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The Hornby Scholarship is an annual program that provides financial aid and support to individuals seeking to pursue higher education. The scholarship is made available to students in the United Kingdom who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. The Hornby Scholarship program is open to all students, regardless of their background or nationality. The selection process is competitive and highly selective, with the aim of recognizing and supporting those who have the potential to make a difference in their chosen field. The application process is straightforward and requires applicants to demonstrate their academic qualifications, financial need and personal qualities. The scholarship provides recipients with financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses and other related costs associated with studying at a higher education institution in the UK.

This renowned Hornby scholarship was founded in 1961 by the famous English Language teacher, A.S Hornby who is widely known for the development of the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary. The main vision of this scholarship is to raise the standard of English Language teaching across the world and support senior teachers, trainers, supervisors, and writers. The award ceremony is conducted at the University of Warwick to the English language teachers who wish to pursue their master’s degree in English Language Teaching. The funding covers the entire tuition fees, accommodation expenses, visa expenses, return air tickets, and approved language test costs. The scholarship has been awarded to over 500 English language teachers since its establishment. Let’s further check the eligibility criteria and other details about the beneficiary Hornby Scholarship.

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Quick Facts

Organized By The British Council
Application Deadline Nov, 2022
No. of Scholarships Provided Annually 10
Renewability Procedure One Time Payment
Scholarship Website

Eligibility Criteria for Hornby Scholarship

Candidates must verify their eligibility criteria before applying for the Hornby Scholarship:

  • The applicant must have full-time teaching or training experience of 5 years in the English language.
  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree equivalent to the same degree in the United Kingdom.
  • They should also be involved in some developmental work as a trainer or manager.
  • They should be a citizen of the country they apply from.
  • The applicant must have satisfactory scores in the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE examinations.
  • They must possess a minimum score of 6.5 GPA for English Language Examinations.
  • They must also have supervised a course in the English Language.
  • Applicants from the UK who have applied for a master’s degree program or diploma program in English are eligible to obtain financial support.

English Language Requirements

For the scholarship, three language tests are accepted:

    You must have an overall 6.5 with Writing 6.5 and Reading, Listening & Speaking 6.0
    You must have overall 92, Writing 24, Reading 22, Listening 21, and Speaking 23
  • PTE
    You must have overall 62, Writing 62 and none below 51

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Application Process for Hornby Scholarship

The application procedure includes due submission of the personal details, academic transcripts, professional and working details, references along with a supporting statement. The following requirements are elaborated below:

Personal details

The documents must include:

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Residential address
  • Contact information

Academic details

  • Name of the institution the candidate studies in
  • Transcripts of the Undergraduate degree and specialization course
  • 10+12 mark sheet
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Details about the courses which were related to the English language

Professional details

  • Name of organization the candidate worked in
  • Position of the person in the company
  • Nature of work done by the applicant
  • Dates when the applicant was employed
  • Resignation letter


The applicant must provide the following details of at least two referees who can give the candidate’s reference if shortlisted. The information should cover:

  • Referee’s name
  • Professional information
  • Email address
  • Referee’s professional relation to the candidate

Support statement

The applicant must justify why they are applying for the Hornby Scholarship in about 1,500 words. Further, the applicant has to answer the following questions:

  • Describe the current English teaching duties and the training that one has delivered?
  • Is the applicant a teacher or trainee?
  • Why does the applicant wish to study for a master’s degree at the University of Warwick?
  • What professional skills and experience would the applicant bring to the studies?
  • If the applicant is awarded the Hornby scholarship, in what way does it benefit him/her?
  • How would the applicant spread and share their learnings with English language teachers after returning to their home country?

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Selection Process

The candidates are selected on the basis of these 4 steps:

  • The Online application form – The candidates submit the online application form for an initial assessment.
  • Interview Round – The applicants are shortlisted for an interview round at the office of the British Council in their country of origin.
  • Application to the University – If the applicant is further selected in the interview, they will be invited to apply to the university for further consideration.
  • University acceptance –  once the scholarship award is confirmed,  the arrangements are made for them to join the classes in the United Kingdom.

Contact Details

For general enquiries about the scholarship, you can write to: [email protected]

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