How to Use a Course Finder?

Are you planning to study abroad, but confused about where to begin? With so many decisions to make, from choosing the right course to the dream country and several study abroad scholarship opportunities, you’re definitely not the only one! Here we bring you Leverage Edu’s exclusive AI Course Finder tool to help you browse through the best courses of your interests! Read on to know more about our AI-based Course Finder and how to use it to locate the best courses and universities for you!

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What is a Course Finder? 

A course finder is a tool created by Artificial Intelligence that aims to help students worldwide tailor their study abroad plans. With thousands of universities worldwide, a course finder can often be one of the first steps for students to figure out their study path and gain a sense of direction. A course finder makes students input their academic and extracurricular profiles and filters the best universities for them depending on their student profile. 

How is a Course Finder Useful? 

Previously, the only way for students to obtain information about universities, personally or with the help of an expert, was to read through the brochures, promotional material, intake statistics and various sources of information to determine which universities they would like to attend and they have a higher probability of success in. Due to the concept of course finder, students and experts can depend on this artificial intelligence tool to save hours of research. 

How to Use Leverage Edu’s AI Course Finder?

There are multiple platforms online on which you can use the course finder tool. We will take the example of Leverage Edu’s AI-based course finder to know more about how it works. 

Step 1. Add your Requirements

It requires you to fill in the following data to help determine the best university for you: 

Step 2: Select the Study Destination

Students may have specific preconceived preferences for countries where they wish to study:

Step 3: Select the Level of Education

The Leverage Edu course finder asks you if you’re looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, master or MBA course. 

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Step 4: Add your Highest Education Level

Different courses have specific eligibility criteria for students looking to pursue them. The highest education level has to be fed into the course finder. For example, a Grade 12 or Undergraduate Diploma is needed for a Bachelor’s Degree, Undergraduate degree, Undergraduate diploma, Postgraduate degree or Postgraduate diploma is necessary for a Masters Degree. 

Step 5: Add Work Experience

This question in the Leverage Edu course finder is specifically for MBA. An MBA aspirant planning to study abroad requires a minimal level of work experience. If you do not have work experience or the minimal level of work experience is lower than the eligibility criteria for MBA, the course finder lets you know that you should explore other Degree paths. 

Step 6: Add Expected or Gained Percentage

Depending on your highest level of education, the course finder requires you to fill your expectations or the percentage you have achieved in your qualification examination. This input helps the AI-driven tool create your academic profile. 

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Step 7: Select your Major

There are various fields of study in which a student can major. It provides a list of all these fields: Management, Engineering, Law, Finance and Banking, Architecture, Humanities and Social Science, and many more. Through this feature, the course finder will provide you with universities that offer the subject in which you want to pursue a major.

Step 8: Enter your Preferred English Language Test

English proficiency test is a mandatory criterion in most study abroad universities. The details of which English proficiency tests you have appeared in or are planning to need to be given to the course finder. The English proficiency tests are mainly IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. If you have taken any of the English Language Proficiency Tests, then in that case you are required to submit your scores on the AI-based tool. Universities require a minimal level of English proficiency too. For example, most top universities like the Ivy League schools prefer a score of IELTS 7 and above, a TOEFL score of 83-120 and a PTE score of 65 and above. Your academic profile is made according to this data.

Step 9: Enter Academic Test Scores

You should appear for academic tests depending on the degree you want to pursue. For example, students appear for the ACT/SAT for an Undergraduate Degree, GRE/GMAT for a Masters Degree and an MBA degree abroad. Universities filter student applications based on the above academic test scores. The Leverage Edu course finder shall help you find universities that you can attend depending on the scores you have achieved—making the search process a lot easier! 

Other Options

Some of the other questions that this Course finder may ask you apart from the aforementioned questions are mentioned below: 

  • Which university did you pursue your graduate studies in?
  • Do you have an internship/fellowship/work experience in your area of interest? How many months of experience (if applicable) 
  • Select Your most relevant level of Representation in any extracurricular activities?
  • Do you have experience working in an NGO or an equivalent organisation? How much experience do you have (if applicable)
  • Have you published a research paper?

Note: Internships, fellowships and work experience can be a bonus point in your profile when applying to universities abroad. Suppose you are involved in extracurricular activities or have experience in working with an NGO or equivalent organisation. In that case, the course finder will add those points to your profile to rank your probability of success in universities.

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How Does Our Course Finder Process the Data? 

After you have filled in all the data into the Leverage Edu’s course finder, based on your profile, it gives you a complete result for all the universities you can seek admission to, categorised as: 

  • Dream Universities: top-ranked universities you can seek admission in 
  • Reach Universities: just about perfect criteria based on your profile, 
  • Safe Universities: universities in which you almost surely should make the cut 

Not just that, the course finder will also list thousands of courses based on the subject you wish to major in! Making the whole process sounds like nothing short of magic. 

Additional Filters of Course Finder

Once you have all the search results in one place on the course finder, there are also numerous filters that you can apply to save your options even further. The filters on it are: 

  • Scholarship Available 
  • Tuition Fee Budget
  • Course Duration 
Find Courses That Match Your Dream Career

The course finder sounds like online shopping for educational opportunities, doesn’t it? It also lets you sort the results based on relevance, tuition fee, course duration, English proficiency score and a bunch of other amazing things. So this is everything you need to know about our AI-driven tool and how to use it. It definitely makes the tiresome process of searching for universities and courses like a cakewalk! Discover the best courses and universities abroad here at our Leverage AI course finder!

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