MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students is a great opportunity to pursue a medical degree in the world’s top universities. With India’s healthcare system becoming increasingly competitive, many ambitious students are now looking for a chance to pursue a medical degree abroad. MBBS Abroad offers Indian students the chance to access world-class medical education and training at a fraction of the cost. By studying abroad, students gain international exposure, experience a different culture, and make lasting friendships with students from around the world. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable counselors, Indian students can easily find the right university, course, and environment for them.

We all know how expensive medical school is in India. Due to hefty tuition costs, many students opt not to pursue medical degrees. Since there are several nations that provide high-quality medical education at low costs, this situation has caused students to travel abroad for more economical courses in medicine. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and other countries are among the finest study locations to study MBBS abroad for Indian students.

Aeria view of Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev; Russia is one of the most popular countries to pursue MBBS

Medical schools in these nations adhere to the global curriculum. Major organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India have certified the universities in these nations, which are also included on their lists (MCI).

However, making a sensible choice of a top medical university is crucial; else, you risk losing both time and money. As a result, before accepting your admission to a medical university, you must take into account a few key considerations if you want to study medicine overseas and pursue a fulfilling career anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that not every university is good for you. 

Medical School You Need To Choose If You Are Planning To Pursue MBBS Abroad

Choosing the correct type of medical university is essential for receiving a top-notch education, turning into a qualified doctor, and obtaining a reputable medical licence that will allow you to practise medicine anywhere in the world. Students must therefore consider a few key elements when selecting their medical university:

  • You should first keep an eye on the university’s ranking and age.
  • This means that your primary priority should be a medical university with a long and rich history of educating future medical professionals.
  • You should also choose a medical school that has housed many overseas students, particularly Indians, for the previous 20–25 years.
  • The most crucial thing is for you to only choose MCI-recognized medical colleges abroad; else, your degree will be regarded as invalid in India.
  • Additionally, you should keep an eye on the MCI Screening Test passing percentage of the university they are thinking about.

Type Of Medical University You Should Avoid When Planning To Pursue MBBS Abroad

To study MBBS abroad, you should stay away from the following kinds of medical universities:

  • Never choose a bilingual medical school since it does not offer the entire MBBS programme in English.
  • Therefore, the ongoing battle to learn a new language distracts you from your goal of becoming a doctor and causes you to encounter several linguistic difficulties once you have been admitted.
  • Avoid medical schools that charge extremely little fees as well because their quality of instruction will likely suffer.

The Significance of MCI Approval

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students - NMC
MCI was dissolved in 2020 and replaced by the National Medical Council (NMC); Image Source: NMC

Choosing one of the top MCI-recognized medical colleges overseas is crucial if you want to be eligible to take the FMGE exam when you return to India after earning your degree. Once you pass it, you can obtain a medical licence in India and be prepared to enrol in graduate school or find employment anywhere around the country.

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After being admitted, an Indian student is not permitted by the Medical Council of India to modify the type of medical institution they selected. Because of this, students must make thoughtful decisions and must not fall prey to agents’ misdirection.

Studying MBBS abroad is a great alternative for Indian students to pursuing it in Indian universities. To know more about such interesting updates you can check out the top universities for studying MBBS Abroad at Leverage Edu.