Popular Careers in Creative Technology

There used to be a time when you were fascinated to read comic books and have a thrilling experience by just reading the comic strips in those books. But with the passage of time and the changing landscape of technology, comic strips have been improvised into animated movies and cartoons. Not only this, technology has made its own contributions in improving the aesthetic value of gadgets, creating a market for designs and transforming the way we used to perceive things. Hence, those of you who are looking forward to making a career in the field of Creative Technology, you can have a look at some of the professions enlisted below! 

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UI/UX Designer 

User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) Design helps in creating products that are intuitively engaging, really accessible and captivate the attention of the audience. Both terms are often used interchangeably. But to make it clear, UI design can be referred to as graphic design whereas UX is inclined toward more of a technical and analytical discipline. 

As a UI Designer, you should have a firm grip on tools like Photoshop, Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator along with an understanding of graphic design, grid principles, colour schemes and composition. However, a UX Designer has to conduct research, create their own UX copy, infuse in the product the voice of the user and balance it with the business goals of the firm and then finally test the product to check if all the parameters are fulfilled. 

Topics covered in such creative technology courses include Visual Communication, Interactive Design, Visual Perception, Elements of Colour and Form, Animation and Film Making, Visual Communication, etc. to establish your footing in the field of design. 

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Game Designer 

What is better than transmuting your love for video games to a career in game designing. In this arena, you can directly go for Game Designing courses after 12th and other courses pertaining to a Master of Design in which you would learn the art of planning and generating video games by learning technical programming skills, system design, level design and narration within the game. Game designers employ strong visualization skills, and creativity to become artists who have to translate their idea to create a whole virtual world that the game would entail.

Being at the heart of creativity, a Designer builds prototypes, game mechanics, and creates interactive narration that grasps the attention of the users on multiple platforms such as gaming consoles, PlayStations, augmented reality, etc.

So, you would be employing your knowledge of Game Development for game designers, hardware and software developers, broadcasting companies, event organizers, trade and retail organizations, PR, communications and marketing firms, etc? If yes, it would open opportunities in top creative technology companies like Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Company, Rockstar Games, Gameloft, etc.

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Multimedia Animator 

Do you wish to learn the art of presenting still photographs to give an impression of a real film where graphics, texts, sounds, video and animation all meet to create an impressive piece of art? Then, you must go for Multimedia and Animation in the field of creative technology. Multimedia Animators are engaged in various processes such as drawing, designing, preparing layouts and photographic sequences to give an illusion of movement. Multimedia in play, audios and visuals are combined to create a presentation, video, web technology, data protection system. 

So, to begin your career in this field, you can go for Animation courses after 12th or choose to pursue short term courses in one of the top Animation colleges in the world. A career in Animation would lead you to high paying jobs in different sectors such as television, movies, video game forms and many more to make 2-D and 3-D animation models. In the beginning, you can work as interns in Multimedia and Graphic Design and with time, you can move up the ladder and work on the top profiles such as 3D Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Developer and Multimedia Programmers. 

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Packaging Designer 

If you have underestimated the power of packaging and design, then, let us help you understand this concept better! Tropicana in the year 2009 invested $35 million to advertise their new packaging for their fruit juice brand in North America. And this experiment was a massive failure leading to the PepsiCo owned company dropping the new packaging and returning to their previous one. Hence, a Packaging Designer who has the right set of skills and good intuitive quality to understand the audience can make attractive packaging using creative technology.

Since this is a field that requires assessment of market trends, safety and health regulations, cost-effectiveness, a Packaging Designer works with people from different departments to conduct research and understand different aspects of a consumer’s needs. You can also choose to pursue courses like Instructional Design and Graphics Design and make a career that best suits your interests. 

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Digital Marketing

Leveraging online marketing tactics and employing those to promote products and services, is how businesses are done in the digital age. A Digital Marketer is offered the responsibility to promote content by preparing ad campaigns, increasing the reach of the firm and bringing in more organic traffic using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) apart from the promoted posts. So, when we see ‘pop-ups’ on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, some Digital Marketer out there has spent their resources and made use of their creative techniques to provide us with the product that we searched for. 

