Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students

Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students

Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students – Factors Affecting the Continued Intention to Use Information Technology in Jordanian SMEs from the Perspective of UTAUT: Top and Fourth Management Support Self-Employment as a Brand.

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Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students

Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students

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Management Accounting Strategies in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Countries and Markets: A Case Study from China

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By Lindong Ma Lindong Ma Scilit Google Scholar 1, 2 , Xihui Chen Xihui Chen Scilit Google Scholar 2, * , Jiawen Zhou Jiawen Zhou Scilit Google Scholar 1 and Luigi Aldieri Luigi Aldieri Scilit Google Expert 3

Received: 27 January 2022 / Revised: 15 March 2022 / Accepted: 17 March 2022 / Published: 24 March 2022

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly important in the development of the world economy, and they face many unique problems (such as resources and strategic decisions). Strategic planning for SME management can help identify resource constraints and integrate internal and external information to assist managers in making the results. However, how and what is SMA used in the reality of SMEs, especially in developing countries today. This paper aims to investigate the extent to which SMEs in developing countries use SMA. This article used the qualitative research method and the data was collected by interviewing five managers and two employees in company M. The data revealed that: (1) E the senior management of SMEs do not have an understanding of accounting or pay enough attention to it, and the role of the SMA is even worse; (2) Although the chief financial officers have an understanding of SMA, they cannot fully incorporate it into their strategic plan. (3) SMEs know that enterprise culture is very important for a company to achieve strategic goals, but it is not enough to install and establish. (4) CEOs of SMEs believe that the operating department is the core of the company and that all resources must be prioritized to meet their needs.

Maximizing Your Degree: Strategic Approaches For German Students

With rapid economic development, China has made remarkable achievements and their GDP ranks second in the world. The private economy takes priority in SMEs, a significant part of the GDP, which is still in the first place. The development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has a very important role in the world economy and production (Tong et al. 2022), and these companies are said to be behind the growth of the economy in all countries to stabilize the national economy and build a sustainable supply chain (Diabate et al. 2019). SMEs make up more than 99% of enterprises in the world, employ 60% of the workforce, provide the most employment opportunities for society (OECD 2019), and some of them promote production for large companies. (Singh et al. 2008). However, due to the limited resources and the simple structure of SMEs, they are at a disadvantage in terms of product quality, cost control, and the ability to improve operations when compared in large international businesses (Li 2019). In addition, SMEs also face other challenges such as human resources development, performance management, and relationships with customers and distributors (Teerasoponpong and Sopadang 2022). For example, it is difficult for SMEs to recruit high-quality employees and retain them. This is because the corporate structure of SMEs often frustrates employees and it is very difficult for them to achieve their career goals in the short and medium term for many people. college graduates (Zhang et al. 2020). Nixon and Burns (2012) stated that SMA methods are related to cost, control, planning, performance management, decision making, and qualification. Therefore, there is a growing number of researchers who pay more attention to the use of SMA in developing countries or the use of SMA by a small number of large enterprises in developing countries (Mitchell and Reid 2000 ). However, these researchers do not examine the relationship between SMA and SMEs. Therefore, this paper tries to investigate the application of SMA in SMEs in developing countries by using a qualitative research method to provide an in-depth study on a small company in China to study more information about the use of SMA in SMEs of developing countries. This paper attempts to investigate to what extent SMA is used in SMEs. By discussing it, it is possible to find new research and some problems in the use of SMA. In addition, the causes of these problems are being studied, which may help in the study of SMA in developing countries.

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The remainder of this article is organized as follows: Section 2 provides an overview of the general literature on the topic of this paper. Chapter 3 discusses the choice of methods and gives the reason why this paper chooses the interview semi-structured qualitative research method and uses the research onion according to Saunders et al. (2012) to outline the methods. Section 4 presents the findings and discusses the introduction of SMA and the use of SMA in markets and companies. Finally, Section 5 offers key findings and recommendations for future research.

With the continued development of the whole world, the market is not always as big a subject as it is now. Organizations need to be more coordinated to adapt to changes in the external environment and technological progress (Chi et al. 2020). Therefore, the competition is facing development not only in the country but also from abroad. In the face of the rapid change in the external environment and the strength of competitors, the world is looking for the best management methods to help companies achieve their strategic goals (Albu and Albu 2012). In the 1980s, the concept of information management system (SMA) was developed by Simmonds (Simmonds 1982) as an external method to supplement the inadequacy of information management systems (Roslender and Hart 2010). ). Since then, some SMA practices have been introduced (Cadez and Guilding 2012; Rigby and Bilodeau 2015) and interest has grown to establish the popularity of such practices in companies and determine their impact on the performance of work (Nguyen and Nguyen 2021; Rigby and Bilodeau 2015; Vu et al. 2022). However, from the current literature, the result is good and bad, but some empirical studies have confirmed that the SMA methods used led to better performance (Alamri 2018 ; Pavlatos and Kostakis 2018; Shi 2021; Vu et al. 2022. ), others have reported disappointing performance estimates (Lachmann et al. 2013; Langfield-Smith and Parker 2008). The main responsibility of data management is aimed at helping senior leaders develop competitive strategies and implementing strategic plans, which promote companies to promote continuous concerns and sustainable development from high-quality research and thinking (Hadid) and Al-Sayed 2021). ).

Nguyen and Le (2020) said that there are seven factors that affect the use of SMA, including the number of enterprises, the promotion of management information management, the cost of using management information, the strength of competition in the business market, qualifications of accountants, and the concept of timeliness. Especially for the time being (Bhamu and Singh Sangwan 2014), it seems to be a new concept that is used by the manufacturing industry in developing countries (Petera and Šoljaková 2019). McLachlin (1997) reported that since the end of the 1970s, the administration of justice in time has attracted the attention of developing countries in the West. In addition, the term just-in-time can also be seen as the reason why Japanese companies have succeeded in their global market position (Cao 2021). One of the most common examples of these companies can be seen in the case of the Toyota car manufacturer. Production planning means no inventory or no inventory as well as continuous production and production of the bar. bite. In addition, just-in-time production is implemented in three stages according to the need to organize the production and according to the production to buy the materials. It seems like the right time to save warehouse costs and reduce the

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