Scholarships in the US for LGBTQ Students

LGBTQ students in the US are increasingly gaining access to scholarships that are specifically tailored to their needs. These scholarships provide much-needed financial assistance to students and help to reduce the financial burden of college tuition. Many of these scholarships are offered by organizations, universities, and other entities that are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in higher education. They are also open to students of all backgrounds, religions, and orientations and provide an invaluable opportunity to help LGBTQ students pursue their academic goals.

Education has the power to uplift any community. Similarly, better access to education can help LGBTQ people overcome complex social and economic barriers. Hence scholarships can provide them with unique opportunities and access to education, which will help them make successful professional strides resulting in the betterment of their future. To know about scholarships in the US for LGBTQ students, keep reading this blog!

Scholarship Name Average Scholarship Amount
The Queer Foundation  $1,000 (₹78,423)
The Pride Foundation up to $10,000 (₹7,84,235)
The LEAGUE Foundation $4,000 (₹3,13,694)
The Point Foundation  $10,000 (₹7,84,235)
Roy Scrivner Research Grants $8,000 (₹6,27,388)
The Rainbow Scholarship $10,000 (₹7,84,235)
Stonewall Foundation Scholarships $5,000 (₹3,92,117)
The Gamma Mu Foundation $1,000 (₹78,423) to $2,500 (₹1,96,058)
Source: Bloomberg

Scholarships in the US for LGBTQ students

The Queer Foundation – LGBTQ+ scholarships are open to students all over the world who expect to attend college or university in the US. To apply for the scholarship, the candidates will be required to submit an essay. Successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship of US$1,000 (₹78,423)

The Pride Foundation – These scholarships provide financial support for current and future leaders in the LGBTQ+ community from Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon and Montana. The average scholarship received under this can go up to $10,000 (₹7,84,235).

To apply for the scholarship the student will be required to fill out one application which will have an essay as well as a letter of recommendation. The application period opens in mid-October. 

The LEAGUE Foundation – This scholarship provides financial support for LGBTQ+ students entering their first year at an institution of higher education in the United States or Canada. The applicant must be a US citizen. The scholarship application opens annually in January and closes in April with awards distributed in the summer of each year.

The Point Foundation  – This is a large scholarship that grants financial support to LGBTQ students. These aspirants are assessed on academic merit. Successful applicants are not only awarded financial support but are also paired with a mentor and given opportunities to participate in leadership development events. 

The Foundation awards about 20 to 30 new scholarships to students identifying as LGBTQ each year. The average yearly award is $10,000 (₹7,84,235). The award is also renewable for up to four years.

Roy Scrivner Research Grants – This scholarship provides grants for graduate students to conduct research encouraging the study of the subject of LGBT family psychology and LGBT family therapy. A grant of $8,000 (₹6,27,388) is awarded for empirical and applied research. The deadline for the application for this scholarship is November 15, 2022. 

Preference is given to aspirants who have demonstrated interest in this area seen through their dissertation research plans. To apply, the aspirants must submit a research proposal,

Proposal Requirements:

  • goals, 
  • relevant background/literature review methods 
  • anticipated outcomes, 
  • significance, 
  • and impact

Additionally, the aspirants must submit the following:

  • project timeline
  • detailed budget and justification 
  • abbreviated CV 
  • letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor

The Rainbow Scholarship – This scholarship is open to members of the LGBTQI community that are US citizens or permanent residents that are currently enrolled as undergraduates at US universities, and who plan to study abroad. The Rainbow Scholarship awards deserving LGBTQ+ students who aim to participate in high-quality, and rigorous education programs abroad. Awards up to $10,000 (₹7,84,235) are granted to the selected candidates. 

Stonewall Foundation Scholarships – Stonewall foundation is an organisation that aims to look after and focus on the needs of the LGBT community, particularly in the city of New York. It provides scholarships offering unique learning experiences and opportunities. This scholarship supports LGBTQ+ people to pursue their higher education. Under this scholarship, four students receive a one-time award of $5,000 (₹3,92,117) each, which is paid directly to the student’s school.

To apply for this scholarship the applicants must submit 3 short essay questions, transcripts from their last educational institution, and a letter of recommendation. 

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Identify as LGBTQ+;  
  • Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school in the United States; and
  • Plan to study, and work in, the fields of mental health, retail management, fashion design, or social justice advocacy.

The 2022 application is closed. All applicants for 2022 will be notified of the results in late June 2022. 

The Gamma Mu Foundation – This scholarship provides grants for gay men who want to pursue their further education at a college, university, or vocational training program. The foundation has recently started to extend its grants to organisations meeting special needs in LGBT subpopulations, including seniors, youths, and victims of domestic abuse. The scholarships are awarded to gay men under the age of 35 as well as one award each year to a member of the broader LGBT community.  The grant amount typically ranges from $1,000 (₹78,423) to $2,500 (₹1,96,058).

The organization prefers students who have overcome discrimination, reside in rural and underserved areas, have shown leadership within the LGBT community, as well as who are academically strong. The deadline to apply for the Gamma Mu Foundation scholarship is March 31. 

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