We can build a promising career in Digital Marketing to learn different concepts like SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Analytics, Digital Media Marketing Strategy, etc. Moreover, you can take your studies further and gather in-depth knowledge of Competitor and Website Analysis, Website Design using WordPress CMS, Content Creation and Promotion, Advanced-level SEO strategies like keyword research tools, back analysis tools, etc. 

With an MBA in Digital Marketing, you can work as a Brand Manager, Web Designer, Professional Blogger, Social Media Marketer, Online Content Developer, Business Analytics Specialist, SEO Specialist, Mobile Marketing Specialist, Email Marketer, Search Expert, etc. But if you are a fresher looking for a job in this sector, then, you may look for Digital Marketing jobs for freshers where you would be offered profiles such as SEO Executive, Content Writer, Digital Marketing Analyst, etc. 

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Visual Designer

A Visual Designer engages in the creation of artworks and layouts for a number of platforms including Internet and intranet sites, games, and even movies. Using their technical proficiency, they work towards establishing the overall digital appearance of various interfaces while considering brand demands guidelines. A visual designer specialises in the animation field and develops logos, icons and infographics. They also work towards data visualisation and creating interactive models. 

To be a Visual Designer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the Designing field and have a thorough knowledge regarding the use of applications like Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Front End Web Developer

A front end developer is basically the hand behind the creation of all your websites and web applications. Even if you are acquainted with the web even a bit you know how every website or web application is unique in its appearance and it’s the role of a Front End Web Developer to bring it to the table. Basically, a Front End Web Developer creates the graphical interface of websites and web applications by using HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and programming languages like JavaScript.

To become a Front End Developer, you need to have the knowledge of handling tools and platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. And the most important is the knowledge of HTML, WebAssembly, JavaScript, C++ which form the backbone of any web development program. 

Art Director

If you have an eye for creativity and wish to merge it with your technical proficiency then the position of Art Director would be the best one for you. An Art Director comes at the centre of any artistic production, their role is to design and then implement everything related to visual representation. They start with analysing the specific requirements of any creative endeavour like what will appeal to the targeted audience, etc. and then materialise it through the use of various artists styles, motions and features. Basically, an art director is responsible for the visual aspect of the projects. 

The role of an Art director is not limited to a specific industry but runs across varying fields like advertising, theatre, publishing, gaming, film, television, etc. Usually, an Art director needs to have basic knowledge related to graphic designing, illustrations, digital media and technical knowledge related to production. 

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Augmented Reality Designer

An augmented Reality Designer creates a virtual 3D environment that involves a merging of real and virtual worlds while using real-time interaction and a 3D registration of virtual and real objects. An augmented reality designer merges the real and the virtual in order to create an extended reality often termed as mixed reality or computer-mediated reality. 

To become an Augmented Reality Designer, you need to have a hold over the use of 3D tools like MAYA, 3D MAX, Autodesk 3D, etc. Equally important is the knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and other significant languages like CCS Mobile, C++, and HTML5

Here are some highly renowned universities abroad for building a career in creative technology:

Universities  Location  Programs 
University of Colorado Boulder USA Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts & Media 
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University USA Interactive Media Arts [IMA]
Pearson School of Design  USA BFA: Design and Technology 
University of Texas at Austin USA Bachelor of Science in Arts and Entertainment Technologies,
Middlesex University London  UK MS/MSc in Creative Technology
De Montfort University  UK MS/MSc in Creative Technology
University of Portsmouth UK MSc in Creative Technologies 
Nottingham Trent University  UK Creative Technologies MA Postgraduate 
Birmingham City University  UK Art and Design with Creative Technologies – BA (Hons)
Leeds Beckett University  UK BSc (Hons) Creative Media Technology
BSc (Hons) Games Design
Credits: University of Portsmouth

If you’re ready to change the cultural trend of your society and provide your input in changing the way different technologies and design work, a career in creative technology is most suited for you. Take the assistance of our experts at Leverage Edu by calling them on 1800572000 and make an informed decision towards building a vibrant career.