MBA Scholarships in Canada

MBA scholarships in Canada provide a great opportunity for individuals to receive financial assistance while pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. These scholarships provide a variety of awards, from full tuition coverage to partial tuition coverage to awards for specific research projects. They are offered from a variety of sources, including universities, government programs, private donors, and corporations. These scholarships enable students to gain the necessary qualifications for a successful career in business, while also reducing the financial burden that comes with obtaining a master’s degree.

Canada is one of the most popular study destinations abroad, attracting international students from all over the world, especially for higher education programs such as Masters, Research, and PhDs. Did you know that you can almost certainly study in Canada on completely or partially supported scholarships! If you planning to study MBA in Canada, then you can choose from a wide range of fully-funded as well as university scholarships that can help you cover your tuition fees. Read this blog to find the best MBA scholarships in Canada you can’t miss!


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There are three kinds of intakes offered by Canadian Universities-

  • Fall Intakes: This begins in the month of September and is the most popular intake for universities and students. All courses and programmes are available for this intake. 
  • Winter Intakes: This begins in the month of January and the second-most preferred intake for international students. Students who have missed the deadlines for the fall intake, generally go for this session.
  • Summer Intakes: This begins in the month of April/May. This intake is ideal for those who want to apply for a specific program as the universities offer limited seats and courses. This is the least popular intake.

MBA Scholarships in Canada

Haskayne School of Business MBA in Canada Scholarships

The University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business MBA entrance scholarship is designed to help foreign students overcome challenges on their way to becoming future leaders. This entrance scholarship is one of the most well-known MBA scholarships in Canada for international students and is offered with the aim of attracting high-achieving students from all over the world to the university. Here are the key features of Haskayne School of Business MBA in Canada Scholarships:

Scholarship name  Value  Eligibility 
Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships CAD 5,750 (INR 344567) per year
CAD 11,500 (INR 689134)
for two years
All international daytime visa students are eligible for the award, which is based on merit and takes into account GPA and GMAT scores.

Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada

One of the key reasons you would want to attend Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario, is that it offers a variety of MBA scholarships in Canada, including some of the most competitive merit-based MBA scholarships in the nation. We have elaborated the key details of IVEY MBA Scholarships below:

Scholarship name  Value  Eligibility 
Ivey MBA scholarships The awards range from CAD 10,000 (INR 599247) to a half-tuition fee. The selection criteria include excellent professional experience, leadership abilities, academic performance, and high GMAT ratings, and are based solely on merit and leadership qualities.

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Alberta MBA Scholarships

The University of Alberta‘s Alberta School of Business offers a variety of MBA scholarships to deserving foreign students. These scholarships are usually available for the entire MBA program. Alberta MBA scholarships are worth CAD10,000 (INR 599247) and the basic eligibility for such scholarships are outstanding academic accomplishments and a valid GMAT Score. 

Let’s have a look at these MBA scholarships in Canada offered by the University of Alberta:

Scholarship name  Description of the scholarship 
Claude Winspear MBA Award Open to students enrolled in a full-time MBA programme at Alberta University who have shown leadership abilities and academic credentials.
Michael Lang MBA Award It is another well-known MBA scholarship in Canada, and it is only available to full-time MBA students.
AIMCo MBA Award Annually, full-time MBA students specialising in finance are eligible to apply.

Sauder School of Business Scholarship

To draw future talent from around the world, the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia offers its own brand of MBA scholarships in Canada for international students. International students with an outstanding academic record can apply for merit-based entrance scholarships at Sauder. Let us have a quick look at some of these amazing MBA Scholarships in Canada:

Scholarship name  Description of the scholarship  Value 
Accelerated Career Scholarship Candidates with exceptional career potential, particularly those who can lead by example and demonstrate Sauder’s dedication to excellence, are eligible for this scholarship. CAD5,000 (INR 299623) – CAD10,000 (INR 599247)
Global Business Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship Candidates that have the ability to leave a lasting impact on Sauder’s global brand are eligible for this scholarship. CAD10,000 (INR 599247) – CAD15,000 (INR 898871)

To select students for these Sauder School of Business MBA scholarship, a holistic approach is used, with criteria such as GMAT/GRE and GPA ratings, as well as other contributing factors such as application essays, interview results, and so on.

