as follows:

  • Go to the official website to register for the heforshe scholarship at the University of Hongkong.
  • Write an essay demonstrating you as an ‘Impact Champion’ in your community in about 300 words. You may include the following points:
    • Why do you want to pursue your course at HKU? 
    • Briefly state about yourself, your interests, aspirations, extracurricular activities and voluntary work. 
  • Upload the essay to the official website along with the application form.
  • The consideration for Heforshe scholarship at HKU will only take place subject to scholarship availability. 

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Additional Points

  • The heforshe scholarship is provided by the external body. 
  • The value of the award covers at least the full tuition fees and the exact value is determined by the steering group.
  • There is a renewal system that is according to a value scale that is based on the academic performance of the student approved by the steering group. 
  • The students are selected based on nominations. 
  • There is an entrance type of scholarship available for new students. 
  • The scholarship also includes the travel allowances such as travel cost from their home country to HKU to study,  allowance to return home once a year, cost of returning home at the end of the studies. 


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