OLAY – Face the STEM Gap Scholarship

Olay’s Face the STEM Gap Scholarship is a great opportunity for women who are passionate about pursuing a career in the STEM field. The scholarship was created to help women gain access to the education and resources needed to pursue a STEM career. It provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition, books, and other educational expenses. The scholarship also provides mentorship and guidance to help recipients navigate the STEM field and increase their chances of success. With the support of the scholarship, recipients will be able to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

According to the United Nations, women make up only 14% of India’s STEM employment (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Olay India has pledged to assist close the STEM gender gap. With the introduction of its program Olay – #STEMTheGap, the brand has released a powerful film that highlights how our unconscious biases educate girls that STEM is not for them and challenges us to #STEMTheGap together. Beyond that, the brand is taking action, announcing that it would support STEM scholarships for girls throughout India in collaboration with platform LEAD, which powers 3000+ schools and educates 1.2 million students to international standards. Here is everything you need to know about OLAY Face the STEM Gap scholarship.

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Women are generally perceived as caregivers or homemakers, and their fields of study are limited to teaching, nursing, fine arts, and home economics, among other things, due to cultural constraints and expected gender roles. While the number of STEM employment in India has increased, Indian girls should be encouraged to seek STEM education in order to participate effectively in future jobs. Olay has launched a purpose-driven brand campaign to bring attention to the STEM divide in India, allowing more girls to pursue STEM jobs without fear.

Olay’s film, which was created in collaboration with Publicis PGONE Singapore, demonstrates how young girls are stereotyped when it comes to following STEM interests and jobs rather than the traditional roles imposed by age-old cultural standards. is The film narrates examples of a girl who is told not to do a task because her clothes might get dirty, a teacher assuming that a science project was done by a male, a young girl encouraged to dress up as a princess rather than her preference of a robot, or a girl who is complimented as becoming a ‘star’ celebrity rather than a girl who wishes to be an astronaut? As a result, Olay steps into #STEMTheGap, announcing that through their relationship with LEAD, they would be financing STEM scholarships for girls across India.

Speaking on the #STEMTheGap initiative, Priyali Kamath, Senior Vice President, Skin & Personal Care – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Procter & Gamble (P&G) said, “Olay is a brand deeply rooted in science, and with 50% of our scientists being women, we know that girls have the potential to become amazing scientists. With more and more jobs becoming STEM-based, we believe it’s our collective responsibility to prepare girls for the jobs of the future. That is why we are committed to helping close the gender gap in STEM. We are delighted to have created such a heart-warming yet thought-provoking film that stitches together different everyday scenarios to highlight the underlying gender bias that prevails in our society. Beyond this, our scholarship program with LEAD is already making a real and meaningful difference today, and we are excited to be part of driving a positive future for girls in India. Together, let’s #STEMTheGap.”

Publicis PGONE Singapore spokesperson, Ajay Vikram, Chief Creative Officer – Global Clients, Publicis Singapore said, “When you think of a critical but challenging goal like achieving gender parity in STEM, it’s easy to think ‘but what does it have to do with me?’ The fact is, the current gap between boys and girls lies not in their abilities, but in our minds. We can all play a part in narrowing this gap by being more aware and conscious of our everyday biases and societal blind spots, and in encouraging others to do the same. Systemic change begins with you and me.”

Olay believes that what we teach young daughters now will determine their future, but that equal access to school is still a long way off. As a result, the company is taking steps to assist females’ STEM education in India by partnering with LEAD to develop a STEM scholarship program for girls. Olay has been subsidizing college expenses, tablets, and data packs for girls in six Indian states since 2021. The 360-degree campaign will be promoted on connected TV and digital platforms, as well as through other forms of media.

Olay began with a $1 million pledge in 2020, which was fulfilled, and is continuing with a second $1 million pledge in 2022 to help close the STEM gap. We can #FacetheSTEMgap together.

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