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The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most prestigious and competitive study destinations for international students. The UK is home to some of the best universities and research institutions in the world. This has made it an attractive destination for students from all over the world who are interested in pursuing a PhD degree. For these students, the opportunity to study in the UK is made possible through the availability of various scholarships and grants. These grants and scholarships offer financial support to help cover the cost of tuition fees and living expenses. There are a number of different scholarships available to international students in the UK, ranging from those funded by universities, government organizations and private companies.

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for higher education and is revered for academic and teaching excellence. The UK is home to some of the oldest and top-ranked academic institutions in the world which welcome scores of international students every year! Are you aiming to pursue your PhD in the UK but are worried about the costs? You will be happy to know that there are various scholarships provided in the UK to international students for pursuing their doctoral studies. Here we have listed down some of the top PhD Scholarships in the UK for Indian students.


PhD Scholarships in UK for Indian Students

A wide range of PhD scholarships in the UK is offered by several organizations, universities, and institutions in the country. To choose the right scholarship as per your field of study, it is important to familiarize yourself with the best options available! Here are the top picks for PhD scholarships in UK which you must explore:

Universities in UK

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships is the most popular PhD scholarships for international students. It offers various short-term and long-term undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD scholarships in the UK for Indian students. For PhD students, the trust offers grants for the final year of doctoral study. To be eligible for this grant, the student should be between the age of 25 and 38 and have proof of their permanent citizenship in India. They should also be returning to India after the completion of their degree. These grants are only provided to students pursuing their PhD in the fields of arts and heritage conservation and humanities, especially in literature or history. Also, the applicant should not have received any grant from the trust in the previous 5 years. The funds are provided with a view of filling in gaps in funding for the research and as such the amount provided is quite moderate, ranging from around £500 to £600 (INR 46K to 56K).

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Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

The Inlaks Foundation established by Indoo Shivdasani in 1976 aims to provide grants to exceptional Indian students to help them pursue their higher education degrees abroad. It provides PhD scholarships in the UK, Europe, and America. The scholarships are available for all subjects excluding engineering, computer science, business studies, medicine, public health, fashion design, music, film and film animation, dentistry, and related therapies, except in some special cases. To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • The student should be an Indian resident for a minimum of six months prior to application and should be a first-class degree holder from any recognized institution in India.
  • If you have completed a master’s degree from abroad, you are not eligible to apply.
  • The candidate should have already been admitted for their PhD degree at the time of application. The maximum age limit at the time of application is 30 years.
  • The PhD scholarships provide grants of up to 100,000 USD, for covering the tuition fees, living costs, health insurance and one-way travel allowance. In case the total cost of the study is expected to be more than the maximum amount provided under this scholarship, the student is required to show a proof of their ability to cover the additional costs.

Additionally, the foundation has a separate Inlaks Research and Travel Grant which aims to help PhD students registered in Indian universities undertake short-term visits abroad to collect sources or contact experts for their research. 

Inlaks Scholarships 2022

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is available for students who are citizens of any country outside the UK, pursuing full-time programs at the University of Cambridge. The eligible courses for study include PhD, one-year postgraduate courses, and MSc or MLitt courses. Students currently studying at the university can also apply for this grant if they want to pursue a further degree in the university. The candidates are judged on 4 parameters, including academic achievements, reasons for choosing a course, the potential for leadership, and commitment towards improving the lives of others. The grants provided for the PhD scholarships in UK cover the full cost of studying at the university. The scholarship provides a maintenance allowance of around £17,500 (INR 16.33 lacs ) annually for up to 4 years along with two-way economy class airfare, immigration health surcharge, and visa costs.

