ISA Youth Scholarship Program

The ISA Youth Scholarship Program is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their college educations. It provides financial assistance to help young people pursue their educational dreams. The program awards up to $1000 per year for four years of college tuition, books, and other educational expenses. Students can apply for the scholarship at any point during their high school career, with the potential to receive funding for up to four years of college. Through this program, students can gain access to higher education, no matter their financial situation.

A prominent one amongst international sports scholarships, the ISA Youth Scholarship Program was launched in 2007 for surfing athletes under 18 and has awarded over $308,500 to facilitate financial support and assistance for education and surfing career more than 300 surfers. Offered by the prestigious International Surfing Association (ISA), this lucrative scholarship opportunity is available for budding surfers across all the nationalities. Check out this blog to know all about the application dates for ISA Youth Scholarship Program 2022 as well as its eligibility criteria and awards offered. 

Scholarship Type Sports Merit-Based
Offered by International Surfing Association (ISA)
No. of Scholarships N/A
Amount $20,000
International Students Eligible Yes
Scholarship Website Link
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What is ISA Youth Scholarship Program?

Every year, the esteemed International Surfing Association provides the ISA Youth Scholarship Program through which surfers under the age of 18 from around the world are empowered in achieving their dream higher education as well as a career in surfing. It aims to support the underserved youth in fulfilling their academic as well as surfing ambitions along with boosting the growth of surfing as a sport in various regions of the world. The program was initiated in the year 2007 and since then it has helped more than 300 surfers across all the continents. 

The application window for the ISA youth scholarship program 2022 are closed and will open next year. 

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Eligibility Criteria 

As it is a one-of-a-kind scholarship that aims to resolve the financial dependency of surfers, there is a set of conditions that you must fulfil to apply for this program. Let’s have a look at what all is necessary to register for ISA youth scholarship program- 

  • Candidates must have attained 18 years of age or under as of December 31, 2022. 
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a school.
  • The candidate must be an outstanding role model for their community.
  • It is mandatory for candidates to demonstrate their financial need.
  • He/she must be recommended by their National Surfing Federation. 
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ISA Youth Scholarship Program Awards

Now that we have understood the eligibility criteria of this scholarship, let us now understand what are the perks and benefits that one can receive. Those who possess a strong academic background along with a flair of surfing will be awarded $20,000. Candidates are free to utilise this scholarship amount for any of the educational expenses. ISA Youth Scholarship Program awards range from $100- $1000 per recipient and are determined only on a case-by-case basis. 

The selection of candidates will be done fairly by examining their participation and performance in surfing as well as academic excellence. You are advised to fill your application form meticulously. Do not forget to add a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) as it will help you cater a better impression on the official authorities. Make sure you carefully select between essay or video and opt for the one you are more comfortable with. 

The essay or video question for ISA Youth Scholarship Program 2022 is:
Why I Deserve an ISA Scholarship
The applicants need to provide their answers in the format of a 2-minute video or 500 words essay.  

Note: From this year onwards, the scholarship will be awarded for an exact dollar amount for some particular needs, post to previous years only fixed amounts were given to all recipients. 

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ISA Youth Scholarship Funds Includes

Unlike other scholarships, ISA youth scholarship program does not restrict the candidate for using the award as tuition fee for accommodation fee. Instead, it allows them to spend the entire amount as per their convenience. The candidates must know that it is necessary to spend the amount only for educational purposes or for surfing classes and training. Mentioned below are some of the categories under which candidates are allowed to use this award-:

Education Equipment Competition/ Training
Transportation, etc
Leash, etc.
Contest Fees, etc 
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We hope this blog familiarized you with the essential details about the ISA Youth Scholarship Program. Unable to find the right scholarship to fund your dream education abroad? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the best scholarships as per your chosen course and university to ensure that you get the requisite financial assistance for pursuing the best educational opportunities at your dream university!