Oxford Test of English

One of the prestigious English language proficiency tests, the Oxford test of English is a standardized test developed by Oxford University Press for a purpose of providing English learners with a quick and reliable way to prove their understanding and level of English for various purposes including university admissions, employment and travel. This English proficiency on demand computer-adaptive test is basically for non-native English speakers reporting at the levels A1, B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. Oxford Test of English is popular as it is certified by the University of Oxford and is available across the globe. If you want to know more about this English proficiency test, the Oxford test of English format, how to take the test, and much more then Keep Reading!

What is The Oxford Test of English?

This prestigious English proficiency test was developed a few years back in 2017 in Spain. Since its development, this test gained wide recognition including the Association of Language Centres in Higher Education and was further launched worldwide in April 2019 at the 53rd IATEFL conference at the Tata Liverpool. Oxford Test of English has been shortlisted as the best in summative assessment in the e-assessments awards 2020. Further, there is numerous measure taken to maintain test security and results from integrity. The tests are conducted only at approved test centres that have trained staff, and secured browsers. Furthermore, assessors are also trained in the identification of potential malpractices and the test results are statistically monitored.


The tests are conducted only at approved test centres. The name of countries that have these approved test centres are

Algeria  Argentina 
Brazil  Bulgaria 
Chile  Colombia 
Costa Rica  Czech Republic 
Equitorial Guinea  Germany and Austria 
Greece  Honduras 
Italy  Kazakhstan 
Kyrgyzstan Mexico 
Palestine  Nicaragua 
Peru  Qatar 
Saudi Arabia  Romania 
Slovakia  Spain 
Thailand  Turkey 
Ireland  The United Kingdom

Who can Take the Oxford Test of English?

One of the greatest advantages of the course is that you can take this test without any specific preparatory course. In 2020 a secondary school version of tests was introduced for the students in the age group 12-16 years old. If you want content for yourself and your age is 12 to 16 years then you must opt for the Oxford Test of English. 

Book Your Test

The Oxford Test of English is very flexible, thus you can book throughout the year at a time of your preference. You are required to contact your local approved test centres to find out more and to book your seat. You can also access free preparatory material that is available on the official website. 

Oxford Test of English Structure

The standardized test, Oxford Test of English comprises four modules that are speaking, listening, reading and writing. These modules are available in combination and you can also take the test individually.


Name of the Parts  Structure 
Interview  There are eight spoken questions given related to everyday topics 
Voice Mails  There are two parts of the voice mails that are leaving and replying to the voice mails.
Talk  A 60-second talk on the given topic or issue.
Follow up questions  There are six questions in this section that are related to the topic of talk part 3 


Name of the Parts  Structure 
1 Multiple choice – picture options This part comprises five discrete short dialogues or monologues with pictures and each one with a question
2 Matching opinions with people who say them A task with a longer dialogue that is focused on the identification of opinions 
3 Multiple choice This part comprises five discrete short dialogues or monologues with pictures and each one with a question


Name of the Part  Structure 
1 Multiple-choice question on short texts This part has six short texts with one question in each text
2 Multiple matching In this section, candidates are required to match 6 profiles to 4 texts or 6 sentences to 3 texts 
3 Gapped sentences Replacing six extracted sentences into the text
4 Multiple-choice questions on a longer text This part has a text with four questions  


Name of the Part Structure 
Email  In this section, candidates are required to write an email based on three prompts.
Essay or magazine article This section comprises writing a magazine article that can be a review or an essay on a relevant topic.


You are required to check the fees details with the local approved test centres that conduct the examination. You can check the list of these approved local test centres from the official website

Score Scale 

The CEFR levels and standardized test scores are given on the following basis 

CEFR A2.1 A2.2 B1.1 B1.2 B2.1 B2.2
Score Scale  51-65 66-80 81-95 96-110 111-125 126-140

Results and Certification

The results are provided for the candidates that have taken all four modules that are speaking, reading, listening, and writing. These results consist of a certificate with a CEFR level and scores for each module. If the candidate had taken three of the modules then a report card is issued for each module. There is an option available for the candidates to retake their modules for improvement of scores and these improved scores are reflected on the certificates. These test scores are for life, however, some universities have requirements for these results to be in a particular time frame.

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