List of ACT Scholarships Based on Your Score!

If you’re a student looking for financial aid to help pay for college, the ACT Scholarships program can be a great way to get the money you need. With a range of awards based on your ACT score, you can find the perfect scholarship that fits your needs. Whether you’re aiming for a full ride or just need a little extra help, the ACT Scholarships program has something for everyone. With awards ranging from $500 to $10,000, you can find the right financial aid to get you through college. Read on to learn more about the different types of scholarships available based on your ACT score.

The first concerns that spring to mind when a candidate aspires to study abroad are the availability of funds and their eligibility. Both are equally crucial and necessitate extensive research because a wealth of information about international education is available online. Among other standardized test results, the ACT is one of the many requirements for admission to the university of your dreams. Additionally,  High-range ACT scores provide you with an advantage and qualify you for scholarships.  Continue reading to find out more about finding scholarships based on ACT scores.

What is ACT?

The majority of colleges and institutions in the US and Canada utilise the ACT as one of many standardised tests to assess admission. The test is multiple-choice and is given by ACT, Inc. Its primary objective has been to evaluate and verify pupils’ verbal, writing, mathematical, and scientific skills. By identifying and working on such skills, students can easily get accepted into the schools of their choice. The ACT exam is accepted by nearly all 4-year colleges and universities in the US and more than 225 international institutions.

It assesses individuals’ college readiness and gives universities a comparable piece of data to evaluate each candidate. College admissions officers evaluate test results with applicants’ high school GPA, courses are taken, letters of recommendation from instructors or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. The importance that ACT scores are given in the college admissions process varies depending on the institution.

ACT Scores Range

Following is the average ACT scores range:

Name of the Universities ACT Composite scores 75% percentile ACT Composite score 25% percentile
Harvard University 33 35
Columbia University 33 35
Duke University 33 35
University of Pennsylvania 32 35
University of Colorado 25 30
Texas A&M University 31 26
Yale University 33 35
University of Tenessee  24 30

ACT Scholarships and Grants

A high score can help you qualify for ACT scholarships in addition to being important when applying to colleges. High ACT scores are frequently required for merit scholarships that recognise the finest and brightest students. A lot of institutions now provide merit scholarships that are determined by students’ exam results. Studying diligently for the ACT can aid your admission to school and your ability to pay for it.

Candidates with low ACT scores, such as 25, are qualified for funds of fewer amount scholarships. In direct proportion to the score range, the intensity of competition for ACT scholarships rises. If they match the qualifications, candidates aiming for an ACT score between 20 and 25 may receive an offer of up to $90,000. Additionally, a few colleges and universities offer ACT merit prizes based on a student’s achievement on standardized tests.

The scholarships listed below are available to Indian students interested in studying abroad and are based on the ACT score:

Name of the Scholarship Desirable ACT Score  Amount Granted
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 21 USD 30,000 (INR 24.72 Lakh)
Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program 23 USD 4000 (INR 3.29 Lakh)
Lloyd M. Fujie Scholarship for Accounting Major Students 21 USD 2500 (INR 2.06 Lakh)
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program 21 USD 18,000 (INR 14.83 Lakh)
Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship 24 USD 2000 (INR 1.64 Lakh)

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How to find ACT scholarships

It is advisable to check the websites of individual universities to see whether they offer any ACT scholarships. These scholarships may be listed under the segment of grants or financial aid. To find out which scholarships depend on your ACT score and decide whether or not to apply, you may also conduct an online.

If you’re an overseas student, scholarships might be an important tool in helping you reach your educational goals. Get in touch with our specialists at Leverage Edu if you have any questions about the ACT scholarship or would like more information.