Lights on Women Scholarships: Amount and Eligibility

Women across the world have started pioneering and becoming active stakeholders in energy-related issues, energy transition, research, and finding innovative solutions to the problems. Therefore to support and promote the active participation of women in this arena, the Florence school of regulation has been offering scholarships that support women in Energy. In this blog, we bring to you the 2nd Lights on Women scholarships pertaining to women in energy.

Table of Contents

  • About Lights on Women Scholarship
  • Eligibility of Lights on Women Scholarships
  • How to Apply?

About Lights on Women Scholarship

This scholarship aims to support women who are in the early or middle stages of their careers. Through these scholarships, women can advance professionally with strengthened capabilities

This initiative offers scholarships to four outstanding candidates across the world. This course offers an online training program on a range of key energy regulation and policy topics and aims to equip candidates with the technical knowledge needed to take advantage of employment and leadership opportunities. The scholarship involves candidates being able to pursue any of the programs free of cost. Additionally, this opportunity enables students to collaborate and network with global participants and study under a worl-class faculty. This scholarship will help women boost their career and reach newer heights. By the end of the course, selected candidates will be given the opportunity to present an article that’ll be published on the FSR website.

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Eligibility of Lights on Women Scholarships

To be eligible for this program, candidates must show that 

  1. Their work relates to an energy/climate need or challeng and benefits the citizens at large.
  2. Candidates contribution in the success of their organization.
  3. Must display leadership and potential to excel in the climate/energy sphere
  4. Must display holistic interests beyond original responsibilities.
  5. Candidates must be motivated and open to learning and networking.
  6. Candidates must be interested in working in a diverse and global community.
  7. No specific academic background is required. 

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How to Apply?

  1. Candidates must mail in their CV in a pdf converted form
  2. Candidates must also send a short biography, around 100–120 words (around 800 characters with spaces)
  3. And a letter of motivation (max 2 pages) in PDF

After assessment by a committe by a Selection Committee of FSR members, 4 successful will be offered the scholarship.

Click here for applying!

This was all about the prestigious Lights on Women Scholarships by the FSR foundation. If you think you fit the profile, do give it a shot. For more interesting content and notification of opportunities, check out our blogs at Leverage Edu!