Scholarships for Highly Gifted Students at Universität Heidelberg

Universität Heidelberg offers a variety of scholarships for highly gifted students to help them achieve their educational and personal goals. The university recognizes that highly gifted students have unique needs and challenges that require additional resources and support. As a result, it offers a number of scholarships to support highly gifted students in their pursuit of excellence. These scholarships provide financial assistance as well as academic and social support to ensure the success of these students. From merit-based scholarships to assistance for students with special needs, Universität Heidelberg has a wide range of scholarships available to highly gifted students.

Scholarships for Highly Gifted Students at Universität Heidelberg is an initiative founded by Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, alumnus and honourable senator at Heidelberg University, is geared at extremely qualified and inspired young people that are willing to pursue MINT (Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Technology) subjects. Up-and-coming students from Germany and abroad who wish to receive a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, natural science or engineering at the University of Heidelberg are entitled to apply.

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About Scholarships for Highly Gifted Students at Universität Heidelberg

Scholarship Type Merit-Based 
Organization By Universität Heidelberg
Annual No. of Scholarships  NA
Application Mode Online
Scholarship Website Link [email protected]
Academic Year Fall semester: June 1 
Spring semester: November 1
Summer semester: April 1
Benefits Tuition Fees and extra funds worth 1,000 euros per month which is approximately 87,830.00 INR
Study-Level Bachelor or Master’s degree in MINT Subjects

The scholarship is largely focused on academic achievement and is intended for potential candidates who have not yet enrolled at Heidelberg University or have started higher education at all. The goal is to fund students in MINT subjects who have excellent potential in their studies or possible careers.

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Application Process

The goal of these scholarships for Highly Gifted Students at Universität Heidelberg is to set up a network for the scholarship even after they complete their studies. The selection process for the initial award of scholarships from the Hans-Peter Wild Foundation is scheduled for the spring of 2021. Here is the application process for this scholarship:

  1. Online platform online or through the CommonApp 
  2. Copy of the passport 
  3. Copy of the primary and secondary education (high school) documents 
  4. Evidence of proficiency in the English Language 
  5. ACT/SAT test score (optional) 
  6. Written statement and letter of recommendation (optional)

Selection Process

Currently, students will obtain their admission decision within one week after applying for and submitting the necessary documentation. The measures below represent the usual series of students to be enrolled in Heidelberg from the point of access. The selection process consists of the Scholarships for Highly Gifted Students at Universität Heidelberg:

  • Receive Tuition Payment Package detailing the costs of attending Heidelberg. 
  • Submit the form of financial support affidavit and proof of financial support 
  • Notify Heidelberg of acceptance of the U.S. visa by reviewing a print of the visa at [email protected].

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