How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store – Here at, we’re all about helping our readers manage their entrepreneurial endeavors, whether you’re a budding fashion designer, an aspiring luxury boutique owner, or a future music mogul. There’s nothing better than being your own boss, but most importantly there’s nothing like owning your own business, especially if that business is something you’re passionate about.

We’ve reported on the pros and cons of the sneaker resale market, even highlighting 16-year-old “Benjamin Kickz” Kapelushnik, aka “The Sneaker Don” as an example of someone who’s been successful in the field. Now we’re turning our focus to those who have chosen the path to opening their own sneaker consignment stores. By speaking to them, we hope to reveal what is required for such a business venture. More importantly, as owners, we want to know how they remain consistent in terms of attracting revenue, while at the same time ensuring inventory is always available – they come from a non-traditional retail business model after all.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

Since sneaker consignment shops can be found in almost every city, we have chosen some of our favorites and given the owners this platform to share their stories and advice. We tapped Tony Chen from Soled Out in Jersey City, New Jersey; Derek Lew of Sole Supremacy in Newark, California; Chris Kindig from Suplex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; folks (Perry Shum, and colleagues Shu Cheng and Gregory Lam) from IMAGE in Flushing, Queens, New York; and Terrance Ricketts and Mike Nguyen from Index in Portland, Oregon.

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I did retail for about a decade. I decided to put myself in a position to take over our family business buying property and renting them out. I went to school for HVAC (heating, ventilating / ventilation and air conditioning) to be able to maintain rental properties. I worked in that field for about three months, then I was released.

I worked for Sprint as a sales associate and was actually the number one sales person in the country for three years straight.

We all came from different professions before opening up IMAGE – Shu did distribution for an electronics company, I worked as an analyst for the Department of Commerce, and Greg managed and ran a fast food establishment.

Mike: We both go to school. I was working on my degree in business and Terrance was working on his degree in film. At that time, we kind of stumbled into sending and selling sneakers, helping our friends sell sneakers and we sold sneakers as a way to get the kick we wanted.

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After being laid off from my HVAC job for just three months, I decided it was time to turn something I was doing as a hobby into a career. I want to be proud of what I do. I want to be able to work my ass out without having to kiss anyone’s ass to move up and succeed. I then realized I wanted to open my own business.

It’s hard to say because I never planned it. When I left Sprint, I started selling my personal collection to supplement my income, and from doing so I realized I could make a profit selling my shoes. I then created my own blog and site to sell. I sold it on eBay and then two years later, my best friend lost his job and we agreed to open up a physical store.

A defining moment was the first time I went to Flight Club in New York¬†like eight years ago. I can’t believe the number of people and foot traffic coming in and out, and everyone is buying!

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

Selling sneakers is a business we do to help make extra money to help our own personal collection. The opportunity came up when we were offered a prime location in the heart of Flushing, Queens. It’s something we talk about a lot in high school and something we feel is needed in the area.

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Terrance: When I lived in California for school, I was inspired by the culture here. I go to places like Fairfax, Undefeated on La Brea, and the surrounding stores in the area, and all the consignment stores in LA. Rif in Los Angeles is probably one of the biggest inspirations. I will consign with them and definitely inspired by the way Ed and Jeff run their business. good people! Shout out to Rif! Mikey was the one who was brought up to open the consignment shop. We both thought that, but Mikey, he had a vision. At that point, we decided that we should make a little trip to NYC. That trip just confirmed what we already knew; we have to do this for Portland. NYC and LA have always had a crazy sneaker culture. Portland is known for Nike’s headquarters and adidas’ North American headquarters, but there’s never been a place for the sneaker community to meet at all levels.

Mike: We were both born and raised in Portland. So when the opportunity presented itself to do something for our city, sneaker culture, and our love, we knew we had to run for it. Terrance moved back to Portland and we started planning.

How do you fund your passion project? Can you give us a ballpark figure of your capital or initial investment?

I saved up money from the retail industry and reselling. I had about $40,000 USD in the bank and a good amount of shoes from my personal collection that I was willing to part with and get my foot in the door. I had one problem: most of my stock when I first opened was size 8 to 8.5 and it took three to four months to get another shoe size. Fortunately, the overhead for a consignment based store is on the lower end compared to a contract with Nike or adidas.

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I looked for investors, friends and family, a loan from the bank, and they all said no. I know it will work, but not everyone shares the same vision. Finally an old college friend called me and asked if he could put up the money, so $50,000 USD later we were in business. It is important to put everything you make early on back into the business, so you always put money into it. There are always things that happen that you don’t see coming, but that’s business and you have to be prepared for it. I would say $50,000 USD is a safe start and anything above that number will be great ready for the wave.

We fund our store with the money we save from selling part of our personal sneaker collection and the money we save working from the day job before this. Shu even sold his car at the time so we would have more money to buy inventory. Our initial capital is around $50,000 USD, but note that we are in a small location, recently renovated and don’t have much construction to do.

Terrance: Luckily, we had a friend who wanted to ship with us before our store opened. We definitely spend our own money on initial inventory for our store.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Store

I have a property and my parents just worked out that a place was empty for two months, so I had the opportunity to do something with it. It wasn’t the right environment for a sneaker consignment boutique, but it was a step towards building a clientele and making a brand for myself. The space I started with was only 200 square feet so I had to build everything around the shop to provide storage space. I had that location for two and a half years, but outgrew it in six months and had to rent a storage unit. It was a struggle but I made it, and now I’m in Jersey City with a place that has 1300 sq. Most importantly, I have back room for store stock.

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For us it doesn’t really matter. I started in 2007 and we opened our store in 2010 and social media then was not what it is now so we chose an area close to where we live and where rent is not as big a risk as in the main city. We kind of went with it

Location is everything. It is important to be in a place with good foot traffic that also conforms with your target demographic. I put money down to hold the space we have now on South Street before we got the loan to open. I know it’s very important to have a location, then I think the rest will fall into place. South Street is a tourist spot that has great food, a bunch of clothing stores, and sneaker shops for more retail. Retail stores work for us because they bring customers in for all the big releases and when they find what they want.

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