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Rotman School of Management Scholarships

Every year, about a third of students studying at the University of Toronto‘s Rotman School of Management receives entrance scholarships, fellowships, and prizes. Rotman scholarships are one of the most well-known MBA scholarships in Canada for international students, and they aim to overcome any financial obstacles that might stand in the way of eligible applicants seeking admission to the business school. Let us have a quick glance at some of the MBA Scholarships in Canada for foreign students provided by the Rotman School of Management.

Scholarship name  Value  Eligibility 
Fortà Foundation
CAD40,000 (INR 2396990) Candidates must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and a dedication to women and girls through personal mentorship or community participation.
Rotman Entrance
Awards and Fellowships
Students participating in Morning and Evening MBA programs are eligible for two common entrance awards:

A total of five Women in Business Excellence Awards [CAD10,000 (INR 599247)];
Two Morning MBA Excellence Awards [CAD20,000 (INR 1198495)]

Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships are immediately considered for all students admitted to the Rotman School of Management. Students do, however, meet the MBA program’s admission requirements, which include proficiency in English. Scores on the TOEFL/IELTS exam, the GMAT, and an interview
MGA/MBA Awards CAD30,000 (INR 1797742) The scholarship is given to the
top student in the MGA/MBA program.

Schulich School of Business Scholarships

There are two types of MBA scholarships that the Schulich School of Business at York University provides to international students in order to help finance their MBA studies. Having said that, many of these scholarships have a high monetary value, making them among Canada’s most generous MBA scholarships. The two types of scholarships are:

Entrance Scholarships

The entrance MBA scholarships offered by Schulich School of Business are for full-time students at Schulich who are chosen on the basis of their academic achievements and/or merit.

Scholarship names  Value 
Scotiabank Scholarships in International Business CAD20,000 (INR 1198495)
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit CAD33,000 (INR 1977516)
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship CAD24,200 (INR 1450178)
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship CAD24,200 (INR 1450178)

Continuing student awards

The applicants are selected on the basis of academic achievement, as well as basic criteria, are used to determine who receives the award.

Scholarship names Value 
Wigwamen Scholarship CAD2,500 (INR 149811)
The Thomas Beck MBA Award CAD5,000 (INR 299623)
Carol Anne Letheren Women’s MBA Award CAD3,000 (INR 179774)
Sony of Canada MBA Scholarship CAD3,000 (INR 179774)

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program 

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a well-known MBA scholarship in Canada that supports masters and doctoral studies. It’s a merit-based scholarship offered by some of Canada’s best universities in the Ontario region. The scholarship is also highly competitive and prestigious because it is merit-based.

Scholarship name  Participating universities  Value  Eligibility 
Ontario Graduate Scholarship University of Windsor
University of Waterloo
Carleton University
York University
$5,000 (INR 299623) per term, up to a total of $15,000 (INR 898871) for the academic year. -The candidate must be enrolled in master’s or doctoral level graduate studies.
enrolled in a full-time programme lasting two or more terms and must be enrolled in a participating Ontario school.

How To Apply For An MBA Scholarship In Canada? 

It is not difficult to apply for scholarships in other countries. You can apply directly on the business school’s website. You can also contact the administration department of your selected university for assistance if you are unsure about the procedure.

To apply for MBA scholarships in Canada, follow these steps:

  • Visit the universities’ official websites.
  • Recognize the university scholarship’s qualifying requirements.
  • Gather all of the required documentation.
  • Take the necessary tests (GMAT, IELTS).
  • Online registration and application for the scholarship are required.
  • Wait for a response from the university.

Eligibility for MBA in Canada

  • The candidate must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a recognised academic institution with the minimum grade point average specified by the university of choice.
  • An average of 2-3 years of job experience (might not be required by some universities)
  • A legitimate GMAT or GRE score, as well as English language competence scores such as IELTS/TOEFL, are also necessary.
  • Goals and Objectives (SOP)
  • Recommendation Letters (LORs)

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Cheapest Universities for MBA in Canada

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland 
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Manitoba
  • Université de Moncton
  • Université de Sherbrooke
  • Université Laval
  • HEC Montréal
  • Concordia University
  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Carleton University
  • University of Saskatchewan

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Thus, we hope that now you know about the best MBA scholarships offered by top B-schools in Canada. Looking for more MBA scholarships in Canada? Reach out to our Leverage Edu mentors and we will help you find the best scholarships in Canada as per your chosen course and university.