How To Get Into Acting In La

How To Get Into Acting In La

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Careers in the entertainment industry can be mysterious to those who are just starting out, and even to those who have worked in the business.

How To Get Into Acting In La

How To Get Into Acting In La

Actor Randall Park said that when he first decided in the early 2000s that he wanted to move to Hollywood, people would tell him to go to the Samuel French Film & Theater Bookshop.

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He said, “If you were an actor in Los Angeles, this is where you’d go to get any information.”

1st Samuel French L.A. The store was established in Downtown in 1929 and moved to Hollywood in 1947. By the 1970s, its L.A. The operation sold and licensed plays in the region.

But eventually, the shop also provided resources for people interested in pursuing a career in Hollywood. It sold books of plays that actors could use for audition monologues; biographies of entertainment personalities; How-to guides on various aspects of filmmaking; And lists of agents and casting and production companies.

Former general manager Joyce Mehes, who worked at Samuel French from 1991 until its closing two years ago, remembers visiting the store before Parks became famous. She said that she feels very happy whenever she sees him on her television screen.

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“A lot of people thought we were an agency,” Mehes said. “And we’ll say, ‘No, we’re an information center. I can give you a list. I can give you a play that might suit your type, and you can research it from there. You can certainly ask questions; I’ll be at my desk. And maybe a big star will pass by and inspire you.”

Providing inspiration and community was Mehes’ mission for the store. It wasn’t just about selling books, it was about encouraging nervous newcomers to make phone calls, to take advantage of those opportunities.

But Samuel French closed in March 2019. Concord Music acquired it as part of the company’s entry into the theatre. At that time, a petition trying to save the bookstore gathered nearly 8,000 signatures. The place has been vacant for the last two years.

How To Get Into Acting In La

Although there are many resources online, she said it is sometimes difficult for newcomers to find the right resource.

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Here at the Los Angeles Times, we want to be your new destination for that kind of information.

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Nicole Lemoine, left, Alex Mason and their son, Xavier, relax outside their ADU rental, just steps from their 1923 bungalow.

The term accessory dwelling unit may evoke images of granny shacks inhabited by aging parents, sleek prefab backyard units that keep family close, or converted garage rentals that provide supplemental income.

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For professional actors Alex Mason and Nicole Lemoine, it’s the latter image that tells their ADU story. In L.A.’s expensive housing market, rental income from their recently constructed studio could provide the freelancer couple with the financial boost they need if they ever move forward with plans to buy a larger home.

“It’s a hassle for us to qualify for any type of financial mortgage,” said Mason, who met Nicole at a Jeep owners convention in Santa Barbara in 2004. (They married in 2011.) “So if we ever want a home that’s a little bigger, having an income-producing ADU is a long-term benefit. We can qualify for a mortgage once we have two years of income on the ADU.

The couple, who are in their 40s, love their 1923 mid-city bungalow, located not far from the 10 Freeway. But after living there for a decade, Mason and Lemoine were ready to update their 900-square-foot home, which they share with their 7-year-old son, Xavier.

How To Get Into Acting In La

They started with a bathroom remodel, which led to a kitchen remodel and an ADU. “We figured if we’re going to do a bathroom, we might as well do a kitchen,” Mason said.

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Knowing they would need a place to live during construction, the couple set their sights on a one-car garage in their backyard.

Mason, who studied architecture at UCLA, investigated the possibility of converting the garage into an ADU to see what kind of return on investment he could get.

He describes it as a light-bulb moment. “I thought this is what we should do,” he said. “I researched what it would cost versus what value it would add to our home.”

L.A. Despite his experience designing bars and restaurants in the U.S., Mason knew he did not want to act as the general contractor on his housing project.

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Elizabeth Hirshhorn moves out of Brentwood Airbnb after 570 rent-free days. She said she has the right to live

Elizabeth Hirschhorn, who rented a Brentwood guesthouse on Airbnb and stayed 570 days without paying rent, moved in Friday. He said he has the right to live.

“I’ve done it, and I’m not good at negotiating,” Mason said. “It would have made the experience horrible for me, my wife and our son. Our quality of life would have been affected.”

How To Get Into Acting In La

After interviewing with three companies in 2019, the couple hired Los Angeles-based Otto Adu because they liked the company’s finishes.

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The clean kitchen and living room are visible as you enter the ADU. The bedroom is on the left.

The couple had hoped to install a one-bedroom unit with a full kitchen, but ultimately chose a studio with a kitchen due to their local needs.

That meant making a tough choice in the kitchen: giving up the oven. “I love to cook and bake and I thought a long-term tenant would value an oven,” Mason said, “but we thought a dishwasher would be more valuable.”

Working together, the couple and Otto’s designers created plans that reflected the style and siding of 1920s bungalows. Although they didn’t exactly match the blue exterior, they installed a modern interpretation of cement board siding in the same color scheme. “It looks like what the garage looked like and fits in with the property,” Mason said.

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To get an idea of ​​the timeline, the couple signed a building contract on December 21, 2021, which locked them in at an estimated cost of $180,000 when Otto offered a price guarantee before the COVID-19 pandemic. Mason and Nicole helped finance the ADU with a cash-out refinance, which took six months and $40,000 through the CalHFA ADU Grant, a state program administered through the nonprofit HPP Cares and targeted at low and moderate Designed to help California homeowners with income build an ADU. ,

Prices of building materials soared during the pandemic, and Otto representatives said a similar ADU would cost about $220,000 today, depending on the finishes.

However, Mason and Nicole’s 300-square-foot one-car garage was in terrible condition, so Otto tore it down and rebuilt it within the same footprint. (By keeping a foot of the existing wall, the couple can get the house permitted as a garage conversion, saving money on permit fees.)

How To Get Into Acting In La

Working with Otto ADU, the couple tore down the garage and replaced it with an ADU in the same footprint. (Maria Togger/Los Angeles Times)

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In some instances, it’s better to demolish a decades-old garage with foundation problems rather than convert it into an ADU, said Sean Phillips, founder of Otto.

Phillips said, “Converting a garage is a great way to build an affordable ADU with the added benefit of preserving yard space by adhering to existing setbacks, especially if the garage is already located within four feet of the property line. ” “However, the feasibility of converting a garage largely depends on its structural integrity. In some cases, it may be more practical and cost-effective to demolish and rebuild a deteriorating structure rather than renovate it.

Homeowners and architects share some lessons learned in building an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, on single-family lots in Los Angeles.

After months of collaborating on the design with Otto, Mason and Nicole learned that the road to construction would be rocky. When they were forced to demolish the garage, their contractor quit and they had to find a new garage. He took a three-month break to learn how to add solar energy as required by California’s energy efficiency standards Title 24. Since the smallest system would have been too large for an ADU, they installed solar panels on the main house instead.

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“We now have solar power for our house, our ADU, and we can charge two electric cars and use the AC,” Mason said. “We make a lot of energy in our house.”

With two homes on a small 3,500-square-foot lot, the 300-square-foot ADU was designed to ensure privacy when the couple eventually rents it out long-term.

“It’s always a balance between letting in light and creating privacy for the neighbors,” Phillips said of the many windows that create an airy feel inside the ADU.

How To Get Into Acting In La

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