Here Are Things Nobody Will Tell You About Going To Study Abroad, But You Should Know

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity that can open up a world of possibilities. It can be a chance to experience a new culture, make lifelong friends, and gain valuable skills. But there are certain things that nobody will tell you about studying abroad. From the financial side of things to the cultural challenges you may face, there are some important topics that you should be aware of before embarking on your study abroad journey. Here are things nobody will tell you about going to study abroad, but you should know.

When you are preparing to begin your journey as an international student at the university of your dreams abroad, there will always be a few things that may come as a surprise, no matter how many suggestions you receive from the students’ personal blogs or your buddy who is already experiencing overseas education. In this blog, we have compiled all of the information about international education that might come as a surprise to you or that people typically avoid discussing.

Making Lifelong Memories

Things will change when you study abroad, and you will occasionally feel awfully homesick, but remember that it will be a life-changing experience. You’ll have the chance to make new friends, see new places, and discover extraordinary academic insights from eminent lecturers. 

Whatever you discover and encounter there, will stay with you always. You’ll experience incredible things while studying abroad, including challenges you face and how you overcome them, culture shock, moments of loneliness, and connections that will last a lifetime. Therefore, make the most of it and get ready for any twists.

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Avoid Making Snap Judgments

You may have an image in the mind of schools and universities based on television shows or movies. Indians have varying opinions towards universities, particularly foreign ones. When a student receives their acceptance letter from a university, they begin to daydream about all that movie stuff. But Wait!! You shouldn’t be harsh in your judgment of others like the stereotypical “Neighbour wali Aunty.” You need to improve your thinking in order to expand your horizons. Stop evaluating other people’s conduct, particularly when it comes to their attire, routines, diet, or musical tastes. Don’t impose your opinions on other people. You should abide by this saying, however, when studying overseas, you must use the utmost caution.

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Challenges? Don’t Worry; It Will Help You Become Independent

You will be forced to strengthen your independence when you are confronted with a challenge and realise that you are all alone in a new nation. You’ll become more independent if you can manage your own utilities, whether it’s to fix a bathroom faucet or to stock a grocery store that’s run out of something. You will eventually be able to fix almost anything because you will have grown accustomed to it and all of the difficulties of daily life will make you more and more independent.

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Life Won’t Change Radically

There will be days and weeks away from home that is identical to your native country’s days and weeks. Because you drastically altered your environment, you might have anticipated that your life would also significantly change. But you must realise that adjustments to new people, places, cultures, languages, academics, etc. will take time and be quite different from what you are used to in your native country. In a new environment, setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others can lead to disappointment and unexpected outcomes. You will eventually get used to your new surroundings and meet unique individuals who might become part of your network for the rest of your life. So the secret is patience.

There Won’t Be Any Limitations, But Understand Your Boundaries

You are in a completely new environment, where nobody will be able to direct your actions or tell you when to return home. Don’t be timid, and don’t stay indoors out of dread for the sake of the unfamiliar environment. But keep in mind that setting boundaries in a foreign nation are necessary. Keeping your loved ones informed of your actions, choices, and appropriate enjoyment of life will keep you out of problems at all times. You must constantly remind yourself that your new home is unlike your native land, where your  “bhai” or BFF will come to your rescue. Therefore, avoid being influenced by the “new college and foreign country ka swag” and make sensible choices instead.

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