MBA from NYU – Skills that Jack Dorsey learned that helped him to create Twitter

When Jack Dorsey enrolled in the MBA program at New York University, he was already an accomplished programmer and entrepreneur. Little did he know then that the skills he would gain from the program would eventually help him to create one of the most influential communication tools of modern times – Twitter. The MBA program at NYU provided Dorsey with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful business, from the fundamentals of financial management and marketing to the leadership skills needed to manage a team and build a brand. With the insights and experience he gained, Dorsey was able to craft a revolutionary platform with the potential to shape the future of communication and commerce.

Jack Dorsey was a driven young man. He became interested in dispatch routing as a teenager, which is a procedure for assigning employees or vehicles to customers. So he decided to create a software programme for the process, which was quickly adopted by taxicab drivers in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. After dropping out of NYU, he founded Twitter years later.

Many people were perplexed by Twitter at first, referring to it as both a social network and a microblogging service. However, its popularity skyrocketed in 2007 after extensive use at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. Within a year, its volume had increased from 400,000 tweets per quarter to 100 million. Twitter’s success allowed it to go public on the NYSE in 2013.

MBA from NYU

NYU Stern’s downtown location in New York City is without a doubt one of its highlights — it even outperforms Columbia in this regard. The Stern School of Business‘s strong relationships with industries in the luxury retail sector is a significant benefit of its NYC location. Stern’s dominance in this area is reflected in the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the doing Business in Italy experiential learning programmes, as well as the Luxury and Retail and Graduate Marketing Association clubs on campus.

Part-time and executive MBA programmes at NYU Stern are extensive, providing a great network for full-time MBAs. Many finance professionals who work long hours choose the part-time and executive programmes at NYU Stern because they are the only ones that fit their schedule. NYU Stern’s executive MBA programme also has a location in Washington, DC, expanding its network and reach in the Northeast.

MBA programmes provide a plethora of specialisations that students can apply to almost any industry. Students can be assured of having access to a network of top experts in their respective fields thanks to NYU’s world-class reputation.

The Office of Student Engagement, based on the NYU campus, prioritises hands-on experiences for students as part of the school’s commitment to experiential learning.

When it comes to curriculum structure, MBA students have complete freedom to design their programme exactly how they want it. The MBA programme encourages students to shape their academic experiences with the same zeal with which they would shape the business world.

NYU Stern Acceptance Rate

According to the most recent class profile for the graduating class of 2023, NYU Stern’s acceptance rate is 19%. According to Fortune, this is a 10% decrease from last year.

While admissions can be competitive, NYU has a secret ingredient in the applicants that they look for.

Stern’s admissions process has remained balanced between IQ and EQ. As part of the core Stern values, the school looks for both emotional and intellectual intelligence in its applicants.

Applicants are expected to submit two people as EQ endorsements for the MBA admissions process, where they will be asked questions about the applicant’s potential for success; these are individuals from their professional or personal network who can speak to their interactions with other people.

The most recent class profile shows that GMAT scores averaged 729 for standard application requirements. Applicants submitted an average GRE score of 162 both quantitative and verbal.

NYU Stern Ranking

The Stern School of Business is one of the world’s most prestigious programmes. Stern’s collegiate ranking explains its competitive acceptance rate, as it is consistently ranked at the top in a variety of categories.

  • According to US News, Stern will tie for 10th place as a top ten business school in the country in 2022. Stern was ranked fourth in the country among the top part-time MBA programmes.
  • According to the Financial Times, NYU’s Executive MBA programme is ranked 41st in the world.
  • According to, NYU Stern is ranked seventh among the best MBA programmes for 2021.
  • Stern ranked sixth in 2021 as one of the best MBA programmes specialising in business analytics.
  • Another prominent category in which Stern performed well was finance. The program’s extensive financial concentration helped it finish third in the country in 2021.
  • Stern was also named the best MBA marketing programme in 2021, ranking ninth.

Cost of studying MBA at NYU

The cost breakdown of studying an MBA at NYU is given below:

NYU Stern Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees $82,326(INR 68.17 Lakh)
Orientation Fee (LAUNCH) $1,678(INR 1.38 Lakh)
Living Expenses
Room & Board $28,242(INR 23.38 Lakh)
Books & Supplies $1,500(INR 1.24 Lakh)
Transportation $1,154(INR 95,568)
Miscellaneous* $8,137(INR 6.73 Lakh)
Loan Fees $216(INR 17,888)
Total $123,253(INR 1.02 Cr)

Why Should You Attend NYU’S MBA Program?

There are various reasons why you should opt for NYU’s MBA program. The major ones are listed below

Constantly Changing programmes

Stern’s MBA programmes have adapted to the industry shift in recent years, adding two specialisations: fashion and luxury, and technology. Stern’s ability to tweak its programmes to reflect changing market conditions is an excellent feature of the programme. Students will not only have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious institute but also be a part of its evolving tapestry.

Stern encourages students to look at the constant change and measure the business world through a creative application process. Students will be encouraged to bring their perspectives and investigate how they intersect with their courses.

Global Perspectives

Being in New York City already gives students a global perspective. With so many Fortune 500 companies in such a small area, students can learn just as much from their surroundings as they can from their coursework.

Great Faculty

Students pursuing an MBA will have the opportunity to take courses from award-winning faculty. Students working to become leaders in their own right will be able to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the business.

Graduates of the MBA programme will be part of a large global network of students and faculty who will provide them with support and insights for the rest of their lives. If students require career assistance, they can be confident that Stern has the resources to assist them.
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