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Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries

Every year, Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and PhD studies in the United Kingdom are made available to residents of poorer Commonwealth nations. It is amongst the most popular PhD scholarships for international students. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) funds these scholarships with the goal of contributing to the UK’s international development goals and wider foreign interests, promoting quality in UK higher education, and upholding Commonwealth ideals. Each year, around 300 scholarships are given out. There are no scholarship quotas for any specific nation. The grants last about 12 months for Masters degrees and up to 36 months for PhD programmes. The scholarship provides:

  • Approved round-trip airfare from your home nation to the United Kingdom and back at the end of your award.
  • Tuition and examination costs that have been approved
  • Bursary (living allowance).
  • Where appropriate, a thesis grant to help with the costs of writing a thesis or dissertation.
  • A study travel grant can be used to cover the costs of study-related travel inside the UK or abroad.
  • Grants for fieldwork
  • Paid mid-term travel to your home country (airfare).
  • Family allowances are available if your scholarship is at least 18 months long.
Commonwealth Scholarship- UG, PG, PhD

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

In honour of Dr Singh, St. John’s College has established the Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships. It is amongst the most popular PhD scholarships for Indian students. These grants will enable academically excellent Indian students to study for PhD degrees at St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, in topics like Science and Technology, Economics, and Social Sciences. Courses like Aerospace engineering and energy studies applications will be prioritized. Academic costs, foreign travel, a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, and a UK visa are all covered by the scholarships.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

Carnegie PhD Scholarships

The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland funds a number of scholarships each year for academically exceptional individuals planning to study on a PhD programme at any university in Scotland. Tuition costs, a living allowance, and research expenses are all covered by the scholarships. The grants are renewable for a period of three years for full-time study and up to six years for part-time education. The tenure duration may be extended up to 42 months (or 84 months for part-time students) if a case for such an extension is submitted at the time of nomination and accepted by the Trust as part of the award. The Carnegie Trust plans to grant at least 15 doctorate scholarships (across all Scottish universities) beginning in 2021-2022. Look at the eligibility criteria for these PhD scholarships in UK:

  • Applicants must have a First Class Honours undergraduate degree from a Scottish university to be eligible for the scholarships. 
  • This First-Class Honours degree must be in an area relevant to the planned doctorate study. 
  • Students in their last year of an undergraduate degree who are anticipated to graduate with a First-Class Honours degree may also apply, but if they do not finish with a First, they must withdraw from the competition.

Newton Bhabha Fund

The Newton-Bhabha Fund is one of the PhD scholarships for Indian students. It is the country’s main bilateral efforts in science, research, and innovation. It has been crucial in bringing together UK and Indian scholars to discover collaborative answers to global issues, as well as in increasing research and innovation capacity for long-term sustainable growth and social welfare. Newton Bhabha Fund prioritizes professional development by sponsoring PhD scholar migration, advanced training of early career researchers, organizing seminars for seasoned researchers, educating faculty in STEM teaching, and empowering women scientists via professional development.

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Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

Scotland‘s Saltire Scholarships is one of the PhD scholarships for Indian students. It is a scholarship programme given by the Scottish Government in partnership with Scottish institutions in the fields of research, technology, creative industries, healthcare, and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy. This PhD scholarship in UK is given to those who aim to be important leaders in their future jobs, have diverse interests outside of their studies, and have a desire to extend their personal and academic experience in Scotland. The project provides up to 50 grants of £8000 (INR 7.46 lacs) each towards tuition costs for any one year of full-time study on a postgraduate Master’s degree at any of Scotland’s institutions. In order to be eligible for a Saltire Scholarship, candidates must:

  • Have a conditional or unconditional offer of a seat at a Scottish university on a qualifying programme that will be taught physically in Scotland or online, or a mix of the two.
  • Be a citizen of India.
  • Must be able to demonstrate that they can cover the price of living in Scotland (if applicable) as well as the remaining tuition fees.
  • Had never studied in Scotland before.
  • Must not have earned a Saltire Scholarship in the past.
  • Meet the course’s language requirements.
Scotland Saltire Scholarships for Indian Students 2021

Hence, this blog helped you explore the major PhD scholarships in the UK for Indian students. Confused about finding the right scholarship for your chosen course? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you select the best scholarship and funding options available to finance your dream of pursuing a PhD abroad! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.