President Scholarship in Canada

President’s Scholarships in Canada are a prestigious award that recognize the outstanding academic and service achievements of Canadian post-secondary students. Awarded annually by the President of the Treasury Board, the scholarships recognize and reward the top 40 students from across Canada for their ability to demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to community service. The scholarships are valued at $5,000 per year and are renewable for up to four years. The awards are presented by the Governor General in Ottawa each fall.

Canada is a sought after study destination for Indian students. It is a dream of many to study in the land of maple syrup but only a few actually get there. The cost of education and living expenses are a concern for many international students. But, what if we tell you a way to reduce these expenses? Scholarships to study in Canada are the best option to avoid student loans and have a comfortable student life. President scholarship in Canada is a popular choice of many study abroad students. In this blog, we will cover all about this scholarship!

President Scholarship in Canada

The Presidential Scholarship or President Scholarship in Canada is given and funded by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. It is open to international students to pursue Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Degree Programs. Most of the expenses like tuition and fees, books and living costs are covered in this scholarship.

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List of Universities Offering President Scholarships in Canada

Here are the universities offering President Scholarships in Canada: 

The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship

The University of Winnipeg has 53 New President’s Scholarships, for bachelors and masters programmes. The scholarship amount offered is $5,000 (INR 4 Lakhs).

Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum 80% admission average or equivalent is required
  • An international student
  • Beginning from the first year of any program
  • Showcase leadership qualities

Application Process

A completed application includes the following:

  • A completed application form
  • One 250-500 word personal essay
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Two references who can justify the extracurricular/volunteer activities
  • Completed application, including supporting documents, can be sent to  [email protected] in one PDF format. 

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Concordia University Presidential Scholarship

This University offers President Scholarship in Canada to only undergraduate students. The scholarship amount offered is $25,000 (INR 20 Lakhs).

Eligibility Criteria

  • First time in a university
  • Studying full-time for an undergraduate degree
  • International student
  • Starting studies at Concordia University in Fall 2023.

Application Process

The single PDF file must be comprised of the following:

  • The Student Application Form
  • A current curriculum vitae that defines all their work, volunteer experience, accolades, cultural, and other accomplishments.
  • A Personal Statement – expressing their community leadership and commitment to bettering the global community, along with their aspirations.

Nominators are also needed. They should be someone who knows the applicant and their accomplishments well. The nominator should not be a personal friend or relative. The nominator must include the following:

  • The Nomination Form
  • A confidential 1000-word limit personal statement that outlines why they believe the applicant is the best candidate for the Concordia Presidential Scholarship.

University of Waterloo President Scholarship

The candidate is automatically considered for the University of Waterloo President Scholarship. The scholarship amount offered is $2,000 (INR 16 Lakhs).

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate will be awarded one of the following scholarships if

  • They are admitted to a full-time, first-year degree program 
  • They are beginning university or college for the first time in September, 
  • The early May admission average is 85% or more.

No application is required. You must accept your Offer of Admission by the date specified on the offer to remain eligible for these scholarships.

Admission average* Name Amount
95% or higher President’s Scholarship of Distinction $2,000 Entrance Scholarship,  PLUSa $1,500 International Experience Award**, and/ora $1,500 Research Award**
90 – 94.9% President’s Scholarship $2,000 Entrance Scholarship
85 – 89.9% Merit Scholarship $1,000 Entrance Scholarship

University of Toronto President Scholarship

Another university that offers President Scholarship in Canada is The University of Toronto. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarships for international students. It covers tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years. The scholarship amount offered is $5,000 (INR 4 Lakhs).

Eligibility Criteria

All admitted students, including international students, are automatically considered for admissions scholarships. The admission awards are not designed to cover the full cost of international tuition.

Application Process

A separate application is not needed for the merit-based admission awards. Scholarships are based on academic factors considering the students’ academic background and intended area of study. University of Toronto also offers awards on the basis of criteria such as financial need, academic merit, Indigenous background, first-generation students, demonstrated leadership etc. 

Justin Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Under this category, there are presidential scholarships available for students like the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships and Scholarships and Canada Graduate Scholarships for Master’s Program. Let us know some information about them. 

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation

The Foundation’s leadership program aims to empower scholars to have a meaningful impact in their institutions and communities. It does so by equipping Scholars with key leadership skills, instilling values crucial for being engaged leaders. 

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is unique in its emphasis on the synergy between:

  • The applicant – their individual merit and potential to launch a successful research-intensive career; and
  • The host institution – their commitment to the research program and alignment with the institution’s strategic priorities

Canada Graduate Scholarships

The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships is to help the students to develop skills for research and assist and give special support to those who demonstrate high achievements in undergraduate and graduate studies.

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We hope this information helped you! These president scholarships in Canada will help you to apply to your dream college with the subject you want to study. Need more guidance regarding the scholarships? Connect with our Leverage Edu experts today!