Scholarships in Singapore

Scholarships in Singapore have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more students are motivated to pursue higher education and gain valuable experience in their chosen fields. With the increasing cost of living in Singapore, scholarships provide a much needed financial support to students, allowing them to focus on their studies and pursue the career path of their choice. From government-funded schemes to private sector initiatives, there are a variety of scholarship options available for those who are serious about their academic pursuits.

Singapore has rapidly gained acceptance as a study destination abroad for students from all over the world. Universities in Singapore offer a cheaper option than the USA or UK universities to students from around the world to pursue their education here, the different scholarships in Singapore add a perfect and sweet icing on to the cake for us Indians. With a sustainable cost of living, scholarships add to the advantages of studying in Singapore. Read on to know more about these scholarship programs in Singapore.

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Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships At the National University Of Singapore (NUS)

The Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships, are an important set of scholarships in Singapore. They were created out of donations received from the Lee Foundation and are NUS’s most prestigious graduate student scholarships. It provides a monthly allowance of about S$ 3,300 (INR 1.8L) with other expenses like travel and books. The bond-free Scholarships are open to students of all nationalities who will get admission as candidates for a PhD program at NUS. All shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview in Singapore or their home country. The award of the scholarship is based on the competition among eligible applicants and the performance at the scholarship interview.

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ADB – Japan Scholarship for Developing Countries

In 1988, the Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB – JSP) was established. It is given to deserving candidates among the ADB’s borrowing members. Students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in economics, science, business, management, or technology are encouraged to apply. Each year, approximately 300 scholarships are awarded. Only programmes provided by participating colleges, however, are eligible for funding. Tuition fees, monthly living stipends, study materials, medical insurance, and travel expenses are all covered by the ADB-JSP. A stipend is provided for research and thesis preparation. The eligibility criteria include that a citizen of an ADB’s borrowing member country, has gained admission to an approved course in a participating university, should not be more than 35 years of age, and have a bachelor’s degree.

Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrated Science

Commonwealth Scholarships are given to students who are citizens of Commonwealth countries. These scholarships have been offered by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) for nearly six decades. Indian students can apply to universities in New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom that are participating. Scholarships are available for master’s and doctoral studies at partner universities. The scholarship pays for travel, tuition, and other expenses.

INSEAD-Syngenta MBA Scholarships For Developing Country Leaders

Syngenta firmly believes that talented people are the key to successful companies; they embrace INSEAD’s mission to train the best and the brightest in the world for the challenge of tomorrow’s business world. Syngenta is primarily involved in dynamic regions of emerging markets and has therefore chosen to offer scholarships in Singapore, as an opportunity to future leaders of emerging markets. Two scholarships will be awarded per class, and candidates for this scholarship will need to demonstrate: 

  • outstanding academic achievement and promise 
  • aptitude for business and financial management
  • leadership potential and 
  • a commitment to contributing to their country or region at some point in the future.

Singapore International Graduate Award

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is a collaboration between the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR), the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).  This scholarship program for scholarships in Singapore is establishing a global link and helping take your research career to greater heights. The scholarship is open to candidates interested in pursuing doctoral programs in science and engineering. Future international students with excellent academic scores are eligible to apply for this. 

Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship From NUS

The Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarship is a freshmen scholarship for students from Asian countries (except Singapore).  This is one of the most prominent scholarships in Singapore. The major advantages of this scholarship consist of:

  • S$ 6,000 (INR 3.4L) annual living allowance
  • S$ 200 (INR11K) one-time settling-in allowance upon enrolment
  • Annual accommodation allowance 
  • One-way air passage from home country to Singapore at the beginning of the course of study, and return air passage from Singapore to home country at the end of the course

Also, the applicants will be considered and screened for the award through their applications for undergraduate admission to NUS. Candidates must:

  • Be citizens of an Asian country, excluding Singapore
  • Have strong leadership qualities and potential
  • Present excellent co-curricular activities records
  • Possess outstanding high school results
  • Be applying for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme in Computing, Engineering or Science (excluding Pharmacy) at NUS

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Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship

The Singapore Millennium Foundation is a charitable organisation in Singapore. It was created to promote and advance scientific progress in Singapore (SMF) and offers Singapore Millennium Scholarships in Singapore. It is awarded to outstanding young undergraduate and postdoctoral scientists and engineers in selected scientific disciplines of strategic importance to Singapore’s economy and national development. Open to both local and international applicants, it has gathered praise and popularity as one of the best scholarships in Singapore.

