INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship

INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta endowed scholarship is a program offered by Mr. Deepak Gupta and his wife Mrs. Sunita Gupta. This valuable scholarship supports students for their shaping future and is applicable for students who want to pursue masters courses. 

What is the INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship?

  • INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarships provides extraordinary students financial aid who are not privileged enough to afford their studies. 
  • Moreover this initiative proves to be the support to underprivileged students and  also helps them study the MBA courses.  
  • INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta endowed scholarship has an aim of development of the students and help them create a well structured scenario.
  • Furthermore, INSEAD is actually a Business School who is providing these scholarships and helping students from less developed countries.
  • Another objective of INSEAD is helping students build human capacity and to create a sort of economic and social value in the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to pursue INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta scholarship you need to register in the MBA Program.
  • If you want to apply for the scholarship you must belong to the developing/emerging countries.
  • You must display to the authorities all verified financial needs.

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Countries Eligible for Scholarship

Only countries recognized as developing countries are involved in INSEAD scholarship, further the students from these countries only are eligible for the scholarships. 

INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship Essay

You have to write essays when you are applying for the scholarship. Given below is an example to make you prepare how it would be rest is your determination and preparation which helps you get the desired scholarship. The essays that you need to submit for INSEAD scholarships will have a word limit of about 300 words for all the questions given below:

  • Introduce yourself and include an account of your early years. You have to include your growing years from primary to secondary schools,their names too. Moreover how you were able to afford or finance your education. 
  • Describe how you envision contributing to the future development of your country/region after graduation. You may focus on your real aim and development of your region and country.
  • Give the main reason why an INSEAD MBA is relevant to your future career development. You must give an overview of what exact help will you achieve after scholarship.
  • Description of your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the year at INSEAD. You must include your situations that made you eligible for the scholarships. 
  • How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain a scholarship from INSEAD? You must mention how you would be able to pursue studies  without scholarship. 
  • Why should INSEAD consider you for a Diversity scholarship? You are required to mention all the points that supports your application to get selected. 
  • What amount do you consider appropriate? You are required to give a list of total amount as well you need to specify why do you want that amount.

You are informed please do submit a number of support documents as it is required

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Frequency, Study Length and Award Value 

INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta endowed scholarship is provided annually and the study length of the one-time scholarship amount is approximately one year. The value awarded to the selected candidates is €25,000/ INR 2,086,750. Furthermore, the scholarships provided depends on the funds available. The maximum amount awarded is INR 21,83,000/- per student. 

Application Procedure

If you want to apply for INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta endowed scholarship you need to get yourself considered on INSEAD scholarship pages and then you need to submit an application and the material required. Moreover, this is because scholarship needs an external application.

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Contributor, Study Level and Closing Date

The contributor of the scholarship is alumina and closing dates are February 11th for July class (starts in September) and August 18th for December class (starts in January) respectively. Further, the scholarship is for MBA study level. 

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