List of Scholarships in Norway for International Students

Studying abroad in Norway can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, and luckily, there are numerous scholarships available to help international students finance their higher education. Norway has a wide variety of scholarships available to international students, ranging from scholarships offered by Norwegian universities and foundations to those offered by the Norwegian government and other international organizations. This list of scholarships in Norway for international students provides an overview of the various scholarships available and their eligibility criteria, so that international students can find the best one to suit their needs.

Norway is amongst the happiest countries to study abroad with picturesque surroundings, a safe environment and a technologically advanced society. It has a remarkable education system and supports innovative teaching methods for a better learning experience. If the quality of life matters to you then study in Norway is a perfect option for you. As per the government of Norway, Indian students contribute as the second-largest group of international students. Business, Natural Sciences and Technology are the choicest courses pursued by Indian students. Public universities in Norway offer free education to international students. However, the cost of living in Norway is high. There are a bunch of scholarships offered by universities, the government and private and non-private organisations to make the entire study abroad journey much easier. Read this blog to discover some of the best scholarships in Norway. 


How Can International Students Get a Full Scholarship in Norway?

The simplest response is to apply for one of the many fully-funded scholarships available to overseas students interested in studying in Norway, but how do you get started? I would seek scholarships granted by Norwegian institutions, money from my home country, and even rewards provided by the Norwegian government if you are or will soon be a high school graduate. If you are a college student considering transferring or attending graduate school in Norway, try to look for funding through scholarships offered by Norwegian graduate schools or look for connections that your home institution may have with universities in Norway. Don’t forget to also look for various national & international organisations that would financially support your academic goals as an international student.

Universities in Norway
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Indian students can either choose to pursue higher education in public universities of Norway or in private ones. As stated above, public institutions provide free education, the cost of studying a general UG or PG program varies amongst them private universities. Given below are some of the popular scholarships in Norway for international students: 

  • SCAR Fellowships In Antarctic Research
  • Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
  • Mobility Grant for Norewgian Language and Literature
  • The ERASMUS+ Grant
  • A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme
  • BI Presidential Scholarship
  • NTNU Scholarship
  • Scholarship Grant for Undergraduate Students 
  • The $2000 “Privacy Matter” College Scholarship
  • CLIFF-GRAD Scholarship (PhD)
  • Become JACK and JONES Scholar (Masters and PhD)
Best Scholarships for Europe

Mobility Grant for Norewgian Language and Literature

Grant – 5000 NOK or INR 42,000 (Approx. )

This scholarship in Norway is specially designed for Master’s and PhD level students who are dedicating their dissertation to Norwegian language and literature. Under this grant, you can travel, stay and study in Norway for 1-3 months for research purposes. The grant covers your accommodation, travel and living expenses in the country. The mandatory condition to get this scholarship is to be a part of the department for Nordic/Scandinavian studies with an institution outside of Norway. Candidates are strictly asked to use the grant for fieldwork in connection with a Norwegian higher institution of learning and with a Norwegian tutor. 

The ERASMUS+ Grant

Grant – 250 – 850 Euros or INR 22,000 – 75,000 (Approx. ) per month

It is one of the most popular scholarships to study in Norway as well as the entire of Europe. It exempts you from paying fees for tuition, registration, examinations and access to laboratory and library facilities at the host university. Apart from the study and research grants, it also covers travelling expenses. The scholarship duration lasts 3-12 months for full-time courses and 2-12 months for training programs. To avail of the benefit of this scholarship you can apply via the official website.

A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme

Grant – 150 NOK or INR 15000 (Approx.) per year

This scholarship in Norway is offered to all international students studying a Masters’s course at BI Norwegian Business School. The application process for the scholarship is very simple, you need to prepare a scholarship letter which must include your career goals, ways in which you can contribute to the field of study and the financial status of your family. The letter is expected not to exceed a single page. Along with this letter, your academic grades and previous experiences are considered also considered in the selection process.  

BI Presidential Scholarship

Grant – Covers entire tuition fee + Provides a stipend to cover the cost of living 

Awarded to candidates with exceptional academic records, this scholarship in Norway is for all Master of Science students enrolled in the university. It is mandatory to have a grade of A on the ECTS scale or equivalent to apply for this scholarship. It is mainly offered to the 3rd year MS students. You have to submit a 1-page long scholarship essay covering all the essential points regarding your career plans and economic status. GMAT/GRE scores are also considered in the selection process. 

NTNU Scholarship

Grant – Covers entire tuition fee

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers an exclusive scholarship to international students which covers the entire tuition fee of the course. The scholarship in Norway is for Master level courses only. It does not include the cost of living. It is mandatory to have at least a grade of C in your bachelor’s degree. GMAT/GRE scores are also considered in the selection process. Application for the same can either be sent with the university application form or separately before the deadline. 

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Other Scholarships in Norway 

Apart from the above-mentioned scholarships in Norway which are mostly opted for by international students, here is the list of some additional scholarships distributed level-wise: 

Scholarships in Norway: UG Courses

Whilst pursuing a general bachelor’s course in Norway from a private university, you will have to shed around INR 60,000- 75,000 per year. Below mentioned are a few UG scholarships for Norway which you can avail:

Name  Eligibility Criteria Amount (Approximate)
Scholarship Grant for Undergraduate Students  -Must qualify for the test-Exceptional academic background INR 75,000
The $2000 “Privacy Matter” College Scholarship -Candidates have to write a 500-1000 words essay on privacy INR 1.5 lacs

Scholarships in Norway: PG and Doctorate Courses  

The average expense of seeking a PG degree at the country will cost you around INR 75,000- 1.5 lacs, but to ease this you can go for scholarships in Norway like:

Name  Eligibility Criteria Amount (Approximate)
CLIFF-GRAD Scholarship (PhD) Exceptional academic background INR 7.5- 9 lacs
Become JACK and JONES Scholar (Masters and PhD) Must be 18 years of age  INR 85,000

Benefits of Scholarships in Norway

  • Covers the basic tuition fee of the chosen program.
  • It also bears the to-and-fro travel charges of the candidate.
  • The dormitory expenses of the applicant is also included in the scholarship.
  • Free accommodation if you live in a room provided by the International Office in any of the student villages.
  • Student cards that provide discounts on public transport, museum visits and concert bookings.
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Free Study Universities in Norway for International Students

Even for international students, tuition fees are not levied at Norwegian public institutions. Students, on the other hand, must cope with their daily routine as well as other costs. For international students, below is a list of low-cost Norwegian universities:

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of Oslo
  • University of Nordland
  • Oslo Metropolitan University
  • University of Bergen
  • Bergen University College
  • The Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway
  • University of Stavanger
  • BI Norwegian Business School

Hope this blog has sufficiently provided you with all the essential details of scholarships in Norway offered to international students. Aiming to be a part of a popular Norwegian university but unable to follow the admission process? Let the experts at Leverage Edu empower your overseas education journey. Book your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team now.