How to Get a Job in the UK as an International Student?

For international students looking to gain employment in the UK, it can be an intimidating process. With the UK’s competitive job market and the added difficulty of having to demonstrate your eligibility to work in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, with the right preparation, research and understanding of the UK job market, international students can successfully find job opportunities that meet their needs and qualifications. This guide will provide the necessary information to help international students start their job search in the UK and gain access to the UK job market.

India’s students prefer to study abroad in the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. Many of the oldest and most prominent colleges in the world are located there, providing students with a wealth of options and the finest possible preparation for the future. Getting a job in the UK as an international student is possible if you are seeking employment prospects there as well. Let’s get started.

Eligibility for International Students to Work in the UK

The UK, the sixth-largest economy in the world and home to several global commercial hubs, is the ideal place for aspiring individuals to launch their careers. Along with providing profitable opportunities, the nation also meets the demand for higher education thanks to its internationally renowned colleges. UK university students who attend UK universities are thought to graduate with the highest employable skills worldwide. Let’s first determine whether foreign students are permitted to work in the UK after completing their studies before we examine the career options there for international students.

In contrast to applying for a Tier 2 (generic) work visa to remain in the UK and find a qualifying job with an authorised employer, students apply for a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. A candidate must submit a Tier 1 visa application if one of their goals is to launch a business in the UK. However, they still have five years before their work visa expires, which they can utilise to establish their future and make plans to remain in the UK permanently.

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Let’s look at the demanding courses, popular job profiles and salaries that students typically get in the UK-

Name of the Course Popular Job Profile Average Annual Salary
Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Product Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Project Engineer GBP 60,000(INR 59.09 Lakh)
MBA, Marketing, Marketing and Sales, MSc Strategic Marketing Marketing Manager, Sales Professional, Project Manager,  GBP 79,000(INR 77.80 Lakh)
BSc Medicine, MPH, Nursing Physicians, Public Health Consultants, Nurses GBP 150,000(INR 1.47 Cr)
MSc Finance, MSc Accounting, MSc Banking and Finance, MBA, MA Economics Financial Analyst, Accounts Manager, Investment Banker GBP 73,000(INR 71.89 Lakh)
MSc Advanced Computer Science, MSc Cyber Security, MSc Software Engineering Software Developer, IT Manager, Systems Security Analyst GBP 70,000(INR 68.94 Lakh)
LLM in International Business and Law, LLM in International Financial and Commercial Law Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Legal Consultant GBP 85,000(INR 83.71 Lakh)

Top Recruiters in UK

Google Microsoft IBM EY Barclays
Apple SAP Allen & Overy Unilever Smith and Williamson
Meta KPMG Mindshare JP Morgan Tesco
PWC Deloitte Adobe GlaxoSmithKline Merkle
Salesforce Cognizant American Express Bloomberg AKQA

Top UK Universities’ Employment Statistics

The candidate’s prospects for the future and employment are improved by graduating from some of the best colleges. Indeed, the university that a student attends often affects their employment prospects. Let’s take a look at the employment statistics of some of the top universities in UK.

Name of the University QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022
University of Cambridge 11
University of Oxford 7
London School of Economics and Political Science 48
University of Warwick 77
University of Manchester  42
Imperial College London 30

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How To Connect with Recruiters?

  • Career and Job Fairs
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Newspapers
  • Job Boards- LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Reeds, and Adzuna 

After receiving a degree, prospects of finding employment in the UK are affected by several variables, including education level, talents, industry, etc. Finding a satisfying job will be difficult given the fierce competition among job searchers in a global market like the UK. However, many employment alternatives are available to students pursuing the top courses in the UK, so your options are not constrained. Contact our Leverage Edu consultants to learn more about study abroad.