Not so Famous CEOs that Studied Abroad and are Now Killing It

The world of business is full of successful CEOs who have achieved great success in their respective fields, but have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface? Many of today’s most successful CEOs have had the experience of studying abroad, a form of cultural exploration that gives them a unique insight into their industry and the global business landscape. These not-so-famous CEOs have harnessed the knowledge they gained while abroad and used it to catapult their businesses forward, and are now killing it in their respective fields. From tech startups to global conglomerates, these CEOs are proving that a little global experience can go a long way.

For years, Indians took part in boosting the global economy. Only a handful of countries have highly-talented people who have changed the viewpoint of the whole world. Talented Indians have ascended the growth ladder in the last few years. Over the past couple of decades, Indians played a significant role in boosting the strength of the global powerhouse. 

India has proved that they have some talented and creative-minded people who are capable of changing the world. From running an IT business to becoming a CEO, here’s a list of the not-so-famous CEOs who studied abroad and now managing world-famous companies. 

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet 

Credits: Youtube – Simply Tech
Full Name  Pichai Sundararajan 
Date of Birth 10th June 1972
Net Worth  $1.57 Billion
Education  IIT Kharagpur (B.Tech)
Stanford University (MS)
University of Pennsylvania (MBA)

After completing his 12th education at Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Pichai was admitted to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur. In 1993, he started pursuing his B.Tech degree in metallurgical engineering. After receiving a scholarship, Pichai’s dream came true by getting admitted to Stanford University. Even though Pichai wanted a PhD degree, he dropped out so that he can study and build his career in Applied Materials. After that, he completed his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Even though Pichai started his career as a materials engineer, he was hired by Google in 2004. After 11 years, Pichai was promoted to the designation of CEO of Google. Recently, he was promoted to become CEO of Alphabet. 

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Credits: Youtube – Wall Street Journal
Full Name  Satya Narayan Nadella 
Date of Birth  19th August 1967
Net Worth  $350 Million 
Education  Hyderabad Public School 
Manipal Institute of Technology 
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
University of Chicago 

Satya Nadella started his education at Hyderabad Public School. Even though he failed to crack the JEE exam to take admission into IIT, he got admission to Birla Institute of Technology as well as Manipal Institute of Technology. But he prioritized Manipal and pursued his B.Tech degree in electrical engineering. Then he moved to the USA and started studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He also completed his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

In 2007, Nadella become the vice president of Microsoft online services where he took part in releasing the early versions of Xbox Live and Microsoft Office. 

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe 

Credits: Youtube – CNBC – TV18
Name  Shantanu Narayan 
Date of Birth  27th May 1963
Net Worth  $234 million 
Education  Osmania University in Hyderabad 
Bowling Green State University 
University of California 

Many Indians assume that achieving success without IIT is impossible. But if you look at Shantanu, you will realize that the stamp of IIT is not necessary to manage a world-class company. All you need is talent, hard work, and dedication. 

Shantanu completed his B.Tech graduation from Osmania University in Hyderabad. Then he travelled to the USA and completed his Master’s in computer science degree in 1986 from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He also received his MBA degree from the University of California in 1993. In 2007, Shantanu became the first Indian-origin CEO of Adobe.

Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM 

Credits: Youtube – CNBC International TV
Full Name  Arvind Krishna 
Date of Birth  1962
Net Worth  $32 Million 
Education  St. Joseph’s Academy 
Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School
IIT Kanpur 
University of Illinois 

Arvind Krishna is one of the most famous Indian-origin CEOs who changed the viewpoint of technology. He was born in a Telegu-speaking family where his father was an Indian army officer and his mother was a welfare of army widows. 

After completing his schooling at St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun, and Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu, he received his electrical engineering B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur. After that, he moved to the USA to complete his PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. After joining IBM in 1990 and showcasing exceptional performance, Arvind bagged the position of CEO at IBM in 2020. 

C.S.Ventakakrishnan, CEO of Barclays 

Credits: Bloomberg Markets and Finance
Full Name Coimbatore Sundararajan Venkatakrishnan 
Date of Birth  1966
Net Worth  $25 million 
Education  Massachusets Institute of Technology 

C.S. Ventakkrishnan, also known as Venkat born in Mysore in 1966. Venkat earned his Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he specialized in Operations Research. 

Venkat got a job offer from JPMorgan Chase in 1994 where he worked till 2016. He was promoted to the Chief Investment Officer at JP Morgan Chase. Even though he joined Barclays as a Chief Risk Officer, he was quickly promoted to the CEO position, replacing Jes Staley. 

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These are the top Indian CEOs who are leading some of the most powerful companies in the world. Don’t forget to check out other blogs at Leverage Edu so that you can learn more things.