Is Study Gap Acceptable in Canada?

The question of whether study gap is acceptable in Canada is one that has been discussed among students, educators, and parents alike. Study gap is a period of time when a student takes a break from their studies, either for personal reasons or to pursue other opportunities. In Canada, the concept of study gap is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still many questions about its acceptability and potential impact on a student’s future academic and professional success. While some view it as a beneficial opportunity for students to explore their interests and gain valuable life experience, others worry that it could lead to a lack of motivation or commitment to further studies. This article will explore the pros and cons of study gap in Canada and discuss the potential implications for students and their academic and professional pursuits.

Many people believe that in order to pursue a better life and future, getting an abroad education can do wonders. Canada comes among the most sorted-after countries to study abroad. Hence, those aspirants who want to study abroad but have a study gap may be delighted to know that many universities in Canada accept study gaps. To know if the study gap is acceptable in Canada, keep reading this blog!

What is a Study Gap?

A study gap can be defined as an interval between your last certification and the present one. For example, if an aspirant has graduated in the year 2020 and wants to pursue his or her post-graduation in the year 2022, he/she will have a 3-year study gap.

Many people in our country have to take breaks in between their studies for various reasons. Be it for personal reasons or for professional development, study gaps are not uncommon in our country. Some students take a year off after finishing their 12th-grade examination or graduation. Others also take a year off following giving exams of JEE, or medical school. 

Is Study Gap Acceptable in Canada?

It is easy to overcome a Study Gap

The answer to the question ‘is study gap acceptable in Canada’ is a big yes as quite a few universities in the country accept student applications with study gaps. Those gaps that can be justified by the student and have valid explanations are accepted in Canada. 

It is common for Indian students to have study gap years due to various reasons. For example, a student may start working right after they have completed their bachelor’s. They might work for 2-3 years which can create a study gap if they now wish to pursue a master’s course in Canada. Other than this, students can also take gaps in cases where they want to prepare for entrance exams or English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

Universities in Canada accept students with gap years in case the student has taken it for acceptable reasons. The exemption period may be of a year or two and may depend on the course and university the aspirant has applied for.

Duration of Study Gap Acceptable in Canada

The allowed duration of study gap acceptable in Canada differs according to various courses as well as the university. The number of students coming from foreign countries, especially India, to Canada has been increasing with each passing year. Many of these applicants have a study gap, hence it can be said that the study gap acceptable in Canada is in fact a reality.

However, it can also be said that students having study gaps encounter numerous problems at the time of applying for a new student visa. This is normally the case if the student has a very long study gap. 

The aspirants may wonder how many years of study gap is acceptable to pursue studies in Canada. To answer this, in general, a 2-year study gap is acceptable for students who want to pursue undergraduate degrees, and a 5-year study gap is suitable for students who want to pursue postgraduate studies. The students are however requested to check with the university or college website for the exact acceptability.

Universities that Accept Study Gap in Canada

There are many universities that accept study gaps. A few of them are as follows

  1. Humber College
  2. Centennial College
  3. Seneca College
  4. Royal Roads University, British Columbia

Acceptable Reasons for Study Gap in Canada

There are several acceptable reasons that can allow students to study in Canada. A few reasons that make the study gap acceptable in Canada are as follows:

  1. Family issues – These are some of the topmost and the most acceptable reasons why students take study gaps. Such a reason is pretty considerable for educational institutions since it is not a negligible issue.
  2. Work Experience – Another topmost and the most acceptable reason why students take study gaps is to gain work experience. Many students prefer to work after their graduation which helps them to achieve professional growth. Thus, this is another reason accepted by colleges in Canada. The aspirants may have to submit payslips and experience letters during the time of admission.
  3. Medical Issues – Many students may face problems with their health or may face accidents that can make them stagnant for a year or two. Hence, this type of study gap is also accepted by Canadian colleges. The student may need to provide valid medical certificates.
  4. Entrance Exams – Many students take study gaps to prepare for competitive exams. This may take up a whole year or even more. Hence, this can be another reason that is acceptable by universities in Canada. 
  5. Finances – Monetary issues can be another reason why students have to take a gap year. Many students cannot afford abroad fees as it is costlier than studying in India. After applying for a student loan, or even getting admission, the aspirant may have to wait for a year in order to be able to show proof of funding which is a mandatory requirement. 

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