How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

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If you want to build a passive income stream, make money while you sleep, and enjoy the internet lifestyle, consider monetizing your website with Google Adsense.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

Google Adsense is the world’s number one advertising network that allows publishers, content creators and website owners to make money by showing relevant ads to their visitors.

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Launched in 2003, Adsense is the world’s premier advertising network used by more than 3 million active websites to monetize their content.

It was one of the first advertising platforms to reward publishers for displaying ads on their sites. Nearly two decades later, it is still used by global brands and publishers like the BBC, The New York Times, Business Insider, and millions of other sites.

By adding Google Adsense to your WordPress site, you can instantly monetize your content and become part of Google’s growing community of publishers.

Getting started with Google Adsense is a simple process. If you have a Google account, you can simply sign up for Google Adsense, copy the Adsense code to your site, and start making money as soon as your site gets the Adsense team’s approval.

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Google Adsense maintains its value to advertisers and brands due to its strict quality control of publisher sites. Your site needs to publish original, accurate and high-quality content to become an Adsense publisher. Adsense moderators are quick to reject low-quality sites and any publishers from niches like gambling and pornography.

When it first started, Adsense used to display ads based on page content. But over the years, it has evolved into a smart advertising platform that now displays ads according to visitors’ interests and search patterns. As a result, your visitors are more likely to click on your ads and help you make more money.

Due to Google’s credibility and strict quality controls, the world’s largest brands and advertisers use Google Ads to market their products.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

Publishers from any niche (except pornography and gambling) can make money with Google Adsense because of its seemingly unlimited number of advertisers.

How To Add Adsense To WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

You can earn anywhere from $0.2 to $15 per click as an Adsense publisher. However, most niches pay around $1-3 per click.

Once you add Google Adsense to your site, there is no limit to how much money you can earn from it. The more content you publish and the more traffic your site gets, the more money you can make from Google Adsense unit clicks on your site.

Google is primarily an advertising company. Search, Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Hangouts, and all other Google products are ways to collect user data.

Because Google has so much consumer data, it is an ideal partner for brands and advertisers who want to reach their prospects.

How To Manually Place Google Adsense Ads In WordPress

Google Adsense works together with Google Ads. Advertisers, brands and businesses use Google Ads to create advertising campaigns and select their target audience.

Google recruits publishers and content creators who want to make money by displaying ads on their sites and content through its Adsense program.

When advertisers run ad campaigns, Google displays those ads on sites and platforms registered with Google Adsense.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

Advertisers pay Google based on the number of clicks or impressions on their ads. Google applies the same model to Adsense and pays bloggers, publishers and website owners based on ad clicks generated through their content.

Best WordPress Adsense Plugins

For starters, you need access to your WordPress site’s admin panel so you can copy the Adsense code to it.

And of course, you need an approved Adsense account that you can link with your site and use to create different ad units for your content.

You don’t need any financial investment to connect Adsense with your WordPress site because Adsense is a free service.

If you have time, you can complete the entire process yourself. If not, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

How To Add Google Adsense To Your Website

If you have a Gmail account, you also have a Google Adsense account. Otherwise, you will need to register a Google account first.

On your account welcome screen, click Get Started to open the payment address details page.

Select your account type (individual), add your full name, address, and phone number, then click Submit to complete account setup.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

In this step, you have to submit the website where you want to display ads for Google Adsense approval.

How To Add Adsense To WordPress (diy Tutorial)

Download and install Advanced Ads to your WordPress site (read this guide to learn how to install the WordPress plugin).

On the next page, click Connect To Adsense to start the process of connecting your Adsense account to your WordPress site.

You will be redirected to the plugin dashboard page, but this time all the information from your Google Adsense account will be loaded in it.

To add a Google Adsense verification code to your site, enable the check box next to Verification code.

How To Add Adsense To WordPress (the Easy Way)

Advanced Ads will take the tracking code from your Google Adsense account and copy it into your site’s header code. You don’t need to change the code manually.

You will immediately get an approval email (unless your site is completely new or does not fully comply with Adsense policies).

You can also add Google Adsense code to your site manually by copying it into your site code.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

However, we don’t recommend this method because most users simply add the code to their site’s header.php file.

How To Add Google Assense To WordPress: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

There is no harm in this method if you never plan to change your website theme. But if you change the theme, you have to re-enter the code.

In WordPress, instead of pasting your code separately into each page, you can add it to your site’s header.php file because WordPress loads this file on every page of your site.

Done, you have successfully added the Adsense script to your site’s header.php file without tampering with the code directly.

If your theme has a sidebar, you can add Adsense code to your site pages using a special widget.

How To Add Google Adsense Code To Your Blog

Adsense gives you various options for creating ads and allows you to display them anywhere on your site.

In the Ads section, go to the By ad unit tab. Here, you will see three different types of ads: Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads.

Give your ad unit a name, choose an ad layout (square), and from the Ad size menu, select Responsive if you want your ad to adapt to the visitor’s device.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

Paste this code wherever you want to display ads on your site. For example, if you’re going to display this ad in your site’s sidebar, use Custom HTML the same way we did when adding the Adsense tracking code in Step 3.

Easy Steps To Add Google Adsense To Your WordPress Website

After you copy and paste the code into your site, ads may take a few minutes to appear.

You can view your ad unit statistics and edit their appearance from the Ads section of your Google Adsense account.

As I showed in this article, adding Google Adsense to your WordPress site is a fairly simple process.

However, to increase Adsense earnings, you must continuously optimize your ads by analyzing the performance of each ad unit and trying different ad types and positions on your site.

How To Add Google Adsense To WordPress Website (complete Guide)

Once you find the most suitable ad locations and types on your site, apply them to all your site pages and remove any unnecessary ad units. Firstly, through the official Google AdSense plugin, and secondly, by making simple changes to the WordPress Files (my preferred method).

The official way to add AdSense code to your WordPress site is using the Site Kit Plugin (developed by Google). Site Kit allows you to connect your WordPress site to your AdSense account and place the necessary code on your website pages.

This is the easiest way to start showing AdSense ads on your website without coding or changing your website files manually.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

In order for ads to appear on your website, you must enable Auto Ads in your AdSense account. Here’s how to do it:

Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Integrate Adsense With WordPress

Note: If you decide to use a plugin, make sure you remove any AdSense ad placements you added to your website without the plugin.

After adding the code, you will need to go back to your AdSense account and click the VERIFY button (under Site) to verify your installation.

You will also need to enable Auto Ads (as explained) above to start showing ads on your website. You can configure various options (Overlay format, In-Page Format, Excluded areas, Excluded Pages) to determine how many ads to display and other settings.

If you don’t want to use Auto-Ads and manually place ads on your website, add the code as explained above but keep the Auto-As option disabled.

Best And Easy Method For Adding Google Adsense To Your WordPress Site

You can now SAVE the widget, and within a few minutes, AdSense will start appearing on your website.

Note: You can combine Adsense code in a

, set the width to 100%, and add other styling properties to make the ad look good (see example above).

If you find the manual method confusing, go with the first option and use the official Google AdSense plugin to add ads to your WordPress blog.

How To Add Adsense Code In WordPress

Whatever the choice, it is always recommended to enable Automatic Ads to enable

WordPress Adsense Code

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