MBA Scholarships in Ireland

MBA Scholarships in Ireland provide an opportunity for ambitious students to further their education and jump start their career in the business world. With the cost of MBA tuition rising, scholarships can be a great way to make the degree more accessible and achievable. Ireland is a great place to pursue a business degree; its world-renowned universities offer a range of MBA programs, and its vibrant economy provides many opportunities for post-graduation employment. With the right scholarship, you can make your MBA dream a reality.

Ireland is a beautiful country with new, enticing and fun opportunities different and still comparative to those in other international study destinations. MBA on top of that is a very rewarding degree that helps you to further your career and we are sure that you know that MBA in Ireland is a widely recognized degree as well. Studying abroad is an exciting venture for anyone but the expenses can dampen the excitement and we understand how important a scholarship can be in a situation like that. Therefore we have brought a list of some highly recommended scholarships for you. Read ahead and choose one that suits your needs.

How to Apply for MBA Scholarships in Ireland

The first step is to acquire admission to the university you want to attend since a lot of scholarships are given to people who have been selected for admission or have already got an offer. Once you have admission you have to choose a scholarship which fits your needs and apply for it. The eligibility and selection criteria differ from one scholarship to the other but we have tried to make a list of some important criteria which are more or less similar in most of the scholarships. We have provided the list below for your convenience –   

  • Good academic scores are generally the most important criteria
  • Volunteering experiences make you look responsible and caring individual who wants to help the world
  • Letter of recommendation is a good reflection of your work but put them in the application only if required
  • English language proficiency test scores are good proof for international students and show that you can live and study with the citizens of the country you want to study in.
  • Some scholarships also take into consideration extracurricular activities so if you have any of the certificates proving you are good at other things then study also win you extra points

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Types of Scholarships in Ireland

Ireland offers a variety of completely and partially financed scholarships. Colleges, institutions, trusts, the Irish government, etc. offer these scholarships. The three types of scholarships available for international students are:

  • University Scholarships: Nearly all of Ireland’s top colleges provide scholarships for both native and foreign students. The scholarship can be used to pay for your education, living expenses, travel costs, etc. Among these are the scholarships offered by Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, and NUI Galway for international students.
  • Government Scholarships: Several scholarships are offered by the Irish government to foreign students who they deem to be meritorious. The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is in charge of handling this. One illustration of it is the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Program.
  • Scholarships Offered By Other Organisations: A few trusts and organisations provide scholarships to overseas students in addition to the categories described above. They have requirements for eligibility. If you continue reading, you can learn more about the same. Examples include Welsh Fellowships, Fulbright Scholarships, and others.

Scholarships in Ireland for MBA

Given below is a list of scholarships that are provided to students for an MBA:

Provider Scholarships Value Eligibility
IU International University of Applied Science  IU International University of Applied Science Scholarship, 2021  up to 80% on tuition fees Open to all
(except for Germany,
and Austria)
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School GMAT MBA Scholarships Full tuition fees Open to all successful
MBA and Executive
MBA applicants scoring
700 or above
on the GMAT.
Association of MBAs AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarships  US $8,333(INR 6.8 lacs) Candidate should have professional and
academic merit with
3 years of work
experience in a
management role
and be able to show
the capability to
contribute to all the
aspects of the program.
Forte Foundation Forte Fellows Program  Partial funding Women Candidates
who represent
diverse work and
educational backgrounds,
career goals, ethnicities
and citizenship must
be nominated by
their schools.
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School  UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School Achiever MBA Scholarships in Ireland  100% Tuition Fees The candidate should
have scored at
At least 700 or above
on the GMAT and
should have applied already 
UCD  Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School University College Dublin – Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School’s Returning Study Abroad Scholarship Ireland €4,000(INR 3.2 lacs) Must be a citizen of a
country outside
the European Union and
Register for a full-time postgraduate program
at the University College
Dublin – Michael Smurfit
Graduate Business School.
Trinity College Dublin Trinity 30% Club Launch Scholarships €5,000(INR 4 lacs) The candidate must be
at least 25 years old to
apply and must have
secured a GMAT score
of at least 550 or
equivalent in GRE.
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School Regional Merit-Based MBA Scholarships  50% of the full-time MBA tuition fees Exceptional applicants
from the regions of
Central and Eastern Europe,
Western Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East,
and Africa, North, South
and Central America, and discretionary and should
have applied to the full-time
The MBA program at the Business
School and got the offer.
University of Melbourne Dean’s Scholarship for Women and Management 2021 $50,000(INR 41 lacs) Check with the university
TU Dublin Centenary Scholarship Program  50% tuition fees Check with the university
University of Limerick   1- 3.5 lakhs INR. Offers scholarships to Indian Students
School of Business Scholarships €5,000(INR 4 lacs) Check with the university
University College Cork   €4,000(INR 3.2 lacs) MBA admitted students based
on a high level of academic achievement, extracurricular accomplishments or contribution to society
Griffith College Dublin €4,000(INR 3.2 lacs) On admission awards every student
Dublin Business School  EUR 1000 – 2000 (INR 80K – 1.6 lacs). Awards every successful
Taught Masters Alumni Scholarships €5,000(INR 4 lacs)
Fulbright Scholarships DCU Taught Masters Program Award Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial Award Peter Real Analog Bernal Awards Variable  Max 20,000 Euro Variable Check their website
NUI Galway International Students Scholarships  $2,200- $5,700(INR 1.8 – 4.6 lacs) Non- EU meritorious students
can get this scholarship if enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs.
Maynooth University  Maynooth University Scholarships  $1,200- $3,440(98K – 2.8 lacs) per year depending on the type of scholarship Check with the university

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Scholarship Application Tips

To be able to get a scholarship is not an easy task so here are a few tips which might help you get the scholarship of your choice in your dream course and college:

  • Familiarize yourself with the application process properly.
  • Tailor your application according to the need of the scholarship.
  • Apply early and do not wait till the last date so that you are considered for every possible scholarship.
  • Tell your story because your personal story and your personality will make your application stand out from the others.

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