Candidates must be graduate students who are currently enrolled in or intend to study in a Singapore-based university or research institute or recent doctoral degree recipients. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend of S$ 2000 (INR 1.1L), S$ 3000 (INR 1.7L), and S$ 5000 (INR 2.8L) for MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral training, respectively. An exceptional travel allowance of up to S$2,000 (INR 1.1L) is also granted to help international doctoral and postdoctoral students cover travel expenses to Singapore.

Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) is one of the few scholarships in Singapore that supports short-term research attachments to top international students at A*STAR. It gives candidates the chance to discover the dynamic scientific environment in A*STAR Research Institutes and Consortia, and work with leading and well-known researchers around the world. The scholarship in Singapore is open to international students in biomedical sciences and physical sciences and engineering who are undergraduate students in graduate or fourth year, or master’s students. The main perks of this scholarship in Singapore include:

  • A monthly stipend of $1,500 (INR 85K)
  • The research attachment period should be a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months.
  • A simple report detailing the student’s experience and research project is required to be submitted to A*GA 3 weeks before the completion of the attachment.

GIIS Singapore Global Citizen Scholarship

One of the most unique scholarships in Singapore is at the Global Indian International School. They are available to students from kindergarten up to grade 12. The categories vary from academia to sports to merit-cum-means and scientific temperament.  Each scholarship cycle lasts three months, and four of these cycles take place each year under the aegis of the Global Schools Foundation – the umbrella organisation. GSF makes sure that deserving students from low-income backgrounds get a pursuit of learning and growing at one of the best schools in Singapore.

SIA Youth Scholarship

SIA Youth Scholarship is a set of scholarships in the Singapore program that has been designed for students from India, China, and students from all countries of the Association of South-East Nations (ASEAN). This scholarship is awarded to brilliant students who complete their undergraduate degrees in Singapore.  The scholarship is awarded for two years and is renewable on an annual basis only if the student maintains a satisfactory academic record. The scholarship program is a merit scholarship that is based on the performance of the candidates in previous courses. The selected students are granted funding in the following aspects:

  • Tuition fees
  • Examination fees
  • Living expenses
  • Medical benefits
  • Accident Insurance Cover

President’s Graduate Fellowship

The President’s Graduate Fellowship is another notable scholarship from the long list of scholarships in Singapore. It is awarded to PhD candidates who show promise or accomplishment in research. Several PhD candidates are selected each semester by the University for the award. Several Fellowships are donor-funded: President’s Graduate Fellowship (funded by Lee Kong Chian Scholarship) and President’s Graduate Fellowship (funded by Jasmine Scholarship). The scholarship grants a monthly stipend of S$ 3,500 (INR 2L) to Singapore citizens, S$ 3,200 (INR 1.8L) to Singapore Permanent Residents and S$ 3,000 (INR 1.7L) to international students. Apart from this, the scholarship also includes:

  • Tuition fees at the University
  • A one-off air travel allowance for 1 one-way ticket of up to S$ 750 (INR 47K)
  • A one-off settling allowance of S$1,000 (INR 57K) (only for international students)

Amity Global Institute Merit Scholarship

Amity Global Institute, Singapore has introduced merit scholarships in Singapore for class 12 passed and graduate students. The scholarship solely focuses on those candidates who are willing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in management, arts, data science, accounting/finance, business, law & fashion. The key objective of the scholarship is to create new opportunities for Indian students and to grand or award them with a scholarship in Singapore, of up to 35% tuition fee waiver. To be eligible for this scholarship program, an applicant must:

  • Have passed class 12 (for admission to an undergraduate degree program)
  • Be a graduate (for admission to a postgraduate degree program)
  • Final selection will depend not only on academics but also on the overall profile of students. 

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On this note, we end our blog. We hope that this blog has provided you with a brief detail of different scholarships in Singapore and must have ignited that flame in you to study in Singapore. So if you wish to study in Singapore or any other country or university of your choice, then contact our Leverage Edu experts today for a step by step guidance. Sign up for a